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Masturbation Club

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When I was growing up I had two close friends, and we were nearly inseparable. We lived on a street that backed up to a pine forest, and our houses were in a row; my house was in the middle, and their houses flanked mine. I can remember us playing in the woods and a shed in my back yard we used as a playhouse; I think we started around first grade. I don't know who started it, but we started playing naked games in the shed one day. At first it was just pulling down our pants to show each other, but it graduated to getting totally naked and doing dares, like running naked to the woods and back. There were enough trees and bushes in the yard so there wasn't too much danger of being seen, but the risk of that added to the excitement, and that was my first recollection of getting boners. Soon we were all sporting boners, laughing and giggling at them.
When the weather got cold we started using my basement as a playhouse. We couldn't get naked as much down there for fear of my mother walking down, but if she left the house, the clothes came off, and we'd run around down there with our little boners. The real fun came when we had sleepovers, when after it got dark, we'd turn the lights out, get naked, and chase each other in the dark. If we caught one another, we'd hold on with full body contact, either front to back or front to front, and rub our little penises together. We never did this kind of touching when it was light, only when it was dark, but it was great fun. The feeling of rubbing skin on skin, especially when you had your boner pressed up against a friend, was forbidden, exciting fun, and felt great.
It was when we were all around 8 years old when one of us discovered orgasms. As far as I know, it was during one of our nocturnal 'chase and rub' sessions, but I never knew for sure; perhaps one of the others had discovered masturbation on his own somehow. But our games took on a whole new dimension when the culmination of our 'chase and rub' was an extended rubbing session where the one who caught the other rubbed until climax. We didn't have any formal rules for play, but there was an informal rule that each one of us would get off at least once. We really didn't keep tabs, and we couldn't see each other, but always if one of us hadn't gotten a chance to get off, he'd keep the play going until he caught someone and had his chance. We could hear each other, and whenever one of us was going at it, it was obvious because of the rhythmic sound and the breathing, so the 'odd man out' would just wait quietly until the sounds turned normal.
Being dry orgasms, we often did it long enough to have 2 or 3 in an evening, and by the time that was over we were so worn out that we fell asleep pretty quickly in the sleeping bags we kept in the basement.
When warm weather came back, we'd do the same outside. We'd start our game in the playhouse, but it was too small for a credible chase game, so we'd move outside. We kept to the far back yard, and though there was usually enough ambient light for us to see each other and where we were running, we couldn't be seen from the house.
Around puberty we discovered masturbation by hand, and gradually got away from the 'chase and rub' routine, instead using our hands on each other, and we didn't limit our activities to the dark; we would do it anytime, day, or night. We did it frequently until about 10th grade, when it started to taper off, but we never really stopped until two of us moved away to go to college, and we barely see each other any more. Even so, it gives me a set of fond memories, and I'm sure it does for them, too. None of us turned out gay; it was just good clean (if messy sometimes!) fun.



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