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Lost My Professionalism

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Well, not literally


This happened a few weeks ago,

I went to massage therapy school in a big city, then after graduating moved to a small college town and started up a private practice.

Things have been good for the last couple of years business wise (it's cheap as hell to live in my town), but I guess I should explain about issues that almost every massage therapist runs into.

For me I started studying massage at 17, which was a pretty 'tender' age to begin such a thing as you could expect. From early on, since I hit puberty at around 12, my sexuality and libido has been really strong, and completly uncontrollable. From that age, up until now, I've always had to masturbate about once a day, (which I guess isn't abnormal or anything, some people do it much more) but on top of that I've always had really uncontrollable wet dreams, I seem to have them about every other night.

Anyway needless to say, I was excited to begin massage therapy school, but found that it was difficult to not become turned on when being massaged or practicing massage on an attractive woman. This was never anything that I acted on, but it made it hard to concentrate during some massages. A lot of my friends practice sexual massage and say go ahead and do it but I've always wanted it to stay professional.

Well one long-term client I had was different. I met her on the campus of the college in town, so we met real casually, so it wasn't super professional to begin with. 'Katy' was a rugby player, she had a really strong body, about 5'4', I think she is half Italian or Greek, with dark olive skin, brown eyes, with really curvy hips and big thick legs and ass, her breasts were medium sized but nice. When we first met, I was really hoping we could date rather than her be my massage client, but it never happened, she would call me once every few months for a massage.

This time she called me up at night and wanted to schedule the next day, our phone conversation was kind of suggestive, instead of saying 'I really need a massage' she was like 'I really need YOU'. I kind of laughed it off, we scheduled for the next day in the afternoon.

She showed up and we just hugged to say hi she made herself comfortable, nothing too heavy. She got ready in the massage room while I went to wash up. When I knocked and came in, she was face-up on the table, and had her eyes closed but would look at me every so often, with this look on her face like 'I want to sort of keep an eye on you'

I started the massage with the feet which she liked, and almost immediately began to get turned on. I've always thought feet were beautiful, Katy had feet that were just sexy, I don't know how to describe it. They were wide, soft, malleable, with that dark olive color of her skin. After five minutes of the feet I worked on her legs one after the other, going up slowly from her feet. As I began to get to her thighs I noticed her breathing was getting heavier and heavier. Soon, I think it was obvious both of us that the other was getting turned on, but we kept quiet for now. Every so often when I got to a certain part of her inner thigh or calf she would whisper 'that feels so good'.

I have to admit that I was getting nervous and very turned on, so I kind of slipped into autopilot. I worked slowly on her body from her feet up to her head, not trying to touch any erogenous zones. Yet as I worked her arms and upper chest she began to sigh, and her expression looked blissful, yet ever so slightly frustrated, like she was holding herself back. I know I was glancing where a massage therapist shouldn't have been but I noticed that her nipples were very erect underneath the sheet. They looked very large for the size of her breasts.

This made my growing erection go quickly from slightly hard, where it had been almost since she got to my place to very solid. I was wearing sweatpants and now had a very awkward state to deal with while continuing the massage if you know what I mean. I ended with massaging her head, when I started this she sighed. At this point I had to put some distance between myself and the table so that I wouldn't brush against her head with my straining cock.

I was going to ask her to flip over when she said without opening her eyes (which was a good thing because she would have noticed something) 'Will you rub my belly?'

I immediately said sure, although I had a little bit of hesitation. I looked around for a pillow case so she could cover her breasts while I worked on her stomach, but suddenly she shocked me by pushing the sheet down to her waist. I started on her stomach right away but I was pretty much focused on her breasts which were now uncovered, her large nipples now very hard. I worked on her stomach for about a minute but she continued breathing very hard and simply looked very hot and flustered, I was thinking maybe I should end the massage to take a break. Then I felt her hand on mine as I was working on her stomach, she gently grabbed it and guided it downwards under the sheet. I made no resistance just eventually let my hand be led over her smooth skin, then quickly felt her soft pubic hair, and then my hand seemed to just dive into her wet pussy. She kept her eyes closed but was now sighing loud and whispered 'you have me so turned on' I just asked her quickly if this was ok, and she said yes.

I just made slow circles around her clit for about a minute, and she began to move slowly with my rhythm. Then she moaned and grabbed my hand again and pushed it further down and I pushed two of my fingers into her wet hole. I knew she wanted something more intense, I slid my fingers in and out, and then pushed all four inside deep, she started to gasp and I felt the inside of her pussy contract, then a gush of juices flowed out of her as she moaned.

We were both sort of breathless for a moment, she post-orgasm, and me because I was so hard I felt like I was going to cum in my pants. My cock was so hard that it actually was painful to be inside my boxers and pants.

She opened her eyes and said 'Do you want me to do you?' I said if you feel ok with it. She almost laughed at that because at that point it was pretty pointless.

She stayed lying flat on the table but reached into my pants and pulled out my hard cock. She said 'damn boy, that's a nice big one'

Well it definately felt more engorged then it had ever been, a proud 7 inches. She slowly began to jack me, and immediately when she first squeezed a bead of pre-cum oozed out.

I was so far along simply by rubbing her off that she only jacked me for about a minute before I came. My cum first began to dribble out onto her stomach but then exploded out and actually went over her completely onto the wall and the floor, then continued to spurt out onto her stomach and breasts. I cleaned it up with a towel then gave her a moment to get dressed. As she left we hugged and she said 'Thanks, sorry you got me so turned on I couldn't help it' I said it was chill, I thought it was healthy for us to kind to burn off the tension between us. She laughed and said see you later.

I feel a little embarrassed that I wasn't professional by any means with her, but I don't really think I would ever do it again, but it was a great release and experience.



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