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Married Friend and I

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I am married and we have a female friend who is married. Occasionally she drops by during the week when I am home to chat and wait for my wife to arrive home from work. For the last year our chats have increasingly turned sexual. She is very nice looking and 42 years old.

I know her husband well because the four of us go out together all the time. I never seriously considered having an affair or anything like that with her. She says she has never had an affair and neither have I. Over the many months we have admitted a strong 'liking' of each other but that's about as far as things went.

We openly discuss what she likes and what I like. We have told each other the only thing keeping us from jumping each others bones is the friendship the four of us share and the fact we are married. We have talked about her pussy and how she shaves it in the summer and how she doesn't in the winter, and I've talked about my hours on end here at home when I'm alone keeping a hard-on for hours and enjoying the feeling, also the belief that if one doesn't exercise that muscle it won't function as well as we age.

One day several months ago as we were on that subect I found myself getting hard. We had been so open on sexual topics I thought nothing of reaching down and grasping my rod through my pants and I loved her response as she said I looked sexy doing that. In that conversation I continued massaging my aching dick as we talked but nothing else.

A few weeks later she came by for another afternoon visit. As we again talked about sex I found myself again rubbing my stiff member. I asked her if she minded and she said no, that in fact she found it quite erotic. After a while she said she had to go to the restroom. While she was in there I decided our closeness deserved a bit more explicitness. I took my shorts and underwear off and leaned back in my seat on the sofa and started stroking my dick slowly waiting for her to return.

My heart was pounding as I heard the bathroom door close and heard her footsteps coming back down the hall. As she entered the living room I was holding the base of my dick standing it straight up in the air. She came in and her eyes went big and her mouth opened and she just froze. I said 'I'm sorry, but I just HAD to show you.' She sat down and kept her eyes on my dick. I just continued to stroke myself. 'You look awesome!' she said. I told her thanks and asked her if what I was doing bothered her. 'No!' she said. To make a long story short, I didn't cum I just jacked a while until I thought I had better put it away. My wife was due home soon.

A few days later she was back at my house in the afternoon, however a little earlier. As we talked this time I just stood in front of her and took my pants and underwear off and again played with myself as we talked. It was feeling almost natural to do this in front of her. 'Damn, I'd love to sit on that thing' she said ... 'but you know we can't do that!'

I said I knew we couldn't do that but there was one form of sex we could have and never touch each other, and otherwise not feel terrible about ourselves afterwards. 'What do you mean' she asked? I told her nothing would be more hot than if I could jack all the way off as she watched, and I told her I'd love to watch her too. I said outright 'I would love to see your pussy.'

As she debated this in her mind I countinued to very slowly stroke my really hard dick. It took about ten minutes of soul searching but she slid out of her pants and undies and sat and spread her legs wide open for me. Um, um, um! What a beauty of a pussy she has!!! I thought I was going to cum right then!

I told her how gorgeous her pussy was and how it would be so wonderful to make love with her in every possible way ... and as I watched she started rubbing her clit and fingering her pussy. I was delirious with excitement as I watched her. I knew I was cumming soon so I got up and moved beside her on the love seat so she could look right down on the end of my dick, I lifted my shirt, and squirted cum all over my stomach. I could hear her panting and broken breathing as she watched and furiously fingered and rubbed her pussy .... then she started cumming.

It was so wonderful. I asked her if we could do this again ... and again! She said we'll see. I think she felt bad in a way. She didn't come back and visit for about two weeks and I thought she probably never would come back except when my wife is home ... but she did.

She and I now have a hands off each other masturbation session about once a week. I know she suffers from a little guilt ... knowing it isn't right ... and the guilt of doing this with her good friend's husband.

I know some of you will probably not approve either, but no harm done really. We are looking at it as good clean sexual 'play.' It has evolved to where we both get totally naked and I make my gooey deposit on her luscious breasts and succulent perfect nipples. I hope our little get togethers last forever!



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