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Marie and I

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Marie and I had always been friends but in one night we became more. Marie was my first proper girlfriend. We had know each other for a few years and were always close, and if I am honest, I always fancied her but never thought for one moment that I would have the chance to ever be more than friends. She always had her fair share of admirers, she was 5ft 5in with a lovely Jessica rabbit type figure, 38D boobs with shoulder length blonde hair that had a slight wave to it. She had piercing blue eyes and a radiant smile.


It was a Friday evening and we had been out to our local pub meeting up with other friends as was our usual Friday night, she lived fairly close so I used to walk round and meet her, have a drink or two at hers then grab a lift with her step dad who always dropped us off.

I arrived just as she was getting ready and as her mum greeted me she shouted to me to come up to her room. This was nothing uncommon, as I was used to hanging out there with her or crashing the night now and again. As I walked in she was stood in a pair of tight jeans and her bra and was about to pull on her top. I had seen her in her bra before but I couldn't help a quick glance before making a comment along the lines of "stop trying to get me into bed" just in case she thought my glance was a second too long! "Tonight maybe your lucky night" she said with a wink, not thinking she would be serious.

I laughed it off, handed her a bottle of beer and started drinking as I crashed on the sofa bed in the corner of the room. After a few hours in the pub and meeting our friends I called a cab and we headed back to hers. We sat in the back of the cab and I just held her hand gently rubbing it with my thumb and fingers. She smiled at me and said she was glad I was taking her home as she always felt safe when I was around. Not knowing what to say I put my arm around her and pulled her in close. As I did so she rested her hand on my thigh and started to slowly rub my leg. Marie continued this gradually going higher stopping just short of where my cock was resting, each time I willed it to go a bit higher but never got there during that ride home.

As we arrived at her place she said, you may as well stay at mine tonight. I agreed paid the taxi driver and went inside. We went up to her room and as soon as she was inside she stripped to her underwear and climbed under her duvet, I stripped down to my boxers and went to unfold the sofa bed when she asked what I was doing? " You can sleep here next to me if you want". I was a little taken aback but after asking if she was sure I jumped in.

I laid on my side and she was laid on her back and we were just chattng when I felt her hand find its way to the inside of my leg and she gradually went higher. We just looked at each other as her hand went higher until she found my stiffening cock over my boxers. Without saying a word she started to run her hand all over my cock before going under the waistband of my boxers and massaging the end until I was fully hard. Not wanting to ruin the moment I removed her hand, rolled her onto her side towards me and kissed her and at the same time running my hands down her back over her lovely curved ass and up to her bra again.

I unclasped the strap with my right hand and released those lovely boobs. Her nipples were not too big but not too small, and erect. I kissed her down her chest before I met with her hard puffy nipples. Rolling her back onto her back I ran my hand down over her panties. From the outside I could feel the heat and the dampness, she was clearly turned on. Rolling my hand under her back I tugged at the waistband until they were past her ass and she willingly moved her legs out of them, running back up the inside of her legs to meet her soaking wet and surprisingly quite hairy pussy.

She quickly tugged at my boxers, my cock releasing like a compressed spring. I moved closer in as she started to pump away at my hard cock. Her technique was like no other I had felt, her thumb planted on the end of my cock as she worked me slow then fast then slow again. It was amazing. Her legs were parted and I had found her swollen clit, her back arched and she would pump faster as I flicked away.

Then leaving my thumb on her clit I slowly entered my middle finger then my index finger pumping her quickly she started to moan and her breathing was quickening I knew she was close. I sped up my pace and she followed suit, my precum providing the perfect lube as she worked me. I could feel my orgasm building as I leant in to kiss her, she looked at me and said she was going to cum.

As soon as I said that I felt my balls tighten and as the first squirt of semen left me her body tensed as I felt her orgasm start to rip through her, we both kept pumping each other as much as we could as we both came together. As soon as it was over we both looked at each other and laughed. That was the start of a great two years together.



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