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I know many believe that all professionals never step over the line but some of us do, just a bit.


I have always been a very sexual woman ever since puberty hit. I've been told by many that I'm quite attractive even though I don't dress up too much or use much makeup. I like to wear more sporty type clothes because they fit me tight and I can show off and be comfortable at the same time.

I became a massage therapist because I do like helping people plus I like both men's and women's bodies. It's very exciting to know you will be touching a naked person and giving them pleasure.

My job does bring me clients I would rather not have but that's when I think of it as just part of the job. When I get a good looking man or lady then I get my pleasure too.

Some of my clients are more comfortable leaving underwear on and others go nude. I always give them the respect of whatever they choose.

I have never gone further than a regular massage with a lady although I would like to but none have ever asked. Men on the other hand are more forward and I've been asked by many if I offer more than a standard massage.

For a long time I always told them no and just smiled, then changed the subject. This was the case until about a year ago when a nice fit man became my client. I'll call him John. He is quite fit and the first time he came in he told me he often would get massages at his gym but he had changed gyms recently.

On his first visit I came into the room and he was under the sheet laying face down. I started the massage with his back and we had some small talk as usual. As I continued I noticed he was not wearing underwear which is not abnormal at all. I prefer people don't wear anything because it does make my job easier, plus I just like it.

I moved the sheet around to keep his butt covered and continued down to his hams and calves. Once his back was done of course it was time to turn over.

That is when I noticed a very large hard penis was under the sheet. His penis was laying back on his stomach and reached to his belly button.

This time I left the sheet up to his chest not wanting to pull it down for fear of showing his erection. I decided I would stay on his legs waiting for him to lose his erection. As I kept up with small talk I kept glancing at his penis making quite a nice impression in the sheet. It was not going away at all.

I could only massage his legs so long before I had to move on. I was getting quite turned on now knowing he was obviously feeling the same.

At that point he changed the subject with me. He asked if I was married (I'm not) about a boyfriend (dating some at the time)and then told me how fit I was and how well my t-shirt showed my toned arms and body. He asked how often I worked out and a few other things then asked right there if any of my other male clients had the same problem he was now having as he glanced down at his penis. I knew exactly what he was talking about and smiled saying yes a few. He then asked what do I usually do about it and I laughed and said wait for a bit and talk about sports or something.

He said he did not like talking about sports and did I have any other ideas. I paused wanting so much to give in right then and pull off the sheet so I could see his beautiful penis. I was so tempted by this as he lay there not saying a word, waiting for my reply.

I looked up at the clock and saw we had 20 minutes left. I still said nothing then I could not believe what I did. It was like my nasty side took over and I pulled back the sheet revealing his oh so nice hard penis. It was so nice and long and he kept himself completely shaved. I could see every bit of how his penis and balls looked. His balls were pulled up very tight to his body and his penis lay back on his tummy very hard and his penis head was almost purple.

I looked at him and my voice started to quiver. I asked very softly if he could be very very quiet if we continued on. He softly whispered yes and smiled.

I still could not believe I was going to do this. I took the massage lotion and dripped it on his penis end to end. I then picked it up and started stroking it very slowly. He started to move his hips just a bit and a soft moan came out. I shushed him and he stopped. I kept up with the same motion nice and slowly. I moved my eyes closer wanting his penis so badly. After a few minutes I knew he was about to come so I stopped and held his erection straight up in the air holding just the base.

He held his breath then said ok I'm good again. I wanted to keep going but knew I would need a bit of cleaning up time so I went for orgasm. I kept stroking nice long hard full strokes then he tightened up again but I did not stop this time. I tightened my grip and he lifted his butt up off the table then ejaculated about four to six nice long squirts over my hand and arm while he quietly jerked around on the table. I held his nice hard penis in my hand until his body stopped pumping well after he was done ejaculating.

Once he stopped moving I gently lay his penis down and took some towels to clean him and me off. He was smiling wide and hard now and so was I.

I still could not believe what I did that day and later that night I masturbated myself to so many orgasms thinking about it that I lost count.

John came back quite often after that and most times we did the same thing and I got a large tip.

It went on for about six months and then he only came in a few times more over the next few months and I have not seen his since.

He is the only man I have ever done that to other than a lover although I want to do it more soon. I just need another great client like John.

I would also love to please a woman some day too but I think I would have to be the one to start.



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