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Looking Up My Dress

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Johnny was always looking up my dress in English class.


Back when I was in high school I had a crush on this boy named Johnny. He was in my English class. I was wanting to find a way to break the ice with him and get to know him. I found a way to do this by accident one day.

I wore a short dress this one day and when I was in the Engish class the way the chairs and tables were arranged Johnny was sitting across from me. I'd always look over towards Johnny hoping to catch his eye. Well, on this particular day the way I was sitting I noticed I did catch his eye. I looked over at him and he was sitting there looking straight up my dress. This wasn't the way I had planned but at least he was looking at me.

With this attention I was getting from him I then casually allowed my dress to rise a little higher and I also opened my legs a little. I then saw Johnny looking and moving his legs knee to knee over and over again. I knew by his actions that he was getting turned on my the view he was getting. When wearing shorts I've always noticed the effect I had on boys.

The next day I again wore another short skirt. I again positioned myself in my chair to give Johnny a good view up my skirt. It sure worked. He again was sure getting an eye full. On this day Johnny would also look up at me and smile. After class he finally came up to me and we talked. He walked me to my next class and then after school he was waiting outside and offered me a ride home. I accepted and we stopped for a soft drink on the way. In the car he again kept looking at my legs. It seemed he couldn't keep his eyes off of them.

We made a date for that weekend. I again made sure I wore a short skirt. We had dinner together and then went to a movie. At the theater he ended up with his hand laying in my lap. I then laid my hand on his right thigh. Johnny started his leg movement again like he did in class and I knew he was getting aroused. So was I and I could feel my pussy getting all wet inside. I looked over at Johnny and he was looking at me. We looked at each other eye to eye with out saying a word.

Then I felt him using his hand to ease my skirt up higher and he then put his hand on my bare thigh and he let out a moan. He started rubbing my inner thigh. It felt so good having him touch me like this. I then eased my hand higher up his leg knowing full well what I was going to find. His erect cock. I rubbed it and squeezed on it. Johnny then ran his hand higher and I opened my legs a little more. I next felt his fingers rubbing along the slit of my pussy through my thin panties. I was so wet then and I know he felt the wetness.

Johnny then told me 'let's go, OK?' I told him yes. We got to his car and got in. It was in a dark part of the lot and no one was around and he and I ended up all over each other. We were kissing with our hands roaming all over each other's bodies. Johnny soon had my skirt up and his hand rubbing my thighs and pussy and I again rubbing on his hard cock. Johnny broke from the kissing to drop his pants. I also raised up in my seat removing my panties. We then came together again. Johnny went to running his fingers all over and into my pussy and I went to stroking his big hard cock. I soon went off having a very fantastic orgasm soaking Johnny's hand with my juices. Johnny then went to thrusting his hips and grunting real loud and his cum squirted everywhere. I had seen this once before when a neighbor boy of around 13 jerked off himself in front of me but it was nothing like this.

We ended up going to a drive thru window getting a drink and lots of napkins. This was how we cleaned ourselves off the best we could. On later dates Johnny always made sure he had plenty of tissues or a towel in his car and we sure used them. To think that this all started when Johnny had that look up my dress. He sure did like what he saw!



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