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Lycra Heaven

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(From the author of my first gymnastics leotard) I've been into leotards ever since I was a teenager and began to masturbate wearing leotards and swimsuits that I'd borrowed from a number of girls at my school. It wasn't until recently however, that I got to experience what its like to be a girl wearing an all in one Lycra catsuit/leotard.

I was wondering round the shops and thought I'd pop into a second-hand shop to see what was on offer and whilst looking around I saw a turquoise Lycra catsuit hanging on a rail and couldn't resist taking a closer look. As I picked it up the material felt really soft and slippy through my fingers and I started to wonder what it would be like to slip inside it naked like a ballet dancer. It look as though it would easily fit me given how stretchy Lycra is. After several minutes wondering around the shop I eventually plucked up the courage to take the catsuit off the rack and purchase it. Still shaking with excitement I drove home, occasionally dipping my hand into the bag to feel the cool touch of the Lycra catsuit.

Arriving home, I rushed upto my bedroom and took all my clothes off ready to slip into the catsuit. I then pulled the catsuit out of the bag and held it against my body. It felt awesome and looked the perfect fit for me. I undid the back zip of the catsuit and sat on the bed to put the catsuit on. I'd watched girls put these on so I knew how to get into one. I pointed the toes of my left foot and slowly slid it into the leg of the catsuit. The Lycra material stretched up my calf and knee as I pulled it taught upto my thigh. I was so excited as I'd never worn anything like this before and my cock was starting to throb and grow with the excitement. I then did the said with my other leg and pulled the material tight over my arse and between my cheeks. It was similar to putting on a pair of tights although the material felt much cooler against my skin and was really slippy to touch. I then wiggled my torso and pulled the material upto my chest before sliding my first arm into the sleeve of the catsuit. The arm was quite tight but eventually I managed to slide it all the way up to my shoulder. I then did the same with my other arm.

Once my arms were in, the material started to become taught against my body and started to rub the tip of my cock. I then started to do the zip up the back of the catsuit using a shoelace I'd already tied to it. The zip took several attempts to pull up as the catsuit was a bit small for me. As I held the base of the zip and pulled on the shoelace the zip slowly pulled up and closed, making the Lycra mould to my body like a second skin. The catsuit had a polo neck and once the zip was done up I was covered from head to toe in the skin-tight Lycra material which felt incredible. Once in I slowly made sure the catsuit was snug by stretching the material up my body starting at my feet and working up to my neck. The material slid nicely between my arse cheeks like a second skin and gently rubbed my bum as I walked round. I rubbed my hands all over my body, feeling it through the slippy material it was so sensuous. I then lay on the bed on my belly and slowly began to arch my back up and down like I was making love to a girl. This made my cock rub the inside of the catsuit until I came inside it. If you never tried masturbating in a catsuit its really worth it I came loads and the feeling of the material tight against your body is electric - enjoy!



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