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Masturbation Olympics Event 2

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This is event two of the JV H20 Polo Masturbation Olympics that was submitted last April 12, 2008. Sorry it's been awhile, been busy... Enjoy, more to cum afterwards.


The next day I woke up to a room that smelt of teen boy juice, but surprisingly I didn't wake up with morning wood... but that was probably because of the draining orgasms I had the night before. My head was racing with of sexy images of the masturbation olympics. I couldn't help but wonder what the contest would be today.

After Josh and I had breakfast the JV coach drove us to the morning workout at our school's teams' private gym at the gymnasium complex where we won last night. The coaches stayed, but had no suspicions of went down last night. I noticed that for the hour that we worked out, everyone was acting like nothing happened at all last night. It was as if it never happened. Then when the hour workout was over, the coaches told us we have 3 free hours until we need to be back for our pre-game preparations. As soon as they left, Lance and the seniors shed their clothes like lightning, turning the exercise center into a gathering of young, hung jock cocks. It was a gay man's or a straight woman's paradise.

Lance grabbed a stool and stood at the center of the room full of horny, hormonal males, 'Are you guys ready for Event 2?!' he screamed. We lustfully, eagerly answered. 'EVENT 2 IS: Distance!!' Grunts of approval echoed from the team. 'Each team select 3 contestants. Each contestant will ejaculate on the floor and the distance from his cock to the farthest squirt of jizz is measured. Whichever team has the contestant that shot the farthest wins! Each contestant must jack off in 30 minutes or he is eliminated.'

With that the JV and Varsity teams separated, huddled together and chose their players. Josh volunteered me, 'This guy comes yards man, I've seen him do it!!' I didn't want to lose, but it was the truth so I was one for my team. The other two were my friends Troy and Alex. Troy and Alex were 17 yo Japanese twins. For Asians, they were HUNG: they were both 7.5 in and uncut with low hanging average balls. I was pretty sure they could make up for my lost distance.

Lance, the Varsity Capt, and 2 other seniors were our opponents. I couldn't believe that my teammates were going to be staring at my dick, watching me jacking off, hoping that I shoot as far as I possibly can, but I wasn't embarrassed. Then Josh counted us down, and we began stroking like there was no tomorrow. Everyone else who wasn't in the game was whacking their hardons too, and the room once again was filled with moaning, cheering and the sound of skin slapping skin. Josh rooted me on, talking dirty about some cute girl we'd seen in a porno once. How'd I'd like to fuck her doggy-style, cuz she likes it rough. And that was enough to set me off. I had come twice yesterday, so the amount of cum wasn't as much as usual, but my 2 thick, hot, white ropes shot out pretty far. My teammates applauded my hot, quick orgasm. Josh measured it with a tape measure, 'Damn, bro, that was 3 ft!!' I smiled as the spasms subsided and then joined the audience. The 2 seniors were next, and I remember it was so hot seeing their strange masturbation techniques. They fondled all parts of their body. Both of them groaned and grunted forcefully. Their cocks were a throbbing bright red, and then they shot around 4 shots of cum each. Exhausted they collapsed on the ground. The seniors roared their approval of the distance: one 3 ft, the other 4. The twins came next. They did a great job of pacing and taking their time, stopping and going, with two-handed, long strokes. They obviously jacked off together often because they timed their ejaculations perfectly. Both buckled at their knees, closed their eyes, and threw their heads back as they both shot 4 steaming ropes of milky cum all over the floor. Their distance averaged around 4 1/2 ft. The sexual and competitive tension in the room intensified: Lance was the only one in the room who hadn't come, he was the last contestant. If he didn't shoot over 4 1/2 ft, the JV would beat the Varsity again and we would be 2-0. Lance's orgasm was perfect. He looked like a professional porn star. He savagely fucked his hand, his cock so hard and full it looked like it would explode. And it did, Lance shot 7 ropes of his man juice 6 ft!! As he rode the waves of his orgasm, the room erupted with the cheers of the seniors.

As the room quieted down again and Lance milked out the last few drops of his cum and the cocks in the room shrunk back to normal, Lance said, '1 all!! Seniors, hit the showers. JV, losing team, clean up the cum! Report back here in 2 hours, before the coaches get back, and get ready for Event 3: Volume!!' The seniors left for the showers, satisfied. We JV mates cleaned up.



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