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Love That Salty Taste

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Love That Salty Taste
My name is Josh, I am 21 y/o. My first mutual j/o happened several years ago, when I was 14. Ryan and I had been friends for several years, he was a 12 at the time. We always hung out together, after school, on the weekends, and at our families summer cottages at a lake a couple of hours out of town.
We spent every possible minute together. We talked about girls we had dated, how far we had gone with them, and of course jacking off. We never tried to hide the fact that we did it, no where we shy about talking about it. We were typical teen boys.
It wasn't until on hot summer night out at the lake that we had thought about each other in a sexual way. It had been the typical day for us, we had spent the day on the water in his families boat, Ryan had grown taller over the summer and was beginning to fill out. There was something about the way his wetsuit hugged his body that strangely enough, seemed to send blood to my cut, 6" cock. It was all I could do to stop it from growing in my wetsuit. I didn't want to let on that it was growing, my wetsuit didn't allow for much room in the crouch, and my half woody was sure to be noticeable.
After dinner Ryan and I decided to go to the arcade at the store to play video games, and see what the rest of the kids were up to that night. As it turned out we ended up all going to a small party at one of the other cottages on the lake. Ryan and I had changed in his room before going to the arcade, and as we changed I again couldn't help but notice his package through his boxer shorts. It seemed so large for his age. It looked perfect.
Something made me want to pull his boxers down and see for myself. It was strange, I had never felt like this before. I again tried to hide my rising cock, but I think he noticed my semi hard cock tenting the front of my boxers. We headed out the door and talked about the night ahead.
It was getting late and Ryan and I decided we had better start heading back to his cottage, I had asked my mom if I could spend the night. As usual it was no problem. As we entered the kitchen we found a note from his parents saying that they had decided to run into town for the night and that they would be back early in the morning. We stayed out there by ourselves quite often, it was really no big deal.
Ryan immediately suggested we watch a porno flick he had found in his dads' sock drawer. As we watched we talked again about girls and then as usual the topic switched to jacking off. It was getting very late and we decided to make our way to his bedroom, down the hall. I couldn't help but notice his cock was semi hard through his jeans when we stood up to go to his room. We usually both slept in the same bed, it was a queen size so it was big enough. Ryan and I both had always just slept in our boxers and as we took off our clothes, I again noticed that his cock was still semi hard.
He quickly jumped under the covers and I did the same. As we laid there continuing our conversation about girls and j/o, I realized I was extremely horny. It had been a few days since I had j/o last and I really wanted to cum. Suddenly Ryan asked when was the last time I had j/o. I was shocked, but told him it had been a couple of days. He said he had not done it in a while either, his annoying younger brother had wanted to sleep in his room recently. Luckily he was with his parents. Ryan then said his balls were aching to cum and he thought that we should each just take care of business. I said I was nervous and that I hadn't seen another guys cock before. He said he hadn't either but had seen 2 guys with each other in on of his dads' porno's. I of course agreed and proceeded to stand up beside the bed to take off my boxers. Ryan noticed that I was already semi hard as I pulled off my shorts. He seemed surprised by something and I asked him if everything was ok. He said he had never seen a cut dick before and wondered if it hurt. I said "no way man, let me see yours". As he pulled down his boxers I couldn't believe what I saw, his cock was about the same size as mine, but it was uncut and didn't have much hair around it. We both just stared at each others for a couple of minutes, before he said he wanted to touch mine, and see if it felt different.
I eagerly agreed, as I had remembered his body in that wetsuit. As he reached his hand out and placed it around my growing shaft the best feeling I had ever had in my life shot through my balls. I was fully hard almost instantly and loving every minute of it. Ryan then slowly started to stroke my cock up and down, carefully examining its' total length. He then asked me if I wanted to touch his dick. "Ok" I said, and I reached for his almost hairless cock. It was the best feeling thing I had ever felt. It also grew very quickly and as he had mine, I started to stroke its' growing length.
I then asked Ryan if had ever gotten a blow job before, and he said "no, but he really wanted one". I asked him if he wanted me to give him one. I couldn't wait to take his 6" in my mouth. He hesitated but agreed, only if he could return the favor. I laid him down on the bed and slowly brought my mouth to his hard cock. I slowly took every inch of it into my mouth and sucked slowly, up and down. Ryan couldn't keep quite, he kept moaning really loud. I was glad no one else was around. After about 5 mins. Ryan said he couldn't hold it any more and that he was going to cum, I said "don't worry about it, just let your thick, hot cream go down my throat". Ryan's' body suddenly seemed to twitch and instantly he was shooting his load into my mouth. It was the first time I had never tasted cum before, so salty and sweet, I licked up every drop. I loved its' taste.
Ryan then said it was my turn and we switched places on the bed. He grabbed my throbbing dick with his hand and suddenly I felt a warm, wet feeling around my dick. He slowly took every inch of my cock in his mouth and sucked it slowly up and down. My pre cum was dripping out of my dick, and he seemed to enjoy the taste. I probably could have blown my load right then but I wanted to savoir the moment. After about 10 mins. I could feel my balls contract, and the feeling of orgasm shot through my body. I shot about 6 loads of hot, salty cum deep into his throat and could feel him swallow every last drop. It was the best feeling in the world.
We went to bed shortly after this, but when we awoke in the morning we again stroked and sucked each other cocks, but that is another story. Ryan moved away shortly after that summer and I haven't been able to see him since, sure we talk on the phone, but we will never forget that night.



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