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Lunch Break at School

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Hello! I live in the UK and have only recently discovered this site whilst on holiday from school. We get long summer holidays and I have had plenty of time in the past two months to read the stories whilst doing, guess what! It's now time for me to make my own contribution. I have only ever masturbated by myself so haven't had a lot of experiences which I can share with you, but this is something which happened at school about a year ago which had a huge effect on me.

I play in the school orchestra, and we often have rehearsals at lunchtime. This incident took place just after one such rehearsal. We had been let out a few minutes before the end of the lunch break. The part of the building I was in was supposed to be out of bounds to most students during lunch so it was fairly quiet.

I needed a pee so made my way to the toilets. When I walked in, there was no one at the urinals but the cubicle next to the area where the urinals were was occupied. I went to the urinal at the other end of the row, unzipped and started to relieve myself. As I was standing there, a movement caught my eye and I looked round. Whoever was in the cubicle obviously didn't know that a light up above, situated midway between the cubicles, was shining down at an angle and casting a shadow on the floor which could be seen under the side. The movement I saw could not have been anything other than a hand rhythmically stroking an erect penis.

As I watched I could make out the shape of it as the hand moved up and down. I was still peeing but my cock reacted immediately and started to swell up. By the time I had finished I had an erection and I could not help starting to masturbate in sympathy. The occupant of the cubicle must have known I was there as he would have heard me walk in, and I was thinking that he might be starting to wonder why I hadn't moved from the urinal. I didn't know what I should do. I didn't want to stop! My heart was pounding with excitement. However after a few more seconds I heard the door open and realised someone else was walking in. I didn't fancy getting caught, so I quickly stuffed my erection back into my boxer shorts and pulled up my zip. The boy who had walked in, who was from the year above me, went to the urinal at the other end of the row to where I had been and from that angle would not have been able to see what I had seen.

Reluctantly I moved away, keeping my eye on the movement which I could see was still going on in the cubicle. It was definitely getting faster. I went to a sink and washed my hands slowly, glancing round at the shadow frequently as I was doing so. After about thirty seconds I saw that the boy at the urinal had finished and was zipping up and turning. I hoped he might walk straight out but just at that moment the door opened again and three younger boys walked in talking to each other. They went to the urinals, passing the first boy who came over to where I was and he was obviously intending to wash his hands too. I went to dry my hands on a paper towel and realised I could not really stay in there much longer as it would look suspicious. However as I looked at the shadow again I saw the hand do a couple of really strong strokes and then the movement stopped. The hand that had been busy moved to the top of what it had been stroking and was joined by the cubicle occupant's other hand. It looked as if both hands were trying to catch what was coming out. Then a few seconds later there was what looked like a mopping up operation in progress. I could still see the outline of the erection, and something, probably a handkerchief but I can't be sure, was being used to wipe up and down it and round the base.

No one else saw this. The first boy was busy washing his hands and the other three were still at the urinals and chatting loudly to each other, all oblivious to what was happening just a few feet away. I stayed as long as I dared, but after the mopping up there was no further movement in the cubicle and I figured that events in there had reached a natural conclusion! My heart was still pounding and my cock was still rigid as I walked out into the corridor and I was concerned that someone might notice the bulge. I tried to adjust myself discreetly as I walked a short distance to where there was a noticeboard which I could pretend to look at. As I did so, the bell went for the start of afternoon school.

Soon the corridor was busy and several more boys went in to the toilets. I memorised who had gone in. The first boy who had been in there with me had come out of the door just after me, and the three younger boys shortly afterwards. I was standing by the board and kept looking at my watch as if I was waiting for someone. A couple more boys I had seen go in reappeared and then just as I was starting to worry about being late for my next class, the door opened again and out came a boy who I knew wasn't one of the ones I had seen going in. I recognised him as the younger brother of someone in my year. He would have been 13 or 14 years old and was one of three brothers at the school. As he walked past he looked directly at me. I smiled and said 'hello' to him and he sort of grunted back. We had not really spoken before but he probably knew me vaguely through his brother. I think he was surprised I spoke to him. Don't forget he had no idea I had been in the toilets. It might have been my imagination but I am sure he looked rather flushed, however in view of what I knew he had just been doing, maybe I was not imagining it! I watched him walk round the corner before making my way to my lesson.

For the rest of the afternoon I couldn't really concentrate. Every time I thought about what had happened during the lunch break I felt my cock swell up. I kept looking at my watch. The minutes passed by very slowly but eventually the bell rang to signal the end of the school day. I had to hold my bag against my front as I got up to leave the lesson! As quickly as I could, I made my way to the gate and walked the mile or so back to my house.

Even during the journey home, things weren't entirely quiet 'down there' and I was very aware of my semi-erect penis as I felt it swell slightly, then go down a bit before there was another surge of excitement as I anticipated what I was going to be doing very shortly. When I walked in to the driveway I was very relieved to see that my mother's car was not there. She had almost certainly gone to see my grandmother, but at that moment I really didn't care where she was as long as it was somewhere else! I let myself in to the house, went straight up to my room and within a few seconds I had stripped all my clothes off and was down to my boxer shorts. Pausing only briefly to admire the tent pole in them, I then quickly removed them and sank gratefully down on to my bed and, at last, started to stroke my cock. I had no need for lubrication I had been producing plenty all afternoon!

I normally start slowly and go on for several minutes before building up to a climax but within about thirty seconds of beginning, I could feel that I was about to explode. I tried to slow down but it just didn't seem to make any difference and so knowing it was about to happen, I just let everything take its natural course. After a few more seconds I felt the familiar sensation of an orgasm coming over me, then I thrust my hips upwards and the muscles in my cock twitched uncontrollably. I let out a loud grunt as a big spurt of white fluid shot out and landed high up on my chest, then a second spurt ended its journey just a bit lower down and a third around my belly button. The twitching continued and more dribbled out as I milked my cock. I was breathless and laid there panting, grateful that at last I had been able to get relief from the tension that had been building in my genitals ever since I had innocently gone for a piss at the end of music practice! It was, without doubt, one of the most memorable wanks I have ever had, but over far too quickly. However it wasn't many minutes before my cock was stiff again, and perhaps in the spirit of a true musician I decided to go for a repeat performance in the hope that I could do even better. This second time was more like a normal session, a nice slow build-up and a bit of stopping and starting before eventually getting to the point where I couldn't wait any longer after about ten to fifteen minutes. You might say I was building to a final crescendo! When I did finally ejaculate, there was less than I had produced the first time and its journey out of my cock wasn't quite so spectacular, but it was just as worthwhile. I had then exhausted my supply, but by bedtime it had built up again and I was able to manage a further 'performance'. As I had also done it before getting out of bed that morning, that made four times in one day!

When I see the cubicle boy (as I now think of him) walking around the school now, I always think 'if you only knew what I know about you'! I have relived the events of that lunchtime on many occasions since, often in bed whilst having my regular late night wank just before I go to sleep. It is one of the defining moments of my life so far but I hope there is much more to come, if you will pardon the expression !



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