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Masturbation Slave

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[My wife and I enjoy reading the stories on this web site because they are real stories about individuals that enjoy masturbation as much as we do. We have a great sex life because our mutual turn on is watching the other person climax. The following is how we incorporated masturbation into an exciting night of sexual pleasure for both of us. We hope your readers enjoy our experiences. We would like to submit this anonymously.]Masturbation Slave
I had a day of vacation and spent a number of hours reading various sex stories on the internet. My wife loves to ready a juicy novel but has not discovered the beauty of the internet. To help her along, I printed out a couple of stories that I thought she would enjoy. I had some errands to run before she got back from work so I placed the stories into an envelope with instructions for her to read the stories and to make herself come at least once before I returned. To be sure that my instructions were carried out, I told her to place her wet panties under my pillow.
When I returned home, she gave me a sly smile as I entered the house. I immediately went to the bedroom and checked under my pillow. Sure enough, I found a pair of silk panties with a heavenly scented wet spot. The thought of my wife masturbating is very arousing to me but watching her masturbate is even more arousing. I returned from the bedroom and thanked my wife for following my orders and informed her that for the rest of the night she would be my sex slave. She quickly agreed.
To get my slave into the proper frame of mind, I ordered her to take a bath in her favorite Victoria Secret bath gel. While she was bathing, I prepared the bedroom by lighting several candles and uncorking a bottle of champagne.
After her bath, we shared a couple of glasses of champagne. As the champagne began to take hold, I ordered my wife to stand next to the bed and disrobe. She slowly let her robe fall off her shoulders and drop to the floor. I then ordered her to lay on the floor with her pussy facing me and to spread her legs so that I had full view of her pussy. Even though she has masturbated in front of me many times, she was at first a little timid about spreading her legs for me since this time I was in a position of power over her.
She spread her legs and from my vantage point on the bed I could see that her pussy was wet with anticipation. She was ordered to make her self cum for me; however, she could only do so by fingering her clit. She was not allowed any penetration. Her fingers slowly spread her pussy lips and she began to rub the length of clit. As her excitement grew, her eyes closed and the pace of her fingers quickened. I could hear the wetness and smell the wonderful aroma of her arousal. Suddenly, her body tensed and she pressed heavily on her clit. My arousal grew as I watched the pleasure of my wife's orgasm.
As her orgasm subsided, I asked her if she would like to finger the inside of her pussy and she quickly replied that she would. Before I would allow this, she would have to ask my permission. Without hesitation, she asked "Master may I please place my fingers inside of my wet and horny pussy." I granted her permission but only if she brought herself to another orgasm. She immediately slipped two fingers inside of her now almost dripping pussy. I then told her to take her wet fingers out of her pussy and to lick the juices from her fingers. She greedily licked her juices from her fingers letting out a slight moan as she did so. Immediately, her fingers found themselves buried deep inside her pussy. Again, her body tensed as another orgasm racked her body.
I pulled out her vibrator and ordered her to now make herself cum for me using the vibrator. She turned on the vibrator and buried it deep inside her. She moaned and rocked her hips as she repeatedly plunged the vibrating phallus into her dripping pussy. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as another orgasm ravaged her body. As soon as this orgasm subsided, she begged me to allow herself to cum one more time; however, she wanted permission to do it using her favorite technique. Knowing what she had in mind, I quickly gave her my permission.
I got her a small hand towel which she made into a tight wad. She then rolled onto her stomach and placed the towel between her legs. She slowly began to rock her hips while at the same time clenching and releasing her pelvic muscles. I slid off the bed and gave her bare ass a playful slap.
The sound and feel of my hand on her ass sent a shiver of excitement through her body. I asked her if she would like another spank. She not only asked for another spank but asked me to spank her harder and faster. I timed the spanks to coincide with the clenching of her pelvic muscles. In less than a minute, the strongest orgasm of the evening swept through her body leaving her almost completely spent in its wake.
Of course my slave's work was not quite done. I ordered her to undress me and kneel in front of me. As she slipped off my underwear, my cock sprang straight up at attention. The sight of my hard cock bobbing in front of her face was too much for my slave to handle. Without my permission, she quickly buried my throbbing cock deep into her throat. I told her that she could only suck my cock if she also fingered herself at the same time. I could not see if she complied with my order but I could hear the wetness of her pussy as her finger plunged inside her. Before long my balls retracted up to my body and the head of my cock stiffened. My wife could feel my cock swelling in her mouth as it prepared for its eminent explosion. Just as the cum was welling up my shaft, I pulled my cock out of her mouth and sprayed her tits with the first surge of cum. The second surge hit her chin. The third hit her stomach. She leaned over so that I could spray the remainder of my hot, sticky cum on her back. My wife loves the feel of hot cum on her body especially on her back. As the lost drops of my cum hit her back, she let out one final moan as the last orgasm of the night swept through her.



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