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Loving It

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This happened last night while my parents were out


I live here in NYC with my entire family, including my mom, dad and two brothers, one older and one younger. Last night one of my older brother's friends came over to see him but he wasn't home because he decided to go out on a few personal errands. I offered his friend to stay here till he came back, I figured my brothers errands wouldn't take long since it was around 10 or 11 pm, so his friend, Jay, decided he'd wait.

I asked him if he wanted to watch a movie and he replied with a yes and sat next to me with his arm around my shoulder. We were kind of close friends, and he came over a couple of times a week, so I was comfortable around him. He had seen me in some of my best and worst attire, from just waking up in the morning from times he'd slept over to expensive dresses from coming back from parties. This time I was wearing a short little pink skirt with a loose black tank top, and no bra something comfy to lie around the house in. As we were watching the movie I reached down to reach for the remote to lower the volume on the t.v. when I realized, you could see my panties from both our views. Jay must have realized this too because he looked down at my legs, then crotch, then up at me and smiled. Then he looked back at the t.v. still smiling. I instantly felt horny.

I'd never looked at him as more than just a friend till that point, and him being so close to me, letting me feel so exposed yet not doing anything about it got me turned on as if saying, you're gonna have to make the first move here.

I decided to play it off all innocently. I asked him, 'So..What's up with the smile? This is a pretty sad movie.'

He replies 'Yeah I know, that's not why I'm smiling.'

I asked 'Then why are you?'

He replies 'Because I can see your panties and they have rainbows on them'

I started to laugh, and replied 'Cute huh?' and opened up my legs so he can see more.

This time he stopped smiling and just stared. Then he looked up at my chest and said 'Hmm, if that's the underwear I wonder what kind of bra you have on.'

I smiled and said 'What bra?'

To which he looked up at my eyes and then grabbed my breast with the arm he had around my shoulder. 'Hmm, I guess there isn't one, how nice.'

I got really horny by the way he touched my breast, reaching down and gently caressing my 36B breasts and then lightly squeezing them. I reached over and put my hand on his chest and he pulled me in and kissed me on my lips. I kissed back and soon we were tongue kissing. He reached over and grabbed one of my things so that I would end up straddling him as we kissed. He started moving on to my neck as he slipped off my top and lifted my skirt. He started rubbing my little clit through my panties which were becoming more wet with each passing second. He started to gently suck on my nipples as I let my hands run through his hair, and then down to his hands where I let him bring his hands inside my panties. He rubbed my clit for a couple of seconds before finally putting in a finger into my tight hole. I moaned as he pumped it in and out before putting in another. I lifted his head from my breasts so that I could kiss his full lips and feel his tongue against mine. He kept shoving his fingers in harder and harder, while rubbing my clit with his other hand. I pulled on my nipples as I came close to having an orgasm. I pulled away from his face started moaning loud and breathing fast and felt myself cum all over his hands. I felt incredible afterwards. Jay started to lick his fingers as I pulled my skirt back down. I licked his fingers after he did too and started to unbutton his pants with my top still off.

I knelt down in front of him and pulled out his cock which was rock hard, long and thick, probably around 8 or 9 inches. I bit my lip as I started to massage the head of his cock while gently massaging the balls. He started running his fingers through my hair as I started working on the shaft, jerking him off slow at first, then increasing my speed. I used my saliva as a lubricant and made sure my mouth was as close to his cock as possible so that I could keep adding more. After about a minute or two he said he was gonna cum so I opened my mouth to catch his cum. We watched the ropes of cum lead into my mouth and then I swallowed. I loved it, and I think he did too.

My brother came home an hour later not knowing what took place in that living room.



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