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Maths Class

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My first encounter with female masturbation occured out of the blue one autumn afternoon in year 7 maths class. At the time I was 13, and on this fateful day sat next to Nicole, who I had known since I was 8. I had always had a crush on her, though she had recently started to really show the signs of oncoming womanhood.

After the teacher had given his intital tutilage, we opened textbooks and went to work, after a minute or two of reading through the problems (I was always woeful at maths) I noticed Nicole's breathing. We were both smokers at an early age, though the breathing was far deeper and shorter than usual, I raised my gaze from the textbook over to her. She had her head down, as though she was reading, but her eyes were closed. We were in the back corner of the room, and there would have been 30 or so others in the room at the time. I noticed that she had her feet rested against the far legs of the desk, though her knees were together, slowly and rythmically rubbing together. I looked back to her face, she was biting on her lower lip, and her forehead was furrowed. My attention was again diverted below the desk where I now realised she was rubbing against the zipper and seam of her jeans.

At this age I knew all about masturbation, had done since I was 11, and had even spoken to Nicole about this in the past, but I never thought I'd catch her pleasuring herself in class.

Someone in the front of the room coughed, Nicole lifted her head and opened her eyes, I quickly turned back to my textbook and pretended to scribble away in my notebook.

Not long after the bell rang and the class broke up, it was recess and I followed Nicole to her locker. She was blushed, it had been warm in the classroom and the afternoon was crisp and cool. As she fumbled with her combination lock I rested my elbow against the locker next to hers and caught her eye. 'Hiya,' I blurted 'That was an... interesting class, I thought. Very... exciting.' She looked at me deadpan, then raised an eybrow 'Yeah, about as exciting as Maths can get, I guess'. She knew I'd caught her, I could tell, but wanted to draw out the fun. 'Anything... in particular arouse your interest?'

'Addition and subtraction...' she replied coyly.

'Right... addition... subtraction... very hot stuff'.

'I'm goin for a smoke, wanna come with?'

Of course, we couldn't smoke in school grounds, so made our way to the nearby convenience store, and ducked around the back of the building once there.

Once out of sight of the school Nicole grabbed my arm and forced her tongue into my mouth. I went with it, as I had long had a crush on her, and as the kissing became more intense wondered if this was all because of her previous excitement. My hands wandered from her back, to her breast, down her stomach, under her school dress and into her underpants. They were damp and warm. I was so excited I could have creamed my pants there and then. I could feel her smiling as we kissed, and she unbuckled my belt. I could feel the intense heat radiating from her pussy, so I snuck a finger, then two, then three inside. I brushed her clit then carressed her lips before sliding two fingers deep inside, she bucked against my hand and bit my lip. I continued to tease, sliding my fingers in and out and intermittantly circling her clit, until she groaned and leant her forehead on mine, 'Just fucking finish me' she gasped. With that I hastened my fingering, almost my entire hand was now sliding faster and faster in and out of her dripping hole. She came seconds later, contracting hard and collapsing, sweaty to the ground. She opened her eyes and looked straight at my dick, throbbing out of my unbuckled pants. She then proceeded to free my raging hard-on from my boxers and stroke me. I was drenched with pre-cum, and leant back against the brick wall as she twisted her wrist, and tightened her grip. She then stared into my eyes, which I soon closed as I had one of the most intense orgasms to that point of my life. We sat there gasping, and lit a cigarette as the bell sounded to return to school.

Maths class was never more fun.



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