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Massage Leads To No Hands Cum

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This story took place about two years ago while on vacation down in the Caribbean. We stayed at one of those resorts that have just about everything on site and there was no need to leave the property. We booked ourselves spa appointments. I know it's a bit long so skip to the last three or four paragraphs if you want the short story.


We booked our vacation at a resort that was also hosting a large company's event and the place was mostly filled with convention people. For the most part the beach and daily activities were vacant and left to a few of us staying at the resort that were not part of the company's convention. It was nice and quiet throughout the resort while the convention had daily meetings and workshops. We headed over to the spa and made appointments for a massage for me and a facial for the wife.

We arrived at the spa desk and checked in early as they had requested we do when we made the appointment days earlier. The woman behind the computer looks at me and says Jodi will show you to the men's room, please remove your clothing and put on the robe and slippers found in your locker. Then come back here to the check in desk. They then tell my wife to follow Diane to the ladies room and to remove her shirt and shorts and to also put on a robe and slippers and report back to the desk when ready.

Once we met back at the desk they said we would be heading in the opposite direction. They escorted my wife to a door on the other side of the room. As the door opened I could see a long hallway with several doors on each side. The door they escorted me through opened to a large room with a very large whirlpool hot tub pool. This thing could have seated 20-30 people! It was huge, and I had never seen one that large. The woman who escorted me in to the room said to hang my robe up on the hooks on the wall and place my slippers under the robe. Towels were on the shelf next to it. She said the room was not ready yet and I could sit in the hot tub for a few minutes if I wanted to. She then left the room. I thought for a quick second and thought I should maybe have put on a swim suit or something. The resort had a no nude beach policy, however topless on one section of the beach was allowed. I wondered if the rule applied to the spa hot tub. The instructions I received at the front desk went through my mind again 'remove your clothing' I was told.

So off came the robe and slippers and I walked down the stairs slowly to acclimatise my body to the hot water. I walked around a bit and found a seat next to a elephant statue that held flowers in its trunk. I looked around and saw they had a door open to the outside with lush tropical vegetation and an outdoor shower! I have always loved outdoor showers and thought it would be great to go outside and cool down with a squirt of water from the rain maker showerhead. I walk out and take a look through the leaves and do not see anything that would expose me to other hotel guests. I turn the shower on and while I am soaking in the cooler water I hear voices and they seem to be getting closer. I look into the large hot tub room and it is vacant. I then turn around and see three staff members walk by about a foot from the shower. They were on a pathway that was just on the other side of the rock wall the shower head was attached to. They kept walking and never looked in my direction. I headed back into the tub.

About a minute later while sitting there another girl, I had not seen yet, walks into the room from the front desk areas and walks right up to me bends down closer to the pool edge and asks if my name is Steve. I said yes. She smiles and says my massage room is now ready and to follow her. She stands up and watches until I reach the stairs then heads to a door and opens it. I am naked and following her towards the door. I mention I need to get my robe, she half turns her head around and tells me she will get it for me after I am in the massage room. I follow her through the door into a similar hallway with doors on each side. She opens the first door and says 'in here please'. That's when she looks back at my nakedness and had the look of complete surprise on her face. She didn't say anything. I walked into the room she tells me we will start with me on my back, face up. Then leaves the room.

I have had many a massages in my life and know I am supposed to start in the direction the masseuse suggests and I also know there is usually a fitted sheet on the table and a flat sheet on top, and I am supposed to get in between them. Well here I stand in front of this table and there is only a fitted sheet, no flat sheet and no blanket. I again question myself and the words ring through my head again 'remove your clothing'. So up on the table I lie, naked. She walks back in and says she has retrieved my robe and slippers. She then stands next to me and introduces herself and asks if there are any areas that need more work or areas of concern. I tell her that I am not in any pain and not to be afraid to use too much pressure. I love a good deep tissue massage. She then turns around and scans the room then gives up and walks behind my head and sits in the rolling chair that was in the corner of the room. She starts the massage on my temples and head then works down my neck. She then stands up and moves down the table to my legs.

Now I have had many massages, like I said, and I have noticed for some strange reason that when I have my right leg massaged first by the time they get to my left leg I will more than likely get an erection. I have had my left leg massage first followed by my right and not a peep in the erection department. Weird, I know. I remind you, I am naked, no covering. The masseuse is fairly young, slender, good looking and she has her hands all over me. She starts with my right leg. Oh no! I start thinking of math problems, paying the gas bill at home, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? It seemed like she worked on my right leg for a mere few seconds instead a minute or two. She moves to my left leg. A train leaves New York at 60mph another train leaves Chicago.... It's no use my dick starts to grow hard. I had been laying there naked with my dick out in the open. Now my dick is moving by itself, I have no control over it. It just gets harder and harder in slow motion. I pick my head up and look down my body to the masseuse. I say that I am 'sorry' and as I follow up with 'it happens' she says the same thing! She shrugs her shoulders and waves it off as if it is a daily occurrence and she is used to it. It then seemed like she spent more time on my left leg running her hands up and down the length of my left a little more than my right leg.

She then says it's time to roll over. As I pick myself up and turnover she again scans the room and bends down and opens a cabinet and pulls out a small towel. I adjust myself and my hard on and lay down on the table. She drapes the towel over my ass. This towel barely covers me to reach the table. It's a small towel that barely covers anything. Why did she allow me to lay there face up naked but when I turn over she doesn't want to look at my butt cheeks?

She continues with the massage of my legs working up to my back and neck. The whole time I lay there with my hard on and here rubbing me the table is moving back and forth. This causes my dick to rub back and forth on the fitted sheet. I lasted about 10 minutes before I shot a load of cum out under my belly. I did try to stop it from happening, but like the onsite of the erection, there was no simple way of stopping it. It was going to happen even if I attempted to will it not to. I do not know if she was aware of the ejaculation or not. I did cringe a bit but again not sure if she knew I had cum shooting out of my dick or if I had a sensitive spot on my back.

She finished up the massage and said she would leave and get me a glass of water and would be right back. I rolled over and sat up and sure enough the cum puddle was a large one and I needed to clean up before she came back in. I used that small towel that was on my ass to wipe up some of the cum. I heard her footsteps in the hall and knew she was about to open the door. I reached for my robe and slipped it on my shoulders just as she walks in. My dick had not gone all the way back down it was still somewhat half erect. She walks in and looks directly down at my dick just as I slowly tie my robe shut. She breaks her stare and hands me a glass of water with a devilish smile and a wink. Almost like she knows what happened.

I take a sip of water and she says to follow her. We walk back into the hot tub room and she asks if I would like to soak some more after the massage. I almost said yes just as I had noticed a couple were also using the hot tub. She was standing up in the corner with at least a bikini top on and he was sitting on the steps with a swim suit on. I stopped myself from saying yes and said I will check with the wife before I jump in. We head back out to the check in desk. They ask me to sit and wait for my wife. They open the other door that led down the long hallway and in walks my wife. She comes over to me and asks how was it. I tell her it was good and I ask if she wants to go in the hot tub. She says she doesn't have her swim suit with her, but we can go back to the room and get them. I didn't have the heart to tell her I had used the tub nude earlier mainly because I know she would not have joined me nude in the large tub with other guests using suits in the tub. She likes to go with the flow. If they had been nude in the tub maybe she would have joined in.



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