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Massager Experience in Japan

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I have had one girlfriend who really made masturbation a major part of our sex-lives (thank you!). Here is one of my most memorable experiences with her.


All this happened a while ago in Japan. Toshiko was the one girlfriend I have had who really made masturbation a major part of our sex-lives (thank you!). Here is one of my most memorable experiences with her.
We were out shopping one day, and went to get some underwear for Toshiko. She knew this turned me on - just being around racks of panties gets me going - and I think knowing this must have got her going too. Anyway, as we were alone in the elevator on the way out of the store, she gave me a funny look and mentioned that she'd never tried a vibrator. Would I get her one? Well, I didn't know where to go, but I did know a store that sold small hand-held cylindrical electric massagers that looked as though they would do the job nicely. So we set off to the store, and I went in and bought one while she waited outside.
We went back to my place and had trouble keeping our hands off each other on the train. As soon as we got home, we took off our shoes (compulsory in Japan, even in a hurry), rushed into the bedroom, and she badgered me to open the massager. When I did. no batteries. I went to the kitchen, and luckily found I had enough of the right batteries. I came back to find Toshiko standing in the middle of the room with her jeans open and pushed a little way down her hips. One hand was inside the front of her panties, and I could see her fingers working through the thin white material.. Her face was a mixture of pleasure and 'busted!'.
I was tempted to fuck her there and then, but resisted, and instead took off her jeans, took her hand from her panties, and moved her in front of a mirror. Staying behind her, I removed her bra from inside her T-shirt - a favorite trick of mine - so she was just wearing T-shirt, panties and socks. Then I turned on the massager and began running it over her body, up and down her legs, and eventually up towards her boobs. She gasped when she felt this, and, when the massager moved to her nipples, her hand went back to the front of her panties. I took it away, and started to tease her through her panties with the massager. She began to moan and sigh, threw back her head and closed her eyes, and I felt her legs weaken. After a while of this, I stopped, and slowly put the massager in her hand. She pulled the front of her panties down with her left hand, and with her right plunged the massager greedily down towards her pussy, all the while staring at herself in the mirror. I held onto her as she moaned and yelped, arched her back, stiffened her body, and then quite suddenly buckled at the waist and spasmed, still pushing the buzzing massager into herself.
I was obviously as hard as a rock from watching this, as well as feeling her move against my cock, and as her orgasm subsided I badly wanted to come, and inside her. I pushed her to all fours, pulled her panties to one side, and entered her from behind. I wish I could tell you I lasted for hours, but I was ready to explode and came quickly and loudly.
I pulled out I lay on my back, but she was far from done. She knelt over me, so her by-now soaked panties were right in front of my face, picked up the massager again, and started to play it across the front of her panties. This was quite a show, and she knew it, and the sight of the machine buzzing over her inches from my face while she gyrated her hips, fondled her nipples and moaned above me, was all too much. I started to get hard again, and began to stroke myself. Seeing that she was turning me on seemed only to get her even hotter, and she pulled her panties to one side again to give herself a direct shot. For a minute or two, I gazed alternately at the machine stimulating her pussy, and her frantically absorbed face, as she headed for another orgasm.
I came first, shooting on my chest, just before she came, almost crying and falling forward over my face. We lay there for a few minutes panting and exhausted as the massager buzzed on the floor next to us, but it wasn't long afterwards that I was wanting to have a look at her in that new underwear. We had a great night.
We had lots of fun with the massager after that, but never again was it so intense as that first time.



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