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Male Multiple Orgasm Experience and Guide

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My experience with trying to learn this technique.


I should start by saying this title is misleading. This is my story of me trying to achieve male multiple orgasms. But in the process the main thing I learned is that male orgasms are bad if your goal is sexual pleasure. Hold on, don't leave, hear me out. It is worth it.

Maybe two years ago I started reading posts about male multiple orgasms on solo touch. I began following some guide(actually one of the early solo touch posts) to achieve this.

The guide I followed recommended basically teaching yourself to stop having orgasm contractions by relaxing your muscles during orgasm. This is a difficult task to say the least. But me being having aspergers(gives you super concentration) with a sex obsession was the perfect person to do it. I succeeded after months of practice. It was not a pleasant experience having to stop touching my penis at the point of orgasm and concentrate on relaxation instead of enjoyment. I got to the point were I would orgasm with no contractions at all. It was sort of like learning to wiggle your ears but harder.

I was disappointed though. Because even without contractions you would still have a small refractory period. Worse the first 2 or 3 times you orgasm cum would still dribble slowly out of my penis even without contractions in smaller but still significant quantities. After this I could orgasm over an over with no ejaculation assuming I managed to continue to relax and prevent contractions. However after the 3 orgasms before the true no ejaculation orgasms I was usually too spent to keep going unless something made me really horny. Worse masturbation and orgasm were just not as fun at this point for a at the time unknown reason.

After this disappointment I gave up for the most part. But eventually my desire to feel good through masturbation got the best of me(I don't have much else going for me) so I tried again. My new theory was that the real problem preventing repeat orgasm was not the orgasmic contractions but the loss of cum. So I tried the opposite of the first technique. Instead of relaxing the muscles that would contract shooting cum my new goal was to hold them in a contracted state until the end of orgasm.

Other people have reported that this is quite difficult. But I found it almost trivial. This is probably because I learned such good muscle control following the first technique. The first technique taught me exactly what muscles needed squeezed. It let me become very aware of exactly when I was about to orgasm and seemed to increase the time between going over the edge of no return and the start of cum being released. All of these things made it easy for me to know when to contract and hold my muscles contracted to prevent ejaculation during orgasm. I suppose you could learn this separately.

I should stop here though to point out a possible health risk. It is possible to have retrograde ejaculation. This happens when cum is ejaculated into the bladder instead of out the penis(this is bad). It is important therefore when trying this technique not to use the final valve muscles that hold back urine to hold back ejaculate. You should be able to tell by feel. You want to squeeze the muscles that you use to hold back from peeing in the first place. You do not want to use the muscles you would use to stop peeing once you start. Usually these groups act in concert so be careful. Also never try using mechanical pressure from your hand or something as this can cause damage too.

My new technique was better but still had its disappointments. I now could after maybe a minute refractory period cum again and again and again. I have had at least 40 orgasms in row this way before losing count, one orgasm a minute. But each orgasm in a given session was more disappointing than the last. After coming I would still go softish and have to masturbate furiously to get back to the orgasm point. Worse the more orgasms I had in a given session the barrier between feeling sexually good and orgasm would get lower. This would mean after some time during a session I would furiously stroke myself and fantasize until I just barely got a sex high and then once I just barely started feeling good I would orgasm again.

At this point I began to realize the simple truth that although orgasms are the best part of masturbation they are so short that even if you can do tons of them they are still not worth as much as long normal masturbation hanging right next to the edge of orgasm.

This lead me back to consent rate on improving my ability to edge(stay near the point of orgasm as long as possible but you should know this already). I was already quite good. But there is a trade off with edging too. Keeping yourself close to the point of orgasm requires concentration. Consecration that prevents you from concentrating on the fantasy or on the pleasure.

Soon I discovered something amazing though. When I failed at edging say after 2 hours and lost my concentration I would still contract my muscles and hold them that way to prevent ejaculation. But instead of trying to go for orgasm after orgasm at that point I would instead start edging again. By combining the two techniques I can now masturbate literally for days on end only stopping to eat and sleep.

Further I because I never ejaculate any more all the time is like what most people must experience after they masturbate a lot and then suddenly stop for a few days. I can get horny whenever I want with incredible ease. My sex drive has reached absurd levels. Other strange things have happened. My nipples never used to be sexually sensitive. But with so much masturbation time available too me I just started touching them anyway although it was unpleasant. Over time the nerves must have finally connected the right way(really probably just a strengthening of connections). I now get stronger sexual feelings from my nipples than my penis.

I would like to keep trying things. I would still like to kill the about one minute refractory period I get even with non ejaculatory orgasms or learn to extend the length of orgasms. I would like to get the lips on my face to the same level of sexual sensitivity as my nipples.

Boredom is probably more of a problem for people with aspergers but I could make a whole post about keeping masturbation interesting.

I must warn other those that I am not sure this really has not been good for my life. My obsession with masturbation enhanced by my aspergers has prevented me from experiencing other parts of life. I am a fairly well off 27 year old programmer. I am 5.11 143lbs and fairly ripped but have never had sex. Quite odd. Although I guess this was also basically true 2 years ago before I started down this road. Oh the rewards and disappointments of being an aspie



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