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Making-up With Dad

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i find jerking-off with my dad normal. its a mans stuff anyway. hope youll enjoy my story.


let me share my own experience of a jerk-off session with my dad and its fun.
i've started masturbating at age 12. i've learned it from my classmates at school. i didnt get thet chance to learn it from my father because he has his work abroad. during those times, i have to live with my grandparents (he divorced my mother). but now, he decided not to go back abroad and to start a new business in our town. we have to move from my grandparents house to an apartment in the city so that we could make-up for the bondings we've never had before. he is now 47 and im 21.
in this time, we've never talked about masturbation. i have to do it all by myself. when he was out doing business transactions, ive started watching some porn videos in my room. it was so hot that i have to stroke my hard, ready-to-shoot cock. i was lying on my bed naked when my dad entered my room. i was shoked and covered my cock with a pilliow. he smiled and said it was ok. he sat next to me and asked what i was watching. he saw it was a porn, and it made me more embarassed. he noticed that i was, and to remove my embarassment, he stripped naked and told me it was fine. with that, i got the confidence and removed the pillow on my cock. it was still hard and my fathers cock was getting hard too. he told me that he used to jerk-off alone while watching porn while he was abroad. then he asked me if we could watch together, having the confidence, i said yes. we were watching a great blowjob scene when he told me that he couldnt stand it any longer and he has to blow. he lay on the bed and started stroking faster. i cant belive he was jerking beside me. i was so horny that i have to stroke my cock too. we were both moaning so hard. for about some minute, i could see my dad fucking his hand. with one strong shout, he blew his load all over his body, covering his chest. some cum flew to my arms. he was milking his dick when i blew mine. it hit my abs and my dads cock. we were still on bed catching our breath. he started to laugh and told me that he missed this opportunity when he was abroad. i told him that we could make it up now that he's staying here permanently.
after that, ive had a better relationship with my dad. we started talking about sex and stuffs that we've missed while he was abroad.



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