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Masturbation in My Golden Years

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This is one 'chapter' in a sequence about my personal masturbation life. Other chapters-which have not been published in Solo Touch-include 'My First Masturbation' (when I was 11 years old), and two chapters, as yet not written down, that describe the height of my masturbation life. These will detail my ability to restrain muscles allowing me to expell gobs of 'cum' a considerable distance as well as a chapter to be titled: 'The Bloody Stump' which will detail occasional times when my frequency of masturbation exceeded the ability of the flesh on my penis to tolerate the repeated friction.

These 'chapters' are true and unmodified from actual experience.


Masturbation in My Declining Years

My masturbation life has been extensive. I have enjoyed a great number of healthy masturbations for a number of decades now. Certainly, conditions may have been different at different times. Maybe sometimes I am watching an exciting pornographic movie or sexual film clip on the internet. At other times, the motivating impetus is some other kind of visual, tactile, aurel, or other sensory stimulation having a sexual content. Nonetheless, the end result has always been the same-an orgasm.

In recent years and as I age, the precise composition of an orgasm seems to occasionally take on a different manifestation at different times; and this is what I want to discuss with you in this writing.

Orgasms during those 'middle years' always resulted in a physical ejaculation of my pearly-colored sperm at the same time as my body experienced that overwhelming wave of phyisological pleasure that passed through my entire body causing the sensation of lights flashing, a surge of tension within my brain or mind, and a number of muscles involuntarily contracting to an unnatural rigidity.

Stated in, perhaps, more vulgar terms, the precise moment of 'cumming'-a physiological bodily response-would happen at the precise instant that my 'cum' would be ejected physically out of the tip of my heated and often throbbing erect penis. An orgasm consisted of 'cum' being emitted just when I was 'coming'.

The occasional changes in my masturbation experiences in recent years has been when the cum preceeds the cumming by various lengths of time. Truthfully, most of my masturbation experiences still produce the same old familiar expected simultaneous responses; but some of them, in recent years, follow the newer pattern. The physical cum is emitted seconds to, perhaps, a full minute prior to the physological response occurs. In my case (and I suspect many others as well), the sexual thoughts, emotions, and feelings that led me to masturbate in the first place do not begin to quell until after the physiological act of cumming has ended.

This disparity in time leads to some interesting consequences. Suppose, just for an example, that my semen is expelled, say, 45 seconds before that wave of pleasure overwhelms me. I am, of course, sexually aroused to begin with; but the sight of that sometimes thick and gooy (and sometimes thin and runny) spermal fluid only heightens the moment of visual sexual arousal. Thus, the sexuality of the moment is enhanced through the sight of my cum being expelled.

Happily, that liquid flows down between my heated penis (dare I use the word 'cock'?) and my rapidly moving right hand with its fingers encircling my erection. That additional liquid, alone, produces marked changes in my mastubatory response. In addition to the visual enhancement of the masturbation introduced through the sight of cum flowing out of my cock, there is the erotic stimulation added by the faint-but-distinctive odor associated with the emmission of cum. Next, I enjoy a re-newed tactal sense in that my right hand now has a lubricating liquid between it and the heated erection. That tactile erotic improvement introduces a more slippery movement of one bit of flesh against the other. The result is not totally different from when I begin a masturbation session using some sort of cream or lotion on my right hand. Thirdly, there becomes a noticable and exciting change in the sound of my masturbation. the friction of hand against cock is greatly reduced and the sound of dry hand rapidly stroking an equally dry erection is now replaced by the sound of a rythmic and periodic 'slurping' sound.

The only physical sense not enhanced by this new sequence of events during an orgasm is that of taste. Others may savor the flavor of cum; but that has never become my forte.

There exists one final enhancement to the masturbation process when the actual physiological response follow the physical emission by say, 30 seconds or more. My ejaculated fluid (and I suspect that of many men) has some of the same properties as the dairy product known as whipping cream. The cum changes its physical characteristics a little under the dynamic action of being stroked between a hand and a penis. In my case, the cum changes from a true flowing fluid into strings of slightly-closer-to-solid white strands. The constant stroking of the fluid emission between cock and hand produces strands of string-like white material attaching both to the palm of my right hand and to the still-quivering shaft of my erection.

The sight of these sticky strands-sometimes still attached to both the fist and to the cock-only enhances the power of that particular masturbation.

I wonder if other older men have noticed-and, I am sure, enjoyed this added sexual stimulation during masturbation moments. I'd be thrilled to receive comments on this observation. If your responses are positive and not hateful, I ask that they be also written in a sexual manner such that I might hope to masturbate to a recurring delayed event while reading your reply.



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