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Making My Sister My Slave (1)

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My name is Chloe. When I was sixteen, I was out on a date with my boyfriend and we were getting into it. We were making out and there was some mutual touching between the two of us. He was grabbing my tits and I was fondling his dick in his pants. It was getting pretty hot so he asked me if I could give him a hand job and of course I said yes and pulled down his boxers. His dick was so beautiful and I immediately began stroking it. I loved seeing the look on his face. He loved it. After about two minutes he came all over me.

I was so wet then. But before I could ask him to return the favor he said he wanted to break up! I was so confused and angry and still horny all at the same time. Before I could do anything he just left. I went home and ran to my room. I began crying. Then my sister walked in. She had heard me crying and asked what was wrong. I said my boyfriend broke up with me. She then began to hug me. It was a nice hug and then I noticed I enjoyed the feel of her breasts against mine. She was only 13, so they were small but I still liked it.

Then I started rubbing her back. We just enjoyed each others bodies. Then she stopped and said are you ok? I then said why do you ask? She said that I was a little touchy to her and I said well I was still kinda horny. She then gave me a weird look and said oh ok then. Then she got up but I pulled her back and said, 'but Degen (my sisters name) I still feel sad' and she said ok so what can I do to help you? I then got a wicked smile and told her to lie down. She said ok but when she asked why I didn't answer. I was still very horny from before and an orgasm would really help the pain so I told her that I needed to cum.

Again she gave me a weird look but this time I could tell she was also curious. So she lay down and I began to slowly take off her clothes. At first she was hesitant but when she got down to just her bra and panties she seemed even more relaxed. I then asked her if she was ready for me. She didn't reply but then she finally nodded a yes. I then began kissing her legs. I started off slow and moved my way up to her thighs. She started to moan softly and I knew she liked it. I then stopped kissing her and began moving my hand over her mound, it was very warm and just a little wet.

Degen was getting excited. I then began rubbing a little faster and she starts to breathe deeper. We then locked eyes and I knew it was time. Although I wanted to be gentle to my sister I was so mad about my boyfriend and so worked up by being horny I ended up fingering the shit out of her. I was finger fucking my little sister with two fingers. She started getting so wet and so was I. However before I finshed her off I made her finger me.

At first she didn't know what to do but then she got the hang of it. I don't know how she knew to do this but she even began fingering my ass, and I looooooove that. Maybe she had seen me do it. So after a few minutes of Degen pleasuring me I knew I was ready to cum. I told her to stop, she did and I finished myself off. It was the hottest thing ever. It was such a release. I sighed and started putting my clothes back on. She said what are you doing I want to finish. I said if she was a good little slut I would finish her off after dinner. She was ok with that.



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