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Lunch Line

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When I was in high school, I took a business and typing class, this was before computers. I figured that typing could come in handy. The second semester I was the only guy in the advanced class. I don't know why, but all of the best looking girls in school were in the class. Some were friends of mine. Some starred in my masturbation fantasies. The teacher was male.

The class was right before lunch, and, to stagger the number of kids eating in the lunch room at one time, sometimes our class was the first to go get in the lunch line. This meant we had to line up early. Our teacher would make us line up against a wall in a wide hallway. As other classes would get in line, our teacher would snake the line and make us press up against one another.

It so happened that Suzanne and Carrie, two of the prettiest girls in the class, both of whom had boyfriends, would walk with me to lunch. They were two years older than me. They were good friends with each other and mildly friendly with me. The year before, I thought that Suzanne was interested in me and so I had asked her to go out with me, but she wanted to 'just be friends.' And she told me she did not date Freshmen. Then she got a steady boyfriend. In the lunch line Suzanne would be in front and Carrie behind me. At first there would be space between us in the lunch line. Then, as more kids lined up and space got tighter, Carrie would have to push me forward and into Suzanne.

We all laughed about the situation, making apologies and joking about being right up against one another. Suzanne said we had to line up so that it was girl-boy-girl. I did not mind at all. Carrie said that I should at least buy Suzanne lunch if I was going to be pressed up against her. At one point Suzanne said that with a line like this she was surprised no one got pregnant. This was with my throbbing cock an inch from her hot pussy. And then we would stand there and make small talk as we waited for the lunch room to open. This happened only three or four times during the semester. The first time in this line I got a massive hard on and it was wedged between Suzanne's ass crack. I loved her tight little ass. I dreamed of her ass. I know she felt it press against her asshole with every one of my heartbeats. And Carrie had her own hot pussy pressed against my ass and thigh. My cock was throbbing. We were all laughs and grins. Sometimes, like dominoes, we would almost fall over one another.

The last time we were the first to line up, they both lined up in the same way (Suzanne in front and Carrie behind me), which meant that they knew what was coming. They were whispering and giggling as we walked toward the lunch room. This got me hard, and I noticed that Suzanne stared down at my hard cock in my tight jeans as we walked down the hall to the lunch line. When I gave her body a once-over with my own eyes, she just smiled, and shook her ass at me. We were pushed into the tight line. There were a lot of comments about getting ready to be made into sandwiches, and who was the meat and who was the bread. It was decided that I was the meat, pun intended. I was very much looking forward to pressing my cock between Suzanne's small, tight ass cheeks, and to feeling Carrie's pussy mound tight against my own ass. When the girls were pushed against me, the teacher smiled at me and said that I was the luckiest boy in school. The girls heard him and laughed. Maybe I was for that 15 minutes. Then more kids came and we were pushed tight against the wall, where no one could see us.

We were told that lunch was going to be starting late, which meant we would be in line even longer than the usual 15 minutes. We all complained but I was secretly happy. After a while, I started to feel Carrie rubbing her pussy up and down against my ass. This turned me on. She asked me if her body was bothering me. I said 'No.' Then she shifted to the side, wrapping her thighs around my leg. I had heard that she was a wild girl, and one of my friends had had his hands inside her pants. I also knew she was not a virgin. This made my cock swell up even more. She was blatantly rubbing her crotch up and down, slowly, but blatantly. I knew she was masturbating against my leg. I could also feel her warm breath on my neck. I was pressed right between Suzanne's ass crack, feeling my cock wedged between her cheeks. It was a game day, so she had on a cheerleading skirt. We were so packed in that no one could see anything, and she pulled forward a little, saying that it was so crowded she could hardly breathe and that she needed to get comfortable. But then she reached back and adjusted her skirt, lifting it up a little (but pretending like she was trying to push it back down). When she did this the back of her hand brushed right against my cock. When she felt my cock, she twitched and left her hand there for a moment, turning it around and rubbing her palm along it as she pulled her hand away. Now, with her skirt lifted a little, my cock was against her red pantie shorts. I said that it was so crowded that I did not know what to do with my hands. She said I could put them on her waist if I wanted to. I did, holding her small hip bones on her tiny body. Carrie asked if she could hold my waist too. Then I felt Suzanne push her ass back against my cock, pulling her body to mine, as Carrie was still rubbing against my leg. We were all giggles, hot, and horny.

I rubbed my cock up and down Suzanne's ass crack, and she pressed back even more, lifting her ass and rubbing up and down a little. Her mouth opened and she turned back and looked at me, dazed. I lowered my body to get my cock more between her legs. I felt her thighs part. She pressed down and back. We got a slow dry hump going, with my cock grazing her asshole and hot cunt. Carrie rubbed faster and harder, squeezing my leg. Suzanne was rubbing my cock with her ass cheeks, faster now. I reached down and squeezed her ass cheeks. I felt no resistance, so I let my hand slide down to the front of her thigh and up inside her skirt. I really needed to feel her wet cunt. Her legs opened more, but when I brought my hand to her pussy, sliding my finger along the hot slit, over her cheerleading panties, she suddenly said she needed some air. She took my hand away. She pulled away and out of the line and ran to the bathroom. Carrie adjusted herself, and then she started rubbing her pussy against my leg again. Then she said into my ear, whimpering, 'I think I am going to pass out. Yeah, here I go. Oh, God!' And then she came, holding onto my shoulders for support. Suzanne came back to the line a few minutes later, squeezing back into place. I asked her if she felt better. She told me she did. That she had to relieve herself. I asked her if it was number 1 or number 2. Smiling, she said she didn't think there was a number for it. I then knew she had masturbated. When I started to rub against her ass again, she reached back and told me to stand still. I got the message.

That was the last time we were lined up like that. And Suzanne, although I often caught her staring at my cock, never brought up that day in the lunch line. Carrie was also somewhat cold after that day. For years I invented all kinds of threesome scenarios involving Carrie and Suzanne, stroking my cock to many orgasms.



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