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Marco Polo

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It was a hot day here in the South. Everyday in the summer is painfully hot. I FINALLY had a day to myself and I was looking forward to lounging topless in the pool. I'd been busted several times this summer sanstop, but it doesn't discourage me. I've always been very comfortable with my body. I know how to touch it, make it react, and appreciate it. Today was going to be no different.

In bikini bottoms only, I ease myself into the cool water. It feels so good on my skin. Almost euphoric. I sink below the water and enjoy the weightlessness. While under, I decide that I might as well try to tan my bottom while I'm all alone. I peel off my bottoms and throw them over the edge of the ladder. I climb on top of a float and relax. The hot sun dries the water off my skin almost instantly. I continually have to splash cool water on my belly. The feeling of the deluge running over my clit gets me a little turned on. My nipples are hard, and well, I am all alone.

I've always been a very exuberant masturbator. I can cum both hard and quickly. As I'm cupping my mound, knowing I'll be cumming shortly, I heard someone's voice. I listen more intently, and realize that the voice in question was speaking spanish. I peer through the tall shrubs and see five or six mexicans working on my neighbor's house. Although there's quite a lot of foliage between us, they are all maybe 20 feet away. I don't think they see me. Truth is, I liked IMAGINING that they did.

I scooted down on the raft where my butt was almost at the end. I placed my feet on the side of the pool. My ass raised so they have the best view possible. I was really excited by now, but I took it slow. I wanted to give them a show. I wasn't sure if the hushed voices meant they saw me or not. I didn't look up, but I began to sensually rub my body. I pinched my nipples and sprinkled them with cold water. It was so erotic to think I had eyes on me. Enjoying me. Wanting me. I scooped my hand full of cold water and I spread it around my cunt. Quickly, I pushed two fingers inside, grazing my g-spot and my back arched in pleasure. I heard a gasp. Was it my own? I tried so hard to fuck myself slowly, but I could've cum with that first thrust. I started breathing hard and panting. Timing my thrusting with my own breath, I know I'm close. I squeeze my tits, fuck myself harder raising my ass to meet my fingers. I feel myself beginning to clinch jaws, thighs, kegals. I'm going to cum and cum hard. I squirt all over my hand and float. I continue to fingerbang myself and cum easily four or five more times. I know they hear me now. It's absolutely silent except for my heavy breathing, my body twisting on the float and errant splashes from my feet going in the water. With my hand still in myself, I flip off the float and go under. It was such a delicious shock to suddenly be enveloped in freezing water while still being wracked by strong orgasms.

I swim over to the ladder, slip on my bottoms and jump back on the float. As I lay on my belly, I look over and notice five guys who have completely abandoned the project at hand, and I wonder.. will I be in their thoughts the next time they use their 'hands'?



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