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Me And a Straight Friend?

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This is a true story about what happened between my friend Stuart and I (both 17) a few weeks ago.


It was a Saturday afternoon and my friend Stuart had come over to my house (was the first time he'd been over even though we'd been friends for year) to watch a dvd or video. We spent a while just talking about nothing in particular while trying to decide what film to watch.
I'm gay and Stuart had known this for quite a while, and now-and-then he would ask me some questions about what it's like to be gay (the usual stuff the straights ask their gay friends). I'd been telling him about one of my recent encounters with a hot guy (another story...) and about what it is like to suck cock.
'My Tracy gives good head' said Stuart, talking about his girlfriend.
'I bet I could do better' was the response I gave without even thinking about it. Stuart just laughed. I thought I'd go a bit further 'no, seriously, I would give u a blowjob if you wanted me to'. Again Stuart laughed,
'Maybe some other time Steven'. I was stunned at what he'd said, but presumed he was just being polite, rather than saying 'fuck off you faggot!!'
'Are you serious?' I quizzed
'Yeah, would be fun'
We finally decided on the film to watch and we lay on my bed side-by-side to watch the video on my TV.
About half-way through Stuart said rather quietly, 'have you ever had a friend who was umm... curious about doing stuff with guys?'
'Not that I know of. Why? Are you curious?' I asked thinking he was just messing about.
'Well, kinda' he said sheepishly. Again he had stunned me. Just trying to decided how serious he was, I said 'so if I leaned across and kissed you, you wouldn't run away screaming?'
'No, I wouldn't' he said as he turned to look at my crotch 'and if I had a feel just to see what it's like, you wouldn't throw me out?'
'Not at all'
The next 30 seconds felt like hours as we sat and watched the film some more. Finally I turned to face him. I put my hand on the side of his face and turned him to face me. Then I went for it, I leaned in and placed my lips on his. He kissed back, and I even slipped my tongue in a bit. We kissed for about a minute until I pulled away.
'How was that?' I asked. Stuart smiled and said 'good!'
I felt his hand on my crotch and he squeezed my rock hard cock, which was straining against the material of my briefs and jeans.
'Someone's happy', he said with a smile. I moved my hand over and traced the outline of his cock through his jeans. He was obviously wearing boxers as his cock lay off to the side. I put a hand into my briefs and moved my dick so that he could feel the full length of it.
'That feels big!' he said with a slight sound of amazement.
'You're not exactly small either'. I smiled.
Stuart moved his fingers to my zip and started to unzip my jeans. Then he reached into my briefs and pulled my cock out. For a few seconds he just held it in his hand, then he started to stoke up and down. I gave out a slight moan as he pulled my foreskin back and forth. I unzipped Stuart's jeans and undid the buttons on his boxers. A second later, I had his cock out and was playing with his generous foreskin.
This was unbelievable! 2 years ago, sitting next to him in Maths class, I would never have thought we might one day be lying on my bed wanking each other!
'Can I suck you?' I asked, almost begging.
'I'd rather you didn't. I didn't have a shower this morning. It wouldn't taste too nice', he said apologetically. My heart sank; so near, yet so far. We continued wanking each other for a few minutes until we were both leaking pre-cum. I didn't want either of us to cum soon; I wanted it to last longer.
'Stand up. Lets compare' I suggested.
We both stood up at the side of my bed with our dicks in our hands. We faced one another and placed our cocks side-by-side. Stuarts was about an inch shorter than my 7inch but was definitely thicker. I took both of our dick in my hand and wanked us both together. Stuart leaned his head back and gave a moan.
'Lie back down', said Stuart as he took his dick from me and placed it back in his boxers and zipping up his jean. I lay down and he immediately kneeled beside me and started stroking my cock hard and fast. I was close. I held Stuart's hand on my dick to stop him.
'Let me make you cum', he said eagerly. I was about to let him, when:
'Stuart, you mum is here!' my mother called from down stairs. Damn! 18:30. The exact time she was meant to come and collect him. I sighed knowing that there wasn't enough time. I put my dick away and kissed Stuart on the cheek saying 'next time'.
As soon as Stuart had left, I went back to my room and stroked my cock fast till I shot a huge load.
We arranged for me to go round to Stuart's house next week, and possibly stay that night. I was sceptical as to whether or not anything else would happen, especially with his mother and 15 your old sister in the house. But I was wrong...



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