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Me and My Aunt

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When I was eleven.


When I was nine I used to stay with my aunt Jen while my parents travelled. They were in show business so I was left with Jen often for a week or so at a time. At night I would sleep with her and cuddle up to her 'Pillows' as she called her titties. I loved to bury my face between them with the fabric of her silk PJ's between my face and her titties.

One night I awoke with my face against her bare flesh and a nipple against my cheek. Her top must have come undone. Her titty felt wonderful and I kept nuzzling it and planting small kisses on it trying not to wake Jen. I felt a funny feeling in my cunny and liked it. As I kissed her flesh I noticed her nipple get hard. I snuck a small lick to the nipple and heard my aunt moan. I quickly rolled over and pretended I was asleep. The next night I awoke in the middle of the night and snuggled up to Jen's 'pillows' When she didn't move I slowly unbuttoned one button and waited to see if Jen woke up. When she hadn't moved I unbuttoned two more so that her left titty was fully exposed. I snuggled up to it and again snuck small kisses all over it and even on the nipple. I had that same tingling in my cunny I had the night before. I licked a few more times when I herd Jen moan, and she whispered 'Aunt Jen likes it if you would suck her nipples.' I jumped and turned red and stammered 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry.'

Aunt Jen shushed me and held me to her titties. She explained that women like their titties played with and their nipples sucked, and when I got titties I would know how good it felt. 'If you like doing that I'll let you, but this has to be our secret. If you tell your mommy or daddy I will get in trouble, and we can't do this any more.' I promised never to tell anyone. Aunt Jen took off her pyjama top and lay back down. She told me to take her nipple in my mouth and suck on it and run my tongue around it. While I was doing that I started to play with her other nipple. I loved it and while I sucked and played Aunt Jen moaned and squirmed around. I noticed her hand in her pants moving around but thought nothing about it. As I sucked and played my cunny was feeling real good. Aunt Jen was having a lot of trouble staying still. Her moans got louder and her hand moved faster until she let out a shreak and pushed her butt up off the bed. She then collapsed. I got scared when she shreaked and stopped what I was doing. 'Aunt Jen, did I hurt you?' I cried. As Aunt Jen was getting her breath back she said 'Oh no dear, Aunt Jen loved it. If you liked it I'll let you do that tomorrow night.' I said I would really like that.

That night I couldn't wait to get into bed. When Aunt Jen came in she got under the covers and pulled me to her titties and asked, 'Do you want Aunt Jen to unbutton her top so you can play?' 'OH YES' I shouted. Aunt Jen giggled and this time she took off her top and her bottoms.

I lost no time taking her nipple in my mouth and proceeded to suck and lick. As Aunt Jen got into it and began to moan she spread her legs and started to rub her cunny. As we got into it she seemed to go wild bucking and moaning. She took the hand I was using to play with the tittie I wasn't sucking and brought it to her cunny. She told me to rub the little button I felt. With my mouth on her nipple I felt around her cunny which was all wet like she peed herself. I felt around till I felt it and she jumped. 'That's it' she hissed, 'rub it, rub it.' As I rubbed and sucked Aunt Jen went wild bucking and moaning until she finally bucked one tremendous time and collapsed. I was still rubbing and she grabbed my hand and said to stop she couldn't take any more.

We lay in bed for a while and I finally asked, 'Aunt Jen, did that hurt?' 'Oh no ' she said, 'That is the most wonderful feeling in the world.' 'Can you make me feel wonderful?' I asked.

'Why honey I would love to make you feel wonderful, but you have to remember, this is our secret.' She had me lift my tush and she slid my panties off. She spread my legs and proceeded to rub my cunny. I guess I don't have to tell you how good it felt. Soon I was moaning and bucking. Aunt Jen worked on me until I had my first orgasm and Oh was it great. As I was coming down Aunt Jen started rubbing again and I came much harder.

I was exhausted and just lay there with my head on Aunt Jens 'Pillows' and her hand between my legs.

'Did you like that?' she asked 'Oh yes that was so wonderful, can we do that every night?' Aunt Jen giggled and said, 'Well, maybe not every night but we can do that a lot. I'll even show you some other things that feel good.'

Now fifty seven years later Aunt Jen and I still get together for fun and games, and at eighty-two her nipples and cunny feel as good as they did back then.



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