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Manipulative Husband

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I got married for the second time in 2007. I have no kids but my new husband, who is 33, has a very young son who lives with his mother. That was his second wife and I am his third. I had been intimate with quite a few men but knew my husband was a playboy type right from the start.


Neither of us was very innocent sexually and he began asking me about some of my past relationships. I really didn't like discussing it but over a period of time we both told each other of some of our sexual experiences. He told me of kinky things he did with other women and I also told him some of mine with other men. We discussed masturbation often and also did it together and to each other. I began to see he was every bit as satisfied with me masturbating him as he was with oral sex or even intercouse. When he mastubated me it was unbelievable how many times I would orgasm and he knew exactly how to satisfy me. He bought vibrators and dildos and also purchased anal dildos for us to use on each other.

After about six months he began telling me stories about a small group that he and his first wife were involved with. His second wife wanted nothing to do with it. I couldn't believe some of the things he told me but I knew he wasn't lying about it just to tell me stories. What he was discribing was sort of a swingers club. It wasn't exactly like swapping wives and husbands but there were six couples involved. There were six couples involved in it and once or twice a month each couple would share an evening with one of the other couples to sexually satisfy each other. He explained there was no oral or sexual intercourse involved but only the masurbation of each other. I couldn't believe it at first until he showed me some photos. There were pictues of him other men and other women sometimes tied to a table sometimes not and being sexually stimulated and masturbated by the others. The tables were padded and were sort of like a gyno exam type table. The sturrips were mostly made of wood but in some photos it was an actual doctors type table. He explained that each couple had there own table. The women would satisfy the men and the men do the same to the women. A couple I already knew were in it and he kept asking me to join it with Carla and Matt. I couldn't believe he wanted me to do that and absolutely refused.

Over a period of a year he kept telling me about it and several times had Carla and Matt talk to me about it. Carla even called me several times telling me how great it was and asking me again and again to join it. My husband kept begging me throughout that year. He manipulated me into trying it with Carla and Matt and if I didn't enjoy it I would not have to join, which was now 7 total couples. I knew a few slightly but the rest I didn't know at all.

Last February was the first time I did this and was very apprehensive about it. We went to Carla and Matts house Friday night and into there basement where there table was. Carla was the first, just to show me how they did things. My husband, Matt and Carla all started taking there clothes off and Carla got on the table naked. They told me I didn't have to undress so I didn't and just watched. Matt started tying her feet in the stirrups as my husband tied her hands and blinfolded her. The two of them began massaging her and touching her everywhere. Her vagina was clean shaven and I could tell Carla was aroused right away and then both Matt and my husband began taking turns masturbating her. For almost an hour they used vibrators and dildos on her and penetrated her bot vaginally and anally with them. They untied her hands at one point and took off the blindfold as either my husband or Matt masturbated her. Both of them had erections almost the entire time and took turns holding their penis as they masturbated her. I was just standing ther watching and still fully dressed but was so aroused I wanted to masturbate just watching them.

They untied Carla's feet as as she got up she looked at me and just said its your turn. I just stood there for a moment and telling them I was to embarrassed but they kept egging me on until I finally took off my clothes and got on the table. The first thing they did was shave off my pubic hair. Ny husband told me he was doing it but I later found out it was Matt. Then they massaged me with oil as they did to Carla and it was humiliating but it just felt so good. The next hour was the most stimulating experience I ever had. They left the blindfold on me most of the time and never untied my hands. They did put their penis in my hands at times and I was so confused and aroused I couldn't tell the difference between my husbands penis or Matts. They would ask me at times who's penis I was holding but I really didn't know. I couldn't even tell which one was masturbating me or fondling my breasts. As soon as I climaxed they would do something else and I became stimulated all over again. They used both dildos and vibrators at times without me knowing what they would do next. I moaned groaned and almost screamed a few times and couldn't believe they could make me orgasm so often or so many times. I think I was embarrased when they started but shortly had no inhabitions at all after the massage. When they did finally take off my blindfold and untie me I was completely satisfied.

Matt was next and Carla and I both tied his hands and feet and blinded folded him as they did to us. Carls sort of told me things to do and although apprehensive at times I not only massaged him but touched almost every inch of his body as my husband watched. All his pubic hair was shaved off already as was Carlas including the hair on his scrotum. Both Carla and I rubbed oil on him and just teased him until he begged to be masturbated. Carla began maturbating but had me take over and she held a vibrator at his anus. Within seconds he came and Carla cleaned him off as his penis went soft which didn't last long. At that point we started over and I couldn't believe some of the things Carla did to him and at times made him beg us to continue. He ejackulated two times but even got another erection after that.

We then put my husband on the table and Carla shaved his pubic hair also shaving his scrotum. We did almost the same to him as we did to Matt and I insisted he keep the blinfold on the whole time like they did to me. I started asking him who was doing what to him and used an anal dildo on him and Carla used the vibrator also. When we were finished with my husband we had a few more drinks and we all took turns getting a shower to get the oil off us. After we were all dressed again we just sat and talked for awhile and they got me to admit how much I enjoyed it.

Since then I have done this with the six other couples. Some only twice but a few of them three times. My husband bought a table equipped with stirrups right after that first night. My husband and I use it often by ourselves and have masturbated each other in ways I never dreamed of. The group of us take turns going to each others homes. Most of the couples are in there late 20's or 30's but the one couple are over 50. I recently found out they were the ones who started it. My husband and his first wife were in it for over two years and were one of the first couples to join it. As we changed couples in the beginning it was quite humiliating at times but now doesn't bother me at all. Two of the women are a little heavy but not at all ashamed of there bodies. Most of the guys have a decent size penis but the one man is very small. I think it is only about four inches erect but he somtimes is able to cum three times. We kid him about it sometimes but he just laughs about it. One of the women has the biggest breasts I have ever seen. The guys really enjoy that and she is one of the funniest and nicest women we do this with. I know its a kinky thing to do but my husband and I are both having a great time with it. Occassionally some of the men take pictures which I don't really care for but we all have pictures of each other in different stages. Carla and Matt are close friends of ours now and I have gotten to like both of them very much. They will have us over for dinner some nights and we invite them also. Its just a dinner invitation but we all know what will happen afterwards. We maturbate with Carla and Matt more than any of the others and do so even when it isn't a group night. The feeling of having two men masturbate me at the same time is so stimulating it drives me crazy. Four hands are better than two and right from the start thats what my husband always said. One of the other women told me about this web site and said she wrote an experience here a year ago. I don't know if she wrote about the group or not but can't find her story. I'll have to ask her the date she did it the next time I see her.



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