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Making a New Friend

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When I was a sophomore in college, I was hanging out with a group of friends, getting drunk and stoned, when one of the girls asked to see all of the guys' balls. All of us obliged and she offered $10 to see us naked. Well me and someone i kinda new from class decided to take up her offer. We went into the kitchen and started getting undressed when she told us that she was just kidding. Talk about a cock tease. Well we both put our clothes back on and rejoined the group. The get together ended at about 2AM and since we were in a bad neighborhood I asked for a ride back to the dorm. The only person w/ a car who didn't live at the house was the guy from class. So we got in the car and instantly started talking about what had happened. He mentioned how horny he was and asked if i was too. Being drunk, I said of course. Then he asked if i wanted to go to his apartment and watch a porno. I said sure and we headed off. When we got to his apartment he asked me if I had any preference on what kind of porno to watch. I asked if he had any with orgies and he said yes. So he put it in and we sat down on his couch. Right away, he pulled out his cock, which was the biggest i had ever seen. Probably 8'. He started stroking his cock and noticed I was just watching the porno. He asked me if I was uncomfortable jerking off w/ another guy and i told him i wasn't because I had done if before when I was 13. He said that was cool and that i could do whatever i wanted. He went back to stroking his cock and after a while I decided to go for it. He just had his cock sticking out of his pants, but i decided to just strip. So I'm sitting on this guys couch naked, stroking my cock when he asks me to tell him more about when i was 13. I told him it was just exploratory stuff w/ the neighbors but that once i got one of them to jerk me off. He asked if i had enjoyed it and i said i had. He then asked if i would like him to jerk me off. I figured why not and let go of my cock. He immediately resumed where I had been, but he was a lot more skilled than I was. Figuring I was a guest in his house and he was doing me a favor, i decided to return the favor. I had never felt a cock so big. I moved me hand up and down in rhythm with his. After about five minutes he told me he was about to cum. He let go of my cock and finished himself off. I continued to watch the porn and jerk off while he went and cleaned off. I was still going at it when he returned and he asked if I wanted him to finish me. I said sure and laid down on the floor. He knelt down and started stroking my cock again. It felt so good that within a couple of minutes i came so hard it shot right over shoulder and onto some papers that were on the floor. I was a little embarrassed but he said not to worry. After I had cleaned up, we decided to go to bed. I passed out naked on the couch and when i woke up the next morning my friend was jerking me off again. We both got each other off and then decided to go have breakfast and then he had to go to work. After that night we continued to get together frequently and jerk off.



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