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Matt's Sister

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Matt and I had been friends for many years. Our birthdays were just a week apart and his parents agreed we could have a joint 18th birthday party at their house, on the condition that no-one was allowed upstairs in the bedrooms as they would be staying away overnight. Matt's younger sister Sarah was attending with several of her friends. Me and Matt agreed to look out for each other. I said fine as I already knew a particular girl was coming to the party who I'd had my eye on for some time. Several hours into the party I felt pretty good. I was getting on quite well this this girl I had the hots for when Matt's sister Sarah told me that Matt was really very drunk by now. I found him slumped in an armchair so Sarah and I manhandled him upstairs and laid him on his side on his bed. He kept telling me I was his bestest friend in the world. I told him to shut up and go to sleep at which point he shut his eyes and was snoring within a minute.

Sarah and I left him there at which point she said she wanted to show me something in her bedroom. We went in and she closed and locked the door behind her. 'What is it you were going to show me'? I asked, at which point she threw herself at me, wrapped her arms around me and began french kissing me. 'Wow', I thought, 'she's a good kisser'. I asked her where she learnt to kiss like that and she said 'Lets sit on the bed and I'll tell you'. We didn't do much talking as she had her mouth glued to mine! Any thoughts of the girl downstairs disappeared as my cock began to stiffen in my pants. My conscious was telling me this is Matt's little sister, but my cock was telling me otherwise.

I dropped my hand onto her thigh just below the level of her skirt and began stroking the smooth silky skin of her legs. She parted her legs a little and I worked my way up to her panties. I began rubbing her pussy through her panties as she gave a little moan. I asked if that felt good and she replied it did. She laid back on the bed and I propped myself up beside her as we continued kissing. Her legs were open and I was gently rubbing up and down her pussy, paying particular attention to the area around her clit. She softly moaned some more so I pulled the straps of her top down and freed her little titties. I began licking and sucking on her nipples as they began to harden. She laid back with her eyes closed as I continued working on her nipples with my mouth and her pussy with my fingers.

I ventured up above her panty-line and began to slide my fingers inside the material. She took my hand and laid it back on her pussy outside her panties. She said she wasn't quite ready for that so I carried on playing with her pussy through the thin material of her panties. She sat up slightly and removed her top and skirt leaving her in just her pale yellow panties. I took the opportunity to remove my socks, shoes and pants leaving me bottomless. I carried on rubbing and stroking her pussy through her panties whilst alternating on her nipples with my mouth. She reached down and grabbed my cock and began to slowly wank it.

Her nipples were now like small bullets and her breathing began to quicken. Her panties were now sodden with her juices as I felt her hard little clit through the material. I removed my shirt and was now completely naked. To my surprise she pushed me onto my back and straddled me trapping my cock between my stomach and her panty clad pussy. She began grinding herself into me as ahe sat on top. I reached up and played with her titties as she ground herself forward and backwards. I could feel that tingling sensation in my groin as my orgasm approached. She ground down on me harder and faster at which point she whispered that she was gonna cum. I laid there, her hands on my chest as she worked herself towards orgasm on my cock. I could feel myself cumming and I told her so. 'Oh yes', she said, 'cum with me'. At that point she began to shudder with orgasm as I started to pump my jizz on the front of her panties and up my stomach. She milked my cock with her grinding as her orgasm overcame her. She collapsed on top of me, my sticky jizz between us. After catching our breath, she looked up at me and said 'That's what I wanted to show you'.

Since that night we became a lot closer and she is my wife now. And Matt was none too worse for wear the morning after!



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