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This happened a few days ago, while at practice. I am on the swim team, at school. We had our usual practice, 5 x 200's, 10 x 25's, the whole bit. We swam for about two hours before the teacher released us to change. I stayed on the deck with some friends to help clean up so I was late into the locker room. When I walked in, there were only three or four other guys in there, changing. It seems we are all self conscious in there, because they were changing in the stalls and in their towels. Well one of the kids in there had forgotten his towel at home, and was asking around for a towel. Everyone was replying no, and his friend was still using his own.

'Fine,' he said, 'I'll just get naked and air dry.' Everyone laughed, thinking he was joking. Well, you know what he did? Turned around, slipped his swimmers off, and covered up his crotch with his swim cap. Everyone was pointing out that he had a tent going on. I slipped in a stall, (I am a bit self conscious) and changed out of mine, drying off my dick. I won't lie, I have pubes and all, but I am only five inches long, but quite thick. I wrapped my towel around me to go out and get my stuff, just now noticing how quiet it had got. I looked around to see that it was me and the naked dude. (I didn't really know him, I was new) He was standing there toweless, with his tent still standing.

I looked to the spot where my stuff had been, and it was gone. The guy started laughing, and threw my stuff at me. I raised my hands to catch it, and my towel fell. Now I wasn't that embarrassed, it had happened before. I didn't quite realize it until the guy said 'Look who has wood too.' It was true, I was hard, and I looked down to see my erect cock. I just smiled, and walked into the shower room. I lathered up and started to get the chlorine off my skin. I lubed up my dick and went to grab it, but a hand replaced mine. He started jacking me off! I grabbed him and jacked him off, and in two seconds he came. Wonder what he was doing while I was in the stall? I came a couple seconds later, and I finished showering and left. Possible future stories to come.



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