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Long Held Fantasy Came True

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Hi! I love this site and have been coming here for some time. I thought it was time I contributed, and finally I have something to say!

I wanted to tell you about something that happened last week, but first let me give you a bit of background on me...

I am a happily married woman in her mid 40s. I have two children and a fulfilling job. For obvious reasons I won't give too many details or someone might be able to identify me!

I started masturbating at an early age. I didn't know what it was, and I didn't orgasm, but I liked the feeling I got when I stroked down there. I had my first orgasm when I was about 13 and it shocked me at first. I had no idea what had happened, like so many women on here I thought I'd done something wrong. My mother is very odd about sex, so it was never discussed in the house. All I did know is that I liked the feeling and continued, often more than once a day. I still do when I get time to myself. I also like to masturbate with my husband. Watching each other is a great turn on!

I first had a fantasy about being with another girl when I was in my mid teens. I was fascinated by the pictures I found in my older brother's porn mags, and would always study the pussies of the women and get turned on. At that time I suppressed those thoughts and practically never admitted to myself, let alone anyone else, that they turned me on. I suppressed the feeling for years. It wasn't until I met my husband, twelve years ago, that he enabled me to be more open and honest about it. We are very honest with each other, and I shared my fantasies with him and he with me.

I shan't reveal here what my husband's fantasies are, but we have managed to make most of them come true, some worked, some didn't, as you'd expect! Likewise I've fulfilled most of my sexual ambitions. I now have a wonderful collection of toys, with two absolute favourites, my rampant rabbit (love those bunny ears!) and a vibrating cock ring which has a clit stimulator on it that I love to have on me when my hubby's inside me.

The only fantasy I had never fulfilled was to have an erotic encounter with another woman.

I like watching certain types of porn (i.e. the non-fake stuff), reading f-f porn fiction and looking at naked women in magazines or here on the net. My main focus is clits. Don't know why specifically, but I am VERY clit centric. I know that in me it's one of the centers of pleasure, along with my g-spot, but looking at an aroused clit gets me aroused. Of course, I love looking at my own clit, and when I see and feel its hardness and largeness I get even more turned on, which in turn makes it bigger and.... well, you get the picture.

Depending on the situation and my level of tiredness, and whether I'm at home or not, I can masturbate up to 10 times a day, but usually it's just once or twice, although, since I always have multiples I don't quite know how to count this.

I always like my first orgasm to be clitoral, with nothing inside me. My husband is wonderful at doing this, ensuring I've had at least one O before he enters me. By that point my g-spot is so engorged that when he slides in (he's quite big, about 8') I can start a g-spot orgasm almost immediately. They are wonderful, deep and earth shattering. If I'm on my own I have that first one usually with just my fingers, sometimes the bunny ears on my rabbit. Then I get mad and I can't stop wanting more. Sometimes I just use two fingers in me, stroking my g-spot while I stroke my clit with my other hand, other times the rabbit gets completely involved, if you know what I mean. I love the full feeling with those ears working their magic.

We'd love to buy a Sybian but can't really justify the expense, and explaining what it was to the kids might be a bit embarrassing. It's a hard thing to hide!

Now, to get to the whole point of this message (at last!)

I have this really close friend. She's in her late 30s and we just clicked from the moment we first met. We're both very feminine. She's a single mum who works, and when we get together we are always close and can talk about anything. A couple of years ago we were chatting in her back garden one Saturday afternoon, and she admitted to me that she'd always been curious about being with another woman. I told her that I was the same. The kids were playing in the house, so we never pursued it there and then, and never really did, but I must say that the conversation got me quite hot, and hubby had a real treat in bed that night. I told him what she'd said, and he got hot too. He's always told me that if the opportunity arose I should go for it because I needed to experience it. As long as there wasn't a man there it was fine, which was fine with me too, since I really don't want another man, and the thought of being with any man but hubby makes me feel ill. Maybe I'm odd that way, I don't know.

Anyway, two Sunday's ago my boss phoned to say that we wouldn't be opening on Monday (I work in a pub during the daytime) because they had some redecorating work going on. So now I had Monday off! I was really pleased. I called Mary (name changed) on Monday morning to ask if she fancied a coffee and maybe a trip into town to window shop. Her job means she only works Tuesday through Friday, so I knew she'd be home. This was about 9am, just after the kids and hubby had all left the house.

Mary said she'd love to. I told her I had to bath and wash my hair and so to come round at about 10. She said she'd see me then, and I hung up the phone and went to pour my bath. I love a luxuriating bath, and I put bubbles in and relaxed with my book for 20 minutes before getting on with the tasks in hand. I shaved my pits, legs and pussy, I've kept it shaved ever since hubby and I first got together. We both prefer it! When I look at pictures of naked women I like to see at least a trim pussy, don't know why, just prefer it, and I love the feel of it for me.

One of the things when I'm shaving is that my razor has a rubber covered handle and I discovered some years ago that while I'm in the bath and all soapy it feels good to lightly stroke it over my clit. It sort of judders. But I knew I didn't have time for that, so I just let the horniness take a back seat (which was frustrating but sort of nice too!) and finished up. Then I washed my hair under the shower, dried myself, put my velvet dressing gown back on and went downstairs to dry my hair. I'd just finished drying my hair when the doorbell rang. I looked at the clock, it was only about quarter to ten and I wasn't dressed yet!

I went to the door and there was Mary. She took one look and apologised for being early. I said it was fine and to come on through. I started making the coffee, saying I'd get dressed later.

It was a beautiful, sunny day, so we went out into the garden, which is well protected from prying neighbours eyes, and sat round the table, our chairs sort of half facing each other. We were chatting about kids, work, problems, the usual stuff, when I noticed Mary occasionally looking down between my legs. It was only a quick glance, but it was obvious to me. I was sitting with one leg stretched out and the other tucked under me on the chair, and when I looked down I realised that from where she was sitting, and because my dressing gown was slightly open, she might be able to get a glimpse of my pussy! I have to say that I am quite an exhibitionist, and the thought of my best friend seeing me was a turn on. I could feel the familiar tingle. I didn't say anything but I 'accidentally' let my dressing gown fall open a little further as I moved to get more comfortable.

Now she was looking more frequently and I felt a real thrill. We were talking about a new restaurant that had opened, and I'd said we should maybe try it for lunch, she didn't answer and looked up at me. She apologised and asked me to say that again. I laughed and said, 'Getting distracted by something?' she blushed and then said, 'Um, well, are you aware you're displaying yourself?' She looked downward, and I followed her gaze. I pretended to be shocked and I said, 'Oh! Sorry! Oops!' but we both laughed and she said, 'No, it's fine.'

It was at this point she put her hand on my knee and I knew that this was really going to happen. Without saying a word she slid her hand up, and I let my dressing gown fall open. All the while she was looking in my eyes, and I was trembling in anticipation and a little trepidation. Her fingers found my pussy lips as she slid forward and I let out a sigh. But I didn't want this to be just one way.

Mary was wearing a mid thigh length skirt, and I leaned forward to slide my hand up her leg. I could feel her fingers gently exploring the folds of my pussy, brushing over my clit which must have been enormous by now. I could feel that I was very wet because her fingers slipped over me so smoothly. I slid my hand under the hem of her dress and up, encountering the fabric of her knickers. I was SO hot now. I wanted to touch her directly.

I started to undo her skirt and I rearranged myself so that I was on the edge of my chair and my legs were open. She just kept up that yummy stroking. I got her skirt undone, but then she had to stand to let it drop, so we broke off, and she stood and dropped her skirt. She was wearing a very pretty pink thong, which was almost see through. I just reached over and slid it down revealing, for the very first time for me, another woman's pussy, right in front of me. I was breathing very shallowly. I was SO turned on. Mary has a trimmed pussy with a little landing strip. It looked beautiful to my eyes. She sat down again and we pulled our chairs closer. We started caressing each other again. She reached up and stroked one of my nipples with one hand and went back to my clit with the other. My nipples aren't usually sensitive until I get very turned on, so today they felt wonderful! I was practically coming already. I looked at her beautiful pussy. Her clit was different to mine, in that mine when excited is large and pokes out. Hers has a bigger hood. I reached out and touched it. Just the act of touching it sent a wave of lust through my body. We sat there like that for some time, just mutually stroking each others clits, in unison. What one did, the other did exactly the same. It was amazing. Then I could feel my first O starting to rise. It was still gentle stroking, not fast, but I just moaned 'I'm going to come!'

She looked at me with a flushed face and said, 'Me too!' and at that moment it hit me! OH MY GOD! It's a good job Mary's orgasm started at the same time because we both lost all control of ourselves. My fingers buried themselves in her and I felt her cunt walls contract around me, but I was lost in orgasm. It rolled and it rolled. It was enormous. I've had many powerful orgasms before but this seemed to be one of the most powerful I'd ever had. Mary, likewise was just moaning and sobbing 'oh my god, oh my god, oh my god'. Once we had come down from it we were sitting there, opposite each other, breathing hard and I realised I still had two fingers deep inside her. I felt around for her g-spot and found it. I started circling it lightly and her eyes sprung open, I just kept circling, using my thumb to brush her clit as I did so. I could feel her second orgasm rise as her muscles started to twitch around my fingers. It was the most erotic thing I have ever done in my life. Suddenly she exploded and fell onto me. I kept up the motion and the stroking and she rode a wave of orgasms for what felt like forever but was probably only a minute.

When she'd stopped coming, she looked up and had tears in her eyes. 'My god! How did you do that? That was amazing!'

It took me a while to realise she had never had a g-spot orgasm before! Mind you, the couple of boyfriends she's had in the last few years have all been pretty selfish, so I'm not surprised. I took my fingers out of her pussy, at which point she gasped as they came out, and I put them to my lips and tasted her. I've always wondered what another woman would taste like. I know what I taste like, and I like it, and Mary's was gorgeous. I stood up and said something like, 'Let's go and get some privacy.' We picked up her skirt and thong and went back into the house and up to the bedroom. Here I undressed her and laid her down on the bed, dropping my dressing gown onto the floor. I got on the bed next to her and held her, loving the feeling of our naked skin together. It was then that she kissed me full on the lips. I was shocked. One of the things I'd always thought I could never do was kiss another woman, well, not erotically anyway, but it was such a soft feeling, I didn't stop it and it felt lovely.

We kissed and stroked and felt all over for ages.

That was the beginning of a long day of passion. She made me come so many times I lost count. I did the same for her. I loved the feel of her hard clit and the feeling of her pussy around my fingers. By about 2:30 we had explored so much, come so many times, but we both had to get ourselves back to normal for the school run. We went through and had a five minute shower (boy did we need it by then!) and dressed and spent the last half hour talking about how wonderful it was.

Mary explained to me that she'd never had multiples before, and she was blown away by how many times she'd been able to come. She also confirmed that she'd heard about the g-spot but never found it. We parted to go get the kids, and promised each other to do this again as soon as possible. We kissed and both said 'Love you', and we do. But it's a different sort of love. This is erotic love, rather than romantic, and there's a difference. I know I could never be in a lesbian relationship, and so does Mary (we've talked about this since) but to have someone who you can experience a different type of erotic encounter is an amazing thing. Notice I say different, not better. I still couldn't do without hubby for both sex and love.

That night I told my hubby, and he was over the moon! Boy did I get my fair share of sex that day!

Mary and I haven't been able to get together, at least for sex, since then, but we will soon. We speak at least once a day and our friendship is closer and stronger for it.

She is beautiful. I'll tell her I wrote our story and show her Solo Touch (if she doesn't already know about it!)

Before I go (work beckons!) I should say that hubby and I have discussed a threesome, as I have with Mary, but for the moment I don't want to share either of them. I know, selfish bitch. But I do like the idea of hubby being in me while Mary and I play. Hubby would love to, but thinks it may be too early, and might upset the apple cart. He's too sensible for his own good sometimes!

I'll let you know if it happens.



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