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Me and My Car

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Great fun always


Hi, I am new to this site. A little background about my public masturbation antics. I have masturbated on a bus around 20 times always cumming (at least once) I have masturbated on a bench on a main road around five times. I have masturbated on a minibus full of my friends and lately have been masturbating in my car.

I am 19 now, I left school here in the UK two years ago. I have recently passed my driving test and this has opened up a whole new world of masturbation for me. At school I always got so horny looking at the girls in their sexy tights and school uniforms often leading to some hardcore wanking action under the desk. One day a few weeks ago after passing my test I was driving past my old school and saw a few schoolgirls in uniform standing around in a small lay by waiting to be picked up. I drove in (I don't know why) and parked where I had a great view of them, they were laughing and messing around often ending up in a skirt rising up over the inch and a half above the knee allowed by the school. This turned me on so much so I started rubbing myself through my trousers. Pretty soon my cock was out and I was having a great time until a car picked up the three girls and drove them away. Ever since this I have been going back earlier and earlier to make sure I get 100% schoolgirl action. Below is a story that is 100% true and happened to me last week on my day off. Hope you enjoy:

I was on my way to a car auto shop to buy some new bulbs. Once I had got them I went to the school and sat outside in my car like usual. I was waiting around five minutes before any signs of life came out of the school gates, the usual parents were there waiting. As the girls came out I just looked in awe at their silky smooth legs in their black or tan tights and was erect in an instant. I knew it was too dangerous to pull my cock out and beat it like I wanted to because of the large groups of boys and girls not to mention the parents. So I waited and waited for what seemed like an eternity just looking at what I wanted so badly to be wanking over. The older girls were the best but some of the younger ones were just as good.

Around half an hour had passed with the occasional press and nudge of my cock through my trousers and underwear and the parents had left and there were just a few people left hanging round. I knew that the half an hour detentions would be finishing as well as any half an hour clubs so I got my cock out already throbbing and started to pound it softly. The first girl I saw was sexy, she would have looked good even in normal clothes, so I beat so hard to her as she walked towards my car and past me. I had some precum on my cock and was playing with it between my fingers and my cock, until I got to the next girl, this time however it was a group so I had to be careful they didn't see my dick.

I rubbed as they walked towards my car passing me on the left hand side as I covered my dick. I looked at them in my mirror for as long as I could see them properly. Some lads came past me and then that was it for the half hour session. I waited around for the hour detentions to finish, the people in school who got these sorts of detentions were the bad girls and boys of the school with the girls it was usually for uniform violations like having the skirt too high so I knew I was in for a treat. A few lads came out and passed me shortly followed by two girls, their legs seemed so long and nice I could have cummed instantly looking at them, but I wanted to wait for something special.

Around five minutes past and my last hope came out of the gates. She was great looking even better than the very first one I wanked over. Her skirt was normal length she had brown hair with highlights and she was wearing high heels (probably what she had a detention for) she was a stunner. She stood at the gate around 60 foot away from me blissfully unaware of what I was doing just below the dashboard out of sight of her. I could have come at any time but I was holding off as it was so good. The school uniform clad babe must have been waiting for a lift, because she stood there for about ten minutes all the time my eyes fixed on different parts of her body as she moved around. Then she started walking towards my car, along the pavement and you would do to go past a parked car. I thought it is now or never so I beat my meat really hard trying to cum before she had gone out of my sight. She was about five foot away from the car when a dirty idea came into my head.

It seemed like a great idea so I thrust my hips into the air about half a foot off the seat and in full view of her or anyone else around wanked hard. She didn't seem to notice this but I blew my load instantly. Cum flew all over the place, all in all I shot five full on hard shots into the air. There was cum on my steering wheel on my trousers on my seat and all over my cock and balls. I finished up spending about two minutes watching her in my mirror walking down the long road all the time rubbing my slowly softening erection. I then had to clean up with my trusty box of tissues and I drove home satisfied.

Hope you like this, if you do please leave me some comments. I'm sure I will find a way of reading them.



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