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Masturbation's Pleasure Rediscovered

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A life long masturbator, there was a time when I almost forgot how good it feels to caress my own sex.


I had learned how to masturbate when I was eight and had been enjoying the thrill and excitement of touching my own stiffened organ at least every other day until I hit puberty.

Then with the sexy dress and flirty behaviour of the teenage girls I went to school with, I had difficulty containing a raging hard-on inside my pants for all the welling desires that were surging inside of me. Often, I had the scare that I might have to stand up during or between classes after a visibly poking boner had formed while I was sitting!

I would vibrate with anticipation at going upstairs to my room after school, carefully closing my door, and relieving my pent-up stresses by grabbing my aching cock and masturbating. I quickly went from several times a week to as often as three times a day. With time I learned to increase the pleasure of my orgasm by delaying climax and teasing my begging organs instead of succumbing to the urge for just a quick jerk-off. I began to extend the amount of time I devoted to it from a few minutes to entire hours. Because of this, I would often enjoy my best sessions during the night while everyone was asleep.

To control the often copious amounts of cum and keep from getting caught by family members, I kept a small discarded vitamin bottle concealed near my bed that I could spend my passion into and then clean up to re-use at a more convenient (and safe) time.

Many gallons of spent semen later and in my early twenties, I married my childhood sweetheart and converted everything I had learned from masturbating to intercourse instead. Having masturbated for hours at a time for many years, I could have sex with my wife for hours on end and never lose the hardest erections for even a moment and being able to hold off cumming was also of great advantage.

My new wife was an especially attentive lover and I never had much of a chance to build up enough passion to feel the need to masturbate between intercourse, so for two entire years I never did. Until one day when I did not need to go in to work until late. She left the house at the usual time and I took my sweet time getting ready after she had gone. Our bathroom was covered with full length mirrors around the tub and I had got naked.

In the absence of my wife, I felt a strange yet familiar urge. Gazing at my reflection in the mirror, I noticed my manhood thickening and getting steadily longer until it sprang fully erect. 'What do you think you are doing?' I asked my dick, almost out loud. My pulse was starting to quicken and I realised ,'Oh shit! I'm getting excited!' The idea of having the whole house all to myself and being naked and hard-on was just too much.

I began to wonder as I looked down at my throbbing organ what it would be like to steal a moment of illicit solo pleasure. For the last two years, I had come to regard sex with my wife as so vastly superior to satisfying my own needs that the thought hadn't even occured to me to ever again take matters into my own hands! Yet here I was. The house was empty. She was on her way to work. I had plenty of time and there was my prick within hand's reach. All I had to do was reach out and take hold of it!

By now I had become so turned on at the idea that I just had to grab myself. We always had some kind of sex-lube around for our mutual lovemaking, so I borrowed some of it and dripped it teasingly on my straining member. I clasped it firmly and began slowly pumping and stroking my cockhead while alternately opening and closing my fist and teasing the bulging purple knob with my fingertips.

I was amazed at the intensity of the sensations that ran through my groin and up my spine! Unfettered by the distraction of focusing on her pleasure and orgasm, I could enjoy prolonging or teasing myself to increase the pitch and then back-off before going back at it full tilt until I thought my swollen balls themselves would burst through the tip of my prick together with my load. It was incredible! Wow!

I could feel the cum welling up inside me like magma about to erupt from a volcano and I knew there was no turning back, no more teasing and coming back for more. I was going to cum and cum hard! I turned toward the bathtub and arched my back as I felt my balls draw up tight and a white-hot surge of cum shot its way upward, through the shaft of my dick, and flew in a juddering arc toward the basin. The next pulse was even more powerful as it crossed the tub and crashed into the mirror on the wall behind it.

I could actually feel my seed spreading the tube inside my shaft as it boiled to the top each time.

Like some slow-motion time delay, each spurt tingled my penis even more from inside and provoked the next shot of sperm to follow. After what seemed like an unending orgasm, the flow finally subsided and I was left standing there cradling my empty balls with shaking knees, spent, exhausted, and thoroughly delighted. Getting back on track and getting ready for work had never been more difficult but I managed and determined that this was a pleasure I had too long denied myself and would have to engage in again!

I didn't wait too long to tell my wife in vivid detail of my 'rediscovery' and it eventually led to an extended period of shared mutual masturbation but that's another story (or stories).

Over the twenty years of marriage since, as my wife's desires have waned somewhat with age (now in our forties and four grown kids), we still make love one to two times a week. Since that time eighteen years ago, I regularly still enjoy masturbating at least two to three times a week. These days it is a slow, focused, and powerfully orgasmic experience that I enjoy on the same par as mutual sex. I take the time whenever my wife is away for several hours and I have the house to myself. I still really enjoy the feelings. Masturbating yourself simply brings a feeling that isn't quite matched any other way.

The lifelong habit has even allowed me as of about three years ago to learn how to be multiorgasmic. I can orgasm and ejaculate at least twice and occasionally even a third time consecutively. Although I learned it while masturbating, I now also share these multiple climaxes with my wife just as easily these days.

Perhaps that is material for another story!



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