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Masturbation Lessons 2

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Now I get to give the lessons...


In my first story (see the link), a stable hand at our farm showed me how to masturbate. In this story, I teach my cousin Jane how to masturbate.

Last year, when I was 14, Jane and her family came to spend the summer with us again. She was 16, but still had an A-cup. We were forced to sleep in the same bed together (not like I was complaining!). On the first night, she told me we were too old to sleep together naked. I told her I didn't care, but I would wear a t-shirt if it made her feel more comfortable.

The first week she stayed with us was pretty boring. The second week, I brought up masturbation in one of our conversations. 'Do you still masturbate?' I asked.

'Yea, but not everyday. Do you?'

'Yes! Sometimes a couple times a day!'

'And you don't get worn out or uninterested?'

'With my boobs, who could?' I said, lifting my tank up to stare at my soft, luscious breasts in the mirror. My nipples were instantly erect.

'How big are they?' she asked. I could tell she wanted to touch them.

'34-C still, but a full C. I think I might need a D-cup by next year. They're so sensitive and soft. You can touch them.' I cupped my right breast in my hand and turned it toward her. She touched it with her index finger, moving in slow circles to my nipple. I moaned as she circled my nipple, it was so hard.

'My breasts aren't that sensitive,' she said, taking off her t-shirt and showing her chest off. Her nipples weren't erect.

'Can I touch them?' I asked. When she nodded, I put my finger on her nipple and played with it until it became erect. 'Do you ever play with them?'

'Not much,' she said, 'they're not as pleasurable as my clit.'

'I can understand that,' I said as I slid my tank all the way off and proceeded to slide my thong off.

'What are you doing?' Jane asked.

'I want to show you my vibrator.' The stable hand from the previous year had given me a beginner's set of masturbation toys. I took it from my closet and laid the contents out on the bed. It had a mini vibrator (small enough to discreetly fit into underwear with no one else knowing it's there), a dildo (made to look like the real thing), and some K-Y jelly for lubrication.

'Wow, nice collection.' Jane said. 'I've never used any of this stuff before!'

'Really? You should, I could teach you.'

'Okay.' I made Jane take off her underwear and sit on the bed. I felt more comfortable now that we were both naked. I told her to put the vibrator on her nipple. As soon as it touched, she moaned in pleasure.

'Good. Do you think you're wet enough?' I asked. She said yes between moans. 'Okay, now spread your legs, and put the vibrator on your clit.'

She did reluctantly (I think she enjoyed the nipple vibrations), and she started shaking and moaning uncontrollably. I leaned over and licked her left nipple as she came.

Once her breathing calmed, she said 'Did I just come?'

'Yeah, wasn't it great? I got wet just watching you.' I said.

'You licked my nipple.' she said, 'It felt great! Let me do you.' She pushed me back on the bed and started licking my nipples. Her tongue moved so fast I almost came on the spot!

'Stick the dildo in me,' I said. She didn't stop licking, but she pushed the dildo in all the way. I was moaning and screaming, ready to cum. But then she told me to hold on and put the vibrator on my clit. I came instantly! It was the best orgasm ever!

After we calmed down, she said it was okay if we slept naked together as long as we could play with each other. I agreed to play with her pussy as much as possible. We had a very fun summer. We went back to the stream where I first caught her masturbating and masturbated together. Now, we masturbate together on-line at least once a week.



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