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Marian's 21st

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Marian was the older sister of my best friend, Mike. She was four years older than us and a bit aloof, although she would always say hi when we met, usually at their house. 

Marian was seeing a guy called John, a photographer some years older than her, and the story was she was going to get engaged to him on her birthday. But a couple of weeks before her birthday, a problem arose when it came out that John had been passing around topless photographs of Marian to his buddies. This sent her ballistic and she declared the engagement off; not only that but she didn't want to see John again and he certainly wasn't invited to her party. 

I, on the other hand, was there on the day of the party, helping to prepare the house and garden for the main event, which was starting around seven in the evening. Mike and Marian, their younger brother Kevin, and I spent a couple of hours setting up trestle tables, laying out glasses and napkins and so on. We were cracking the usual jokes, messing around and laughing. Marian was in pretty good spirits considering she had just broken off her engagement. She and I seemed to be hanging together quite a lot, sharing duties at the same tables. Twice, we made shy eye contact and just sort of smiled. I was enjoying this, she was much nicer than I had realized and I was getting to enjoy feeling like she enjoyed being with me. 

We broke off for some cold drinks and we were cracking the odd funny, when Mike suddenly said, 'So Madge,' (he called her Madge to piss her off), 'has Steve shown you his elephant?'

I could have killed him.

'No, what's that?' she said.

'Come on, man, show her!' 

I was blushing by now. And annoyed. I'd been enjoying Marian's company, now she was just going to find me a silly little boy when I did the sight gag.

'Come on Steve, I want to see your elephant', she laughed. 13 year old Kevin was gurning at me from over her shoulder and smirking knowingly. He had seen my elephant.

Feeling shamed already by this, I slowly started the gag: first pulling out the lining of my left trouser pocket, then the right, leaving them hanging out. Then (and this is really only as far as it gets under normal circumstances, because the penny drops and the laugh occurs) I reached for the top of my fly zipper.

Nothing. She just kept looking, with a half smile on her face, and a kind of expectant hush on her. 

I started slowly unzipping, and she just looked up and into my eyes, then back down again. I mouthed 'bastard' at Mike, who was wiggling his eyebrows and giggling to himself.

Well, I couldn't bring myself to take out my dick right there in front of everybody, I was getting really embarrassed by now. I snapped, 'Oh this is just stupid!' and stormed off, zipping up as I went. Behind me, there were sounds of explosive mirth and I was really pissed off to hear that Marian was enjoying the joke at my expense. 

I sulked and simmered away for several hours up in Mike's bedroom, during which time the people started arriving and the party got under way. By about nine o'clock, I was hungry and getting lonely and bored, so sheepishly made my way downstairs. 

Marian, the star of the proceedings, was off somewhere chatting or dancing or whatever. I found my way into the kitchen, ate some snacks and got a beer. Marian's parents were pretty cool and had gone away to stay with friends so she had the house to herself for the party. 

I chatted briefly with a few people I knew-most of the people there were several years older than me and Mike-and I ended up wandering out into the garden. They have a biggish garden which has a stream running behind it down at the end before bordering on a golf course. It's very nice out there and I wandered down that way in plenty of light from the moon and the patio lighting up by the house.

I'd been there a while, looking up at the stars and feeling better with myself, when I suddenly heard a noise behind me. Turning, I realised with a shock that there was someone there.

'Hello?' I said.

'Shhhh', she said, 'quiet. It's me. I saw you walk down here from the patio.'


'What are you doing?', she asked quietly.

'Just looking at the sky.'

'Oh', she said, mock serious, 'I thought you might be walking your elephant...'

'Ha ha', I said exasperatedly, 'don't start that again.'

'Oh, I'm sorry', she said, 'Mike was only messing around. I was too-I realised what the joke was but I just wanted to see how far you'd go.'

'Well, I was embarrassed, if you must know.'

'Well, I'm sorry, ok?

'It's a pity though', she carried on, and moved closer to me so I could see her eyes and face now clearly. She was a couple of inches shorter than me, and in this light she was suddenly looking very pretty.

'Pity?' I said, breathing quite shallowly.

'Mmm', she said, and put her hand on my chest. 'I wouldn't have minded seeing the trunk.'

By this time, my pulse had started racing and my breath was coming in short bursts. I looked up toward the house. Nobody could see us and we were alone down here. My eyes had adjusted to the moonlight and we could see each other quite clearly. I was shy, but made up my mind to go ahead with it, as I was becoming light-headed from the sensation of her hand on my body and the perfumed body odour she was emanating.

'I could show you now, if you like...'

She giggled. 'Get on with it then, idiot!' and she took a couple of steps back.

So I started pulling out my pockets... 'You fool!' she chuckled, and pushed my hands down from there. She'd seen enough of the ears. 

I unzipped slowly, about semi-hard, which was a relief: for a second I was worried the nerves would kick in and I'd have a shrivelled peanut to show her. As I slid my fingers in to fish out my cock, she was staring intently. As it sprang free, she gasped, 'Oh, it's lovely!'

Now she could say that all night.

So what now, I wondered, more than a little awkward now I'm standing there in front of my mate's big sister with a semi-on. 

'Make it hard', said Marian, jiggling up and down a bit.

'Make it hard?' I repeated after her.

'I want to see it full on', she said. 'you do wank, don't you?' Well I did, but I had never owned up to it, much less done it out in the open with a girl watching. 

I must have been bright red by now, so I was glad it was dark. But my cock was responding to the attention and getting firmer. So I started stroking it. She suddenly reached for me and unfastened my jeans top button, then pulled down on them. I wasn't wearing underpants that day so I was now effectively naked for her viewing pleasure. 

By this point, I was fully hard. I am circumcised, just over six inches and quite thick and by seventeen fully developed down there. I was surprised to realise I was feeling no shyness with Marian, now; in fact quite the opposite-I wanted her to see me. I pushed my hips forward and started stroking my cock. She carried on watching, not saying anything. She crouched down to get a better view in the moonlight.

'I thought you'd have quite a nice cock', she said, matter-of-factly. 'I've seen Mike's when he was asleep and his is a bit longer than yours' (this blew my mind-she had been checking out her brother's equipment) 'but yours is much nicer.'

'What about John's?' I said, regretting it immediately in case mention of the ex-boyfriend was going to ruin things.

'Like a sweet cigarette', she said, 'really tiny. Tell you the truth, I don't think I would have married him in the end.'

The change of subject made me lose my erection a little bit and it started sagging.

'Oh, look', she said, 'what's wrong? Do you need me to help?'. She grabbed my semi flaccid cock and before I knew what was happening, she gave it a couple of firm tugs. Fucking hell! I was getting my first hand job now! The little feller stiffened like it never had before, and she began to jerk me off slowly and sensuously. 'that's enough of that for today', she said. I didn't fully agree with the principle, but the hand job she was delivering was a pretty good option.

Marian wanked me, not talking any more, for maybe ten minutes until finally 'I'm coming', I said, and blew my load all over her hand. 

'Nice?' she asked.

'Very nice', I replied, watching slightly embarrassed while she wiped her hands on some leaves. 'What now?'

'Well, I've got a birthday party happening up there' said Marian. 'come back with me and join in properly. I was missing you.' so we went back up the garden and for the rest of the evening we danced and enjoyed ourselves. Mike was grinning like a fox every time he caught my eye, he had clearly realised that something was going on. Wait until I tell you, you bastard, I thought: you won't believe it. 

Over the next two years, Marian and I had numerous other opportunities to enjoy masturbation and more together. She taught me all I know about female pleasure, lessons which I'm sure have benefitted other women down the years. We were never formally 'an item.' 

After I went away to university, Marian took up with another regular boyfriend and they ultimately married and had a couple of kids. They live in Australia now, I haven't seen her for some years, possibly never will again. But I will always remember and be grateful for that night of her birthday which opened up a whole field of experience to me.                     



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