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I was living in an apartment building for five years when the building was going to be sold and I had one month to move out. When I went to work I told Lisa what had happened. Lisa is the receptionist and we have become good friends in the past few years. Also Lisa has a house and has asked me to move in to help with costs. Lisa smiled and said she still had the room available. I moved in within a week and I was paying Lisa rent and sharing the utilities. The rent in the apartment was double what Lisa wanted.

After a few weeks I was cleaning the garage out and asked Lisa where the massage table came from. She said it was an old roommates and why was I asking. I told her I took a class in college. Lisa then asked if I could give her a massage. I smiled and said why not. I cleaned up the table, set it up in the living room and bought a few oils. I put on a pair of shorts and t-shirt and I called for Lisa. She came down in a robe and when I told her to drop the robe and get on she dropped it and was standing in front of me naked. I gulped and asked her why she was naked. She winked at me and said she wanted a happy ending. Now Lisa and I always talked like this, but this was the first time I saw her naked. Lisa had nice breasts and hard nipples and she was cleaned shaved below. Lisa laid on her front and her ass was almost perfect. I put some oils in my hand and started to rub her shoulders. I then did her arms, neck, head, side, lower legs and then upper legs. I asked if she wanted me to do her ass and she said yes. I massaged her ass and went down the crack and all the way down. Lisa was half moaning and half gasping. I told her to turn and when she did her face was flush and I could see her pussy was wet. I did her arms, stomach, chest and breasts, lower legs and then upper legs. When I massaged her breasts I paid close attention to her nipples. Lisa was moaning and moving a lot as I was rubbing them.

After I did everywhere I asked if she wanted anything else. Lisa looked at me and smiled and said to make her have an orgasm. I smiled at her and asked her to open her legs and bring them up. I then climbed in the table and started to rub up and down her lips. After a minute of this and the look on her face I placed both thumbs on her clit and rubbed. Lisa bucked her hips and bit her lip and then gave such a scream I thought the neighbors would hear. Then she did something I never expected and squirted. I had her juices on my arm and she told me she was sorry after she came down from her orgasm. I asked if she needed that. Lisa smiled and told me more than you know.

When Lisa sat up she saw my hard on and told me I should take care of myself. I said I would later and she said now please. I stripped and she told me I had a nice looking penis. She then told me to get on the table and when I did she put her hand on her pussy and used her juices to rub me. I was already hard and in about two minutes I told her I was going to cum and she had my dick sticking straight up and I moaned and shot my load up about three feet in the air. I then told her how good that felt and Lisa smiled and said she knew. Lisa and I were talking as I was on the table and she was now rubbing my balls. As we were talking I became hard again and Lisa asked what we could do with it. I jumped off the table and told her to get on and then I got on and slid right next to her, facing her. She held my dick and started to rub me, and I placed two fingers into her wet pussy and pumped them in and out slowly. Lisa moaned and so did I. We were so sexed up that we went at it quickly and in about a minute I shot another load and kept on pumping in her hand. In a few minutes Lisa started to moan and buck and when her orgasm hit I shot a third load onto her. We collapsed on the massage table covered in cum and soon we were in her shower and then in her king size bed. We fell asleep spooning and slept until morning.

When we woke up Lisa asked how I slept. I said like a baby and she laughed and said I was sucking her breasts when she woke up this morning. We talked about the other night and Lisa thought it would have happened anyway so she was glad it did. So was I and I kissed her and said I'm happy to be in bed and love with you.



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