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Massive Cum at the Beach

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I had discovered this site through my friend Elizabeth. She had encouraged me to share a mutual experience that we had had while on vacation. Encouraged by her own stories, I had decided to do so. I have never written erotically in public before. I had to stop at least once as I wrote this to plunge my hand into my jeans to bring myself to orgasm. It has been so hot to recall and particularly to imagine that it could be read by others, some possibly masturbating and cumming as they would do so. I would like to know all about it, if you do?


I first met Bill and Elizabeth on a Caribbean holiday a few years before and we had become close friends. I had planned to join them on a trip to a small cluster of Caribbean islands with my then boyfriend, but as he and I had argued a few days before, the trip had become just Elizabeth, Bill and myself.

After a few days of checking out the beach areas, we had found our favourite - secluded, clean and relaxing. Though there were a few people around, we were very much on our own. It took little time for Elizabeth and I to lose our tops, not that our bikini bottoms had been all that covering.

One afternoon, to escape the blazing mid day sun, we had placed our towels on the sand under the palms in an isolated spot and were lounging about, just talking. Conversation had turned to Bill's rather prominent erection. We girls had jokingly suggested that maybe Bill should give us a show and 'free the beast'. He had lost his trunks without a moments hesitation. Elizabeth had taken out her hand cream and had started to lubricate her hands, suggesting that I should watch Bill cum !! With amazing skill she began to rub his organ with long, slow up and down motions, taking brief seconds from time to time to rub or lick the fluid oozing from his engorged, glistening cock head. I could see Elizabeth's other hand, having pulled aside her bottoms, casually moving above her crotch, fingers slipping in and out of her labia.

I could not take much more. It had prompted me to ask them if they would mind if I joined them in giving myself a good frig at the same time. To do so, I lay down where I had been sitting in front of them, removing my bikini bottoms as I did. Folding my feet back towards each other, I had been able to open my legs with reckless abandon, feeling my pussy open as I ran my fingers the full length of my slit. I could hear Bill gasp as I did. I could feel my clit get hard and protrude from its hood.

Bill commented on how my sex had become delightfully red, how prominent my clit had become and how hot my aggressive masturbation had made him. Elizabeth had said that it had made Bill harder and that it would only be a moments until he shot ropes of jism. I had been getting into thrusting my hips into my fingers and caressing the hood of my clit with my thumb. Suddenly I could hear Bill groan, gasp and grimace. Elizabeth seemed to know exactly how to give him the most pleasure and get the most cum out of him. He forcefully had blasted a few spurts into the air and then had drizzled a small fountain of white cum over Elizabeth's still pumping hand. I had felt bursts of electricity from my clit when I had felt some of his cum land on my legs and stomach. Elizabeth had pulled her bikini bottom down to her knees. She had been getting rigid and had been bucking her hips from her own furious jilling, squealing that she was about to come as well.

I had just continued to rub my hardened nipples and to be amazed at how far my legs had been apart as I had eagerly masturbated myself for my two friends. Bill had said that if he hadn't just come, he would have been over on top of me, plunging his cock into my gaping, dripping vagina. I could see him slowly jerk his hardening cock, cum still oozing out of it as he did.

The thought of Bill plunging his stiff cock into me and fucking me right in front of Elizabeth had become a sudden burst of fantasy that had hit me overwhelmingly and had begun to drive me to delirium. Elizabeth had gently touched my knee and had softly traced fingers down one of my thighs. As I had imagined her fingers in my labia, I think I had screamed that I had begun to cum. I had raised my buttocks off the ground and had lost all awareness of my surroundings as I could feel an enormous climactic wave rolling from my toes through my clit and to my nipples. In a crashing great cum, 'oOOOOoohhhuuunnnhhhhgg,' I could feel my entire body shake. I had then settled back onto the towel in spent exhaustion, my legs and pussy still agape. I could hear laughs and clapping from down the beach. I hadn't cared. Elizabeth and Bill both had said that it had been an awesome frig and had been an amazingly erotic sight to behold.



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