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Masturbation Adds Spice To Marriage

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I first masturbated when I was around 13 to 14 and came about it accidentally as there wasn't much sex education at home and hadn't had the schools primitive class at the time. Masturbation was taboo back then and having four siblings around made it difficult to do on a regular basis.

After I was married, I didn't masturbate too much and felt kind of guilty when I did and was concerned that my wife would find out and be upset with me for some reason. We have a good sex life but naturally my sex drive is a little stronger than hers.

About five years ago we were sitting in the living room reading the paper and out of the blue she asked me if I wanted to fool around that night. I of course said, sure. It always made me feel good for her to initiate sex.

That night we went into the bedroom and I got undressed while my wife went to let in the cat. She came back into the bedroom and sat on the chair by our bed. Normally for our lovemaking, we would use foreplay, mostly oral sex or mutual masturbation so that I would have an orgasm so that when we had intercouse, I wouldn't climax too soon as I would if we didn't take time for foreplay.

While she was sitting in the chair, she asked me if I would do something special for her. I thought, great, she wants to do a little experimenting, so I said sure, what do you want me to do? She said that instead of doing the usual foreplay, she wanted to watch me masturbate.

This kind of took me by surprise. Although we had been married for years and had seen and touched just about every part of each other in a sexual way, masturbating in front of her seemed kind of weird. I guess it was the old taboo stuff and I had always thought of it as a very personal, intimate thing. I felt embarrased and yet at the same time I wanted to please her. I asked her why she would want me to do that.

She said that she had always wondered how men masturbated and it would be interesting to have me share that part of my sexuality with her. To see me become aroused and to bring myself to orgasm without any stimulation from her.

Although I loved pleasing her, I felt really self conscious about doing that. She could tell I was apprehensive and said that she wouldn't ask me to do it if she wasn't willing to do it herself. I had to admit that it would be interesting not only as a visually sexual turn on, but to see my wife as a sexual being in and of herself. I finally agreed to try but told her that I didn't know if I would be able to even get aroused.

It was really weird becase she just stayed on the chair by the bed and still had on all of her clothes. I was completely naked and when I pulled down the covers of the bed, I really felt exposed and vulnerable even though she was my wife. I was as limp as could be and made masturbating difficult. I closed my eyes so I wouldn't see her sitting there and tried to relax.

It took several minutes before I could feel my penis grow a little, and at that, not very much. Eventually having my penis exposed to the air made it a little larger but I really didn't feel any sexual arousal. After about five minutes I began to wonder if I could even get aroused.

It took almost ten minutes before my penis got fully erect and I felt somewhat embarrassed about that for some reason. Even though I was hard, I still didn't feel any sexual arousal although it did feel good in a massaged sort of way. I really wanted to do this for her so I picked up my pace and after a few minutes I began to feel that familiar slight tingle.

This made me feel embarrased but I kept going. After a few more minutes, the tingle grew a little stronger and I was kind of surprised that it got stronger. I still had my doubts that I would reach an orgasm.

Several minutes later though I felt that warm, wet feeling deep within my groin and I knew that my prostate was starting to release my semen. This feeling kind of startled me and yet at the same time, increased my sexual pleasure. I now had to admit to myself that I just might have an orgasm eventually.

As the pleasure grew though, I found myself trying to hide my arousal from her. Why, I don't know, but the more I tried to hide my arousal, the more aroused I got. I squinted my eyes open slightly to see if she was still watching. Her eyes were glued to my penis and I watched myself masturbate. It seemed so weird for me to be so exposed with her fully clothed and yet this became a turn on for me.

I alternated between looking at her and looking at my hand masturbating me and I kept getting hotter and hotter. I saw a clear drop of pre-cum slowly build in my slit and I knew that it wouldn't be long before I reached orgasm. This kind of frightened me for some reason. I'm not sure why but by my ejaculating, it would be visual proof positive that I had brought myself to orgasm. My wife liked watching me ejaculate when she was masturbating me but the orgasm was brought on by her, not me. I had never caused myself to have an orgasm in front of her before and the idea made me feel really exposed more so than I already was.

The little drop of pre-cum began to grow and I hoped for some reason she wouldn't see it. As it grew though, the more my excitement grew and I found that it was getting hard to surpress my arousal. I began to breathe faster and my hips began to move around involuntarily. I peeked over at her and her eyes were bigger and I knew she could tell I was getting excited.

At this point I was getting close to climaxing, but my fear of ejaculating held me up. I was so excited and yet something was stopping me from going over the edge. I tried slowing down but my desire for release was strong and it was difficult to slow down. By now I was panting pretty good and squirming around more and more. Since I had a hard time slowing down I stroked shallowly but eventually my desire to cum became so strong that my fear of ejaculating subsided and I began to stroke the full length of my shaft and would pull the foreskin hard to the base and hold it there for a second in the hope of triggering my orgasm.

I reached the point of no return and began my orgasm, but I became suspended in it without going into ejaculation. It was so strange because normally when I reach the point of no return, ejaculation is just moments away. But this time I was suspended in the orgasm and I couldn't speak or do anything. She could have pulled a gun out and shot me and I would have been unable to do anything about it. It was so intense that I wondered if I would pass out. My hips were in the air and I had the foreskin pulled all the way to the base to the point where it would become painful if I pulled any harder. I somehow managed to begin stroking again and as fast as I could.

I thrust hard up into my hand and then before I knew it, I shot my first spurt. It seemed like forever before the second or third came out but once they did, it kept coming. It was one of the most intense and strange orgasms I've ever had.

Watching her masturbate has been wonderful as well. We now do this for each other on occasion and it has really been a wonderful new way of expressing our sexuality to each other.

I'm not much of a fantasiser, but I have thought of what it would be like to masturbate in front of several women who would be interested in that. For some reason the idea of exposing ones self and their sexuality in that way is a turn on for me. I know I would never have the chance to do that and my wife doesn't know I've thought about it, but it is kind of a secret fantasy although I'm just as happy to do this with my wife.



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