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Locker Room Shower

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I always read this site and it is so great, so I finally decided to go out and do some of my own. Here is what happened!


Alright, I have been very closed minded regarding my body and my dick and al sorts of stuff like that. I was always overweight and I didn't hit puberty early so I always was very self-conscious. Well, my senior year in high school I dropped 40 lbs and my dick got bigger along with all the weight loss. So, I became more open.
My friend, 'Louis', was always very open. I met him freshmen year through another friend. He was always acting stupid and always had to try and make us laugh. I had seen him naked a billion times and I have seen him jerk off plenty. However, since I was always so self-conscious I never joined in on the fun. Well, now that senior year hit and I was looking good I decided to do something to end the year.
Now, I have never jerked off with another guy but I have always wanted to. So, I had this great idea/prank to pull at the end of senior year. When I was a sophomore and had gym with Louis, we always dared him to walk around naked and try and get hard and just stupid shit like that. He always went along, and I always wished I had joined in. Well, seniors don't have gym, and I have plenty of open periods. So, my idea would work.
My idea was that louis and I would go to a last period gym class with the freshmen and sophomores. Then go through class and at the end get undressed for a shower. Before the shower louis would bring out and porn and he and I would start looking at it. Then we would start rubbing ourselves, and the go in the shower and finish off. I had hoped he would go along with it.
So one day Iw as talking to him online and told him about it, and he said that would be soooo funny, and it was a great idea. So we decided to give it a try.
So then we found a gym class with all freshmen. Now I go to an all guy school, but still nudity is something rarely seen. No one is very open because everything you do can be construed as gay. So, louis and I got there and went to gym and played dodgeball and had a good time, and then the teacher called for the showers.
So louis and I stripped to our boxers, along with everyone else. Most people strip to their boxers then walk through the shower, but not actually taking one. So we were both there, and I was getting hard just thinking about what was going to happen. So louis turns to me and says 'Look what I bought yesterday', and he had a copy of some porn mag with this girl with beautiful tits on the front. I was like 'Awesome, let me see' So we were looking at it, and I started to rub my crotch because I was now fully erect. I looked down at louis and his was hard to. Now my dick used to be like 5 inches, which sucked, but after I lost the weight it was about 6.5, which is a lot better. Louis is half mexican who is slightly chubby with the same size dick as I. Anyways, so I reached my hand into my boxers and started to stroke, and louis did the same.
Well after like 20 secs I said we should go and finish off in the shower. So we both stripped off our boxers and let our boners be in full view. All the freshmen just sat there and stared. They didn't know what to do or say. So, louis and I walked into the showers with just a bar of soap and the mag. Well, the kids that were already in there just looked really surprised and quickly left. I had the soap and started to lather up my dick. Louis then did the same. We both started jacking it as hard as we could in front of all these guys in the locker room shower. It was soo hot.
Well louis saw this one kid walk by and he said 'Yo kid, come take a look at this shit!' so the kid came over and saw it. This kid was more advanced physically than most of the freshmen so he didn't seem to care. He was looking at the shit with us and he started to rub his dick too. I said that he should just join us. So he he threw off his boxers to reveal a 6 inch hard dick. He started to jack his rod with me and louis.
Now, while this is al happening like 5 other kids were just standing there watching us while the others would leave and come back, al to take a look at what was going on. Luckily the teacher had to do something outside, so I knew he wouldn't interrupt.
Suddenly, out of now where, Louis grabs my dick and starts jacking me. It felt amazing. This nice hand stroking my hard cock, and he did it soo well. So I did the same to him. I grabbed hold of his hard one and just started pumping. It felt amazing in my hands. It was so hard and so warm and all lubed up. It was such a great feeling.
Just at this time the kid that joined in with us came all over louis. He said 'Sorry man, didn't mean to hit ya' Louis didn't even care, he was intent on jacking me off. He just dropped the mag and concentrated on me.
I did the same to him. He would run his hand over the head of my dick and I would do the same to him. Then I got this weird tingling sensation, and I knew I was about to cum. Right before I shot my load, louis's dick got really hard and shot about 5 streams of cum onto the shower floor. Then I came and shot about 4. I just fell to the ground, out of breath and in full ecstasy . It was easily one of the best orgasms of my life. Louis propped himself against the mall and just breathed hard in and out.
All the kids that were there were laughing and screaming 'Way to go' and 'Shit, that is a lot of cum' It was great. We then talked out with our dicks still semi-hard and got dressed. The bell rang and school was over.
I had to go to work, as did he, so we both just left. Before we left though, the kid that joined us in the shower ran up to us and said his name was Mike. He said he really wanted to do something like that again. We both said sure, and soon enough we will. This happened like 3 days ago(friday), so we haven't talked about it since. I never see louis on weekends, so we haven't talked about it yet. Hopefully, we will do something like that again. Thanks for reading. I hope you liked.



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