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Matt and Andy

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I met Matthew when we were at university. One night he told me the touching story about re-uniting with his brother. I offer it to you now.


My background is unusual, to put it mildly. My father was in the regular army, and I had a brother, Andrew, my senior by three years. When I, Matthew, was born, my mother suffered from post-natal depression for almost a year, which she had not done after Andy's birth. When I was almost eighteen months old, my father was killed in action, and this threw my mother back into severe depression. Shortly after my second birthday, she one day walked into the busy road outside our house and, either by accident or design, was fatally injured.

My maternal grandparents said they would take Andy, but were too old to take responsibility for 'the baby', meaning me. I think this was because they saw me as the indirect cause of my mother's death. Fortunately, my father's sister and brother-in-law, who could not have children, willingly took me and lavished affection upon me, and eventually legally adopted me. Having no memory of my father at all, and only a dim memory of my mother as a long-haired woman who sat around weeping, I very quickly grew to love them and was soon calling them 'mum' and 'dad', which I still do.

For the first decade of my life, I only saw Andy about a dozen times. Once, when I was about six, he was permitted to come on holiday with us. He and I got on well and we both loved it. I suspect, because of that, he was never allowed to come again. I used to fantasize about him, making up stories of imaginary adventures we had together. I later discovered he did the same thing.

When Andy was 15, grandfather died. After the funeral, mum and dad asked if Andy would like to stay with us for a while. Grandmother refused point blank. Now she was a widow, she said, she needed Andy more than ever, but barely a year later, she had a fatal heart attack, leaving Andy, only 16, on his own. This time, when asked, he willingly came to live with us.

I was over the moon! A double bed and additional cupboards and drawers were put into my bedroom, and it became OUR bedroom. At last, I'd got the brother I'd always wanted.

The first day he was with us, I asked him dozens of questions about himself, and I soon discovered his interest in computers. This surprised me because computers and all things electronic are a closed book to me. I even bog up a pocket calculator. Andy didn't seem to mind my questions though, and they didn't stop when we got to bed. One question I asked, I remember, was did he have a girl friend?

'No, I haven't,' he replied sharply, 'and I don't want one!' That answer surprised me, but I was pleased to know I had no rival.

I then asked him if he was glad to be with us and he answered that he was, so I told him how much I'd always wanted him. And then I asked him if I could lie close to him. Yes, he said, so I moved nearer and he put his arm around me and hugged me. But as I settled beside him, I felt something hard pressing against me. Instinctively, I reached over to investigate. It was his penis, rigidly erect, sticking out through the front of his pyjama trousers!

'Wow, it's a lot bigger than mine!' I told him as I felt at it. 'Is that because you're a 'big' brother?'

Andy chuckled and said, 'Something like that.'

'Why is it so stiff now though?' I enquired.

'It's telling you that I like you - a lot!' was Andy's significant reply.

I didn't quite understand, but I continued to explore and he didn't stop me. I soon discovered his pubic hair, something else that, at 13, I didn't have.

'I've not got this sort of hair,' I told him, running my fingers through it. No, he told me, and I shouldn't have until I was a bit older.

'But my dick's stiff, just like yours,' I declared, 'though it's not as big.'

At this, Andy gently slipped his hand inside my trousers and, breathing heavily I remember, he soon found my penis. To my surprise, he not merely felt it but began to stroke it slowly. Though I wasn't a stranger to masturbation, this sent shivers through me because no other person had ever before touched me there.

After he'd stroked me for maybe a minute, he asked me, in a hoarse whisper, if I liked what he was doing. Yes, I told him, I did, though I was wondering if we ought to be doing it.

'Well, if you like it,' Andy whispered, unaware of my doubts, 'do the same to me.'

Taking hold of his penis again, I began to duplicate just what he was doing to mine. He breathed in sharply and said, 'Keep on doing it, Matt. Don't stop.'

There was no doubt that he was enjoying it because he began thrusting his hips back and forth as I stroked him. When he changed from stroking to really rubbing me, I did the very same for him. Soon, his rapid breathing told me his climax was near.

'Is this what brothers do together?' I asked him.

'Oh, yeah,' he whispered between his gasps, 'this is what being a brother is all about, Matt. Just keep on doing it.'

I could feel my own excitement rising by this time. Suddenly, Andy said, 'Push the bedclothes down and open my pants wide. And then watch!'

I stopped rubbing him and did as he said. I could clearly see his erect penis, about 7' of it, absolutely rigid, and I saw that it was throbbing slightly and its exposed glans was shiny wet.

'Go on, Matt,' Andy instructed, still in that hoarse but excited whisper, 'get hold of it again and really rub!'

I grasped his penis in my fist and really worked on it. 'Oh, that's it. Keep doing it,' he whispered.

I rubbed hard and Andy, moaning with every move I made, kept rocking back and forth vigorously. Suddenly, he croaked, 'It's coming, Matt! It's coming!'

He thrust himself forward and I felt his penis stiffen and harden; and then he 'came', something I'd not seen before, and I watched in amazement as his semen ejaculated on to his bare body.

He had his eyes closed tightly and his mouth open as though in pain, but as a regular masturbator, I knew it was ecstasy he was feeling. I kept rubbing until he stopped 'coming', and then gradually slowed down. I didn't stop till he told me to.

I then lay quietly beside him, just looking at him. After a couple of minutes, he opened his eyes and smiled at me: 'Come on, little brother,' he said, 'and let's reward you for doing what a good brother should!'

He turned towards me and took me into his arms and kissed me! Then he laid me back on the bed and took hold of my small but rigid penis. He rubbed it slowly, and then speeded up. I started to thrust like he'd done and felt the orgasm approaching. Andy, watching me closely, asked, 'Is it coming, little brother?'

I nodded, closed my eyes and pushed even harder, and Andy said, 'Go for it then. Let it come, Matt!'

Seconds later, it came, in shattering, rapturous waves. Andy kept rubbing until every last sensation had throbbed through me, and I slumped back on to the bed. He took me in his arms again and kissed me. As he released me, he said, 'If this is having a brother, then I'm glad I've got one, Matt, and that you're him!'

I nodded my agreement and kissed and clung to him. After a short time, he pushed me away with a grin, and he said, 'Oh, just look at you, Matt! You're all wet with my 'come'. It's on the front of your pyjama jacket! We'd better clean you up.'

He got out of bed and, as he did so, his pyjama pants fell to the floor, and I remember thinking how great his bare bum looked, and I wanted to stroke and kiss it. He stepped out of the pants and went across to his clothes. Taking a handkerchief out of his pocket, he came back and wiped my pyjamas and then his own chest and belly. Putting the handkerchief under his pillow, he took off his jacket. Then, completely naked, he stripped my pyjamas off me, and I didn't stop him.

'Let's sleep 'starkers',' Andy said, lying down beside me.

As I settled in his arms, he asked, 'Do you like having a brother then?' and I replied that I did and asked him if all brothers did what we'd just done.

'I don't know about ALL brothers,' Andy replied, hugging me, 'but I reckon these two brothers will, don't you?'

I nodded and cuddled close to him, revelling in the feel of his bare flesh against mine and the warm, musky smell of him as he held me in his arms.

'I love you, little brother Matt,' Andy whispered tenderly, his lips on my cheek.

'I've always loved you, Andy,' I answer, with tears stinging in my eyes, and I kissed him hard. Then, reaching down, I took hold of his penis. Though it had wilted somewhat, I asked, 'Can I go to sleep holding it?'

'As my official brother, you can hold it whenever you like,' Andy replied, 'and do with it what you like, just as I shall do for you.'

With that he took hold of my little weapon, itself now flaccid, and we settled down together. Within minutes, we were asleep, both of us satisfied, and delighted with the brother we'd each just discovered.

From the start, mum and dad lavished on Andy the same love that they'd lavished on me and, in spite of the fact that he could remember our real parents, Andy, too, was soon calling them 'mum' and 'dad'.

Time passed, and Andy and I, masturbating together regularly, became inseparable. Mum and dad were delighted to see this, though they never knew what went on between Andy and me. Or if they did, they never let on.

One weekend, Andy and I went camping and, on the first night, after we'd made each other 'come' as usual, I asked him yet again about girl friends. I was very curious about this because I was beginning to notice girls, but my brother didn't seem interested.

He took me in his arms and said, 'Listen, Matt, there's something I need to explain to you. No, I haven't got a girl friend, and I've never had one. That's because I'm homosexual, something I've known since I was about your age. Do you understand what that means?'

I admitted that I didn't, so he carefully explained to me. When he'd finished, Andy said, 'Now do you see why I've no interest? I'd rather do the things we do any day than screw a girl.'

I was surprised, but I accepted it and tried hard to please him when we had sex together. As I grew older, though, I had a few sexual flings with girls which I enjoyed. (So I suppose that makes me bisexual!) Andy accepted this, and I always told him about my adventures the next time we masturbated together.

At various times, we experimented with other forms of sex. I didn't enjoy some types, finding it uncomfortable. Andy liked it occasionally, and I was always happy to do it to him. Whenever we did it, I had to masturbate him as well or he didn't 'come'. We quite often had mutual masturbation which was our favourite form of sex. We kept it fresh and exciting by finding different ways of doing it to each other - and we found dozens!

When Andy had been with us about a year, I reached puberty: I grew pubic hair, my penis was soon about 7' and, like Andy, I ejaculated during masturbation, all of which improved our sessions together. We were fascinated to discover that our penises were now almost identical, even to the position of certain blood vessels, and we both had a slight upward curve. Actually, once I'd matured, we seemed to spend a lot of time examining each other's 'hardware'. Of course, it always finished in mutual masturbation.

Mum and dad once asked us, now we were growing up, if we'd like to move to a bigger house so that we could have separate rooms. That was the last thing we wanted! No, we told them: we were quite happy sharing a room (and a bed), so why spend money buying a bigger house? This they accepted.

Eventually, Andy went to college to study electronics and computers, but he chose to attend our local polytechnic so that he could still sleep and masturbate with me. When the time came for me to go to university, I too chose to go to the one in our own city, even though I could have gone to Oxford, because I wanted to go on sleeping with Andy.

We are both now in our late twenties, and we still share a room and still masturbate together. Occasionally, there's a girl in my life, but never in my, or rather OUR, bed. I get into hers instead!

No, that's not quite true. Once, I did take a girl back to our tent when we were camping. As I lay on top of her, screwing her as hard as I could, Andy came to lie beside us. I reached over and, just as hard, I rubbed his erect penis. We all three climaxed almost together!

Whatever heterosexual adventures I have, though, I afterwards return to Andy who's always there with open arms - and a stiff penis!



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