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Me and My Best Friend (Finally!)

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I love reading this site, and have wanted to jack off with someone for a long time, and I figured since I love this site, I would tell about the experience the first time this happened to me, so here it is...


This is a true story that happened just yesterday. The only thing changed is the names. It may not flow very well, and I'm sorry, it's my first time writing one of these and it's pretty long because I know when I read these, the more details the better...

Ok, starting off, a little background info. Me (Zach) and my best friend (Corey) are both High School seniors in a suburb of a popular city in the south east of America. Corey is 18 about 5'7' 140lbs, and is the complexion of an average black guy, but has a pretty hairy chest and stomach. I'm about 5'6' 130lbs, and a little bit lighter than Corey, and I have a happy trail, and that's about it. We've been friends since the tenth grade and feel comfortable telling each other basically anything, and there's not that much we don't know about each other.

Neither of us is your typical black guy. We don't have braids or dreds, we don't wear long white t shirts or our pants under our ass, or any of that kind of stuff. Normally I wear a polo shirt (that fits) and some blue jeans that sag just enough to show off my boxers (which I like to see other guys do.) and Corey wears a t shirt with some jeans sagging a little lower than mine, with basketball shorts underneath.

Anyway, last Monday Corey and I left school during the start of the last period of the day at around 1:00 (which we do often) and went back to my house to chill because my mom wouldn't be home until around four. While we were there we just sat around in a big room upstairs in my house which has a sectional sofa, a tv, games console and my laptop, talking about different things. And every time we do, they always lead to something sexual.

About two weeks before this he told me that he used to be bi which kind of shocked me, but made me figure he wouldn't mind jacking off with me. So, back to Monday; we were just sitting around talking when I decided to ask him about his last girlfriend and how they fucked, and he was telling me. This then led to me asking about how he lost his virginity. He told me about it, and I told him how I had lost mine. Afterwards we started watching a TV show (Chowder most likely) and I was laying on the floor on a pillow, while he was sitting on the sofa. He said something asshole like to me, so I picked up the pillow and threw it at him. When it hit him I said 'I busted a nutt on that' and he just calmly put it down on the sofa and said

'ugh... it's whatever'

so I said back

'oh, dude, I was just joking I haven't'

then he said back to me 'It's nothing, it's just... you know how some guys say they never masturbate when there's girls around and when it's not they say they only do it like once a month?'

me- 'yeah, they're lying, but legit, when I'm around girls I say I never do it, but for real, I do it like... two or three times a week'

Corey- 'yeah, I do it about the same, but when I'm on the phone with girls I tell them I don't do it either'

Seeing as the conversation was already there, I figured why the hell not, so I got up and sat at the opposite end of the sofa and asked him how he learned how to jack off.

He then told me he heard one of his friends at school talking about it, and asked what it was, and they told him when he got home and was alone where he wouldn't be bothered to jerk his dick and not to stop. so he did, and that he jerked off so many times his dick started to hurt. So I told him about how my cousin told me basically the same thing.

After that, I asked him how far did he go when he was bi, and he told me him and a friend use to suck each other in the woods and I told him 'oh, I was just wondering... I'm not judging you or anything... I have never done anything with a guy before...'

After that I finally worked up some nerve, I'm not entirely sure what I said because I was so nervous, but it was something like 'have you ever jacked off with another guy before?' and he said 'no.'

'oh... well... don't think I'm weird or anything, but I want to... it's just one of those things I wanna try, you know?'

Corey- 'yeah. everyone experiments a little, that's what college is for.'

'yeah... uhm... do you get what I'm asking you'

He didn't say anything and just kept on looking at the TV not saying anything. Then I got REALLY nervous and thought maybe I had fucked up, and my words started to stumble, and my mouth got dry as fuck. Finally I said...

'dude, there's something I wanna ask you, but I'm scared if I do, it'll fuck up our friendship...'

Corey then looked at me and said 'I doubt it'

Finally I let the question slip out, and I said 'do... you think you could do it with me? I mean... it's just you're my best friend, and you're someone I can really trust, and I'd like do it it with you'

He looked at me and said 'sure' and I was kind of speechless. I just looked at him and said 'are you sure?' and he said 'yeah.' I then asked if he wanted to do it right now, but he said no, because he had just jacked off last night, but the next time me and him were alone at my house we could.

A week passed by, and on that next Wednesday, while were leaving a friends house and it was just me and him in the car I mentioned to him that since we didn't have a final during the middle period the next day (which was yesterday) we could go back to my house and chill if he wanted to, and my mom wouldn't be home and he said that was cool with him.

Then, as the car ride went on, I asked him if he would like to do 'that thing I had mentioned to him' while we were there, and he said yeah.

'are you sure? I don't want to like... pressure you into something you don't want to do'

Corey- 'dude, I already said I would do it, I'm OK with it'

Then I said OK, dropped him off at his house and left.

On Thursday, as I was sitting in my class taking my final and I couldn't even remotely concentrate on it, all I could think about was what was going to happen when I finished in an hour. I quickly did a hack job with it (for those who care, I made a 70. a 'D') and left to go get Corey. We got in my car and left to my house.

When we got there, and went upstairs, he started to eat and I watched TV while just talking about nothing important. I can't even remember. It was hot outside, and especially upstairs so we were only wearing our jeans and wife beaters. Then I went over to my computer to check my email and other shit. After a few minutes he came over to where I was and just looked over my shoulder. I closed out my email, looked at him and said 'soo...' then he sat down in the desk chair next to mine, went to Google and typed in porn. I was so excited that this was finally happening.

After browsing a few different sites and watching some videos, we found one we both liked and started watching it. He then looked at the time and said 'we have 20 minutes' (we had to go back to school) as if to say 'we better do this now' and stood up and started rubbing himself. I told him I'd be right back, and came downstairs to get some baby oil and take a sip of water because my mouth had gotten dry. When I came back upstairs he was still rubbing himself. I put the baby oil on the desk and stood beside him. 'you got an old towel?' he asked, and I told him not to worry about it, I had some paper towels we could use.

I told him to grab the laptop, and bring it over to the sofa and we could finish up there. He pulled off his beater, and came over with the computer and baby oil and then took off his pants while I closed the blinds, and took off mine.

He sat the computer on the sofa and laid on the floor in a way his elbows were on the sofa and his knees were on the floor, while he had his hand in his dark blue gym shorts jerking his dick. I sat beside him with my hand in my blue and grey striped boxers jerking my dick, I was hard as a rock.

Then I asked him if I could jerk his and he said 'sure' so I put my hand in his shorts and gave it a few strokes. Then I told him 'go ahead and take off your drawers' and he did, and that's when I saw his dick.

He had all his pubes (like me) and It was about the same length as mine, 7 1/2 cut inches, except for one thing, he had a curve in it. I then grabbed it again, and said 'oh you got a curve' and he said 'Yeah, I thought everyone did' I kicked off my boxers and said 'hey, jerk mine too' and he grabbed mine (7 1/2 inches, cut)and started jerking. After a while I told him to hold on. and I put the computer on the floor and told him to sit beside me on the sofa, and he did and we continued jerking each other off.

Then he told me to stop. He put some baby oil on his dick and passed it to me and I did the same, and we went back to jerking each other. I was in heaven, it felt better than the one hand job I had gotten from a girl.

I was hoping for him to cum before me, but while he was stroking it felt so good, it made me stroke him faster. Then I told him 'ease up, I'm about to nutt' and he let go, and jerked himself. All I did was stroke my dick twice more and let out a loud 'AHH AHH' and had a POWERFUL orgasm. My cum shot out so strong it shot me in my chin (which had never happened before) and all over my chest. I just sat there stroking myself not really able to say anything, watching him jerk his dick. After maybe 30 seconds he let out a grunt and 'mmmmm' and came on a towel he was sitting on.

Afterwards he kinda looked at me covered in my cum. 'See? this is why girls can never swallow all of it' I said while we got some paper towels and cleaned ourselves up. While he was getting dressed he said 'yep. I should be good for the rest of the day' Then we got dressed and went into my kitchen.

We were silent for maybe five minutes, then we sat in my living room and had a normal conversation just like we normally do, and left back to school. I'm really glad he did this with me, and that it didn't effect our friendship because he really is my best friend, and means a lot to me.

We haven't really talked about it other than me telling him thanks for doing it with me, and him saying you're welcome, but I am hoping he will do it with me again, maybe when we're not so rushed.



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