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Living Long

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This spans several years, mainly about my own growing up so I'll submit it under 'Solo-Male' although there are females in my story too. Hope it's not too long.


I was raised on a farm, no siblings. My parents were quite open about sex. It was no big deal one way or the other, how could they be anything but nonchalant with copulating farm animals around the place? I discovered how to masturbate on my own when I was 12. One night I was lying on my stomach, rubbing my penis against the mattress and it suddenly happened. I thought my insides had exploded. But what a nice explosion. There was some sticky goo on the sheet under me. Within a few days, penis rubbing became my favorite hobby. I never talked to anyone about 'technique' but eventually I started to stroke the tip of my penis by sliding my foreskin over the head instead of rubbing against the mattress. That worked a lot better. I was always inquisitive so I used to try different things. I eventually tried using lubrication directly on my penis head. That was even more intense. So from then on I masturbated my penis head dirctly with my lubricated fist. I still do it that way.

My overall body size is quite average. I'm five foot ten inches, a bit narrow across the shoulders and thin on the legs. My aunt always said that I do not have much of a bum. My mom agrees. These days I work out and cycle a lot to build up my thighs and legs because they are still quite skinny. Despite my very average body size, my genitals are proportionately large. I did not realize that while growing up but I think my genitals have always been 'large' compared to the rest of me. When erect, my penis now measures just under eight and a half inches long, six inches round. I am explaining these details because I think some people consider big to be better. But having grown up this way, I cannot say that the size of my penis has been an advantage, then or now.

As I remember, my penis reached its full size by the time I was 15. Today, my soft penis hangs five to five and a half inches. Compared to other guys I see at work-outs, mine is more solid looking rather than being floppy or loose. My foreskin goes right to the tip but it retracts completely when I get an erection. My testicles are about two inches long. The scrotum hangs pretty low, several inches below my penis.

From the time I was about 13, I used to masturbate every day when I woke up. First I would go to the toilet and then return to bed to do it before getting up for school. There usually wasn't much opportunity during the day, with classes to attend, and then there were chores to do at home after school so I made the best of the time I had available. At night I would be longing again for relief. By 17 or 18, my bedtime stroking was nice and long. I would go to bed before getting too sleepy so that I could spend a half hour or 45 minutes masturbating. I never used porn or much fantasy, I would just let those nice sensations build up, subside a bit, and then build up again. I developed a good technique to tease myself for a long time, holding off ejaculation. No one taught me how to do this. It was just a case of self-discovery, sort of by trial and error. When the sensations got too strong (too close to ejaculating) I would lower my fist on the shaft and loosen my grip. If that didn't slow things down, I would stop for a short time and then start up with my other hand. I became quite good at it, holding back ejaculation for a long time. I used to think of it as 'stalling' but today, I hear the term 'edging' or 'brinking'. My bedtime ejaculations were always explosive, after so much teasing.

I kept an old T-shirt stashed between the mattress and the bed spring to wipe up the ejaculate. That same old T-shirt eventually became all yellowish-brown and sort of smelly after my using it for a couple of years to wipe up semen. It was easier than always having to find something for cleaning up ejaculate. I know that must sound kind of yuk but that's what I did. But my laziness sort of did me in. One day when I arrived home from school I spotted the brown stained T-shirt on the garbage can. My parents had bought a new mattress for my bed and when the delivery guys removed the old one, there was that soggy brown T-shirt, squished between the mattress and the bed spring. My mom told them that I must have been sick in it or something. Neither she nor my dad pressed the matter with me so I still don't know if they had any idea what I used that T-shirt for. It must have contained a couple of quarts of my dried up semen. I found another old shirt to use, this was just too convenient to give up.

As I said, I was not aware that my genitals were 'large' while I was growing up, or anything about their size, one way or the other. The only other penis I ever saw back then was my dad's and his seemed bigger than mine, although I did sort of catch up eventually. There was a small lake on our farm. During the summer months we used to clean up at the lake after finishing the barn chores. Our farm was on well water so washing in the lake saved us using up a lot of water for showers. Before going in the house for dinner, he and I would wade into the water naked and wash up. In my younger years my penis was shorter but it began to sprout around age 13. Then I started to get spontaneous erections, my penis would just pop up, seemingly for no reason. Dad noticed because he told me that I should keep my jockey shorts nearby in case 'Any women came down to the lake.' No one ever did, other than my mom. My dad didn't have a problem with spontaneous erections, his penis behaved. I have never seen my dad with an erection so even today I don't know how our erect sizes compare.

In grade school we did not take showers after gym class. The shower room was used for storage, go figure. So I did not get to see other boys 'equipment' until high school. The first day in ninth grade, we each bought a set of new gym shorts, shirt and jock strap. I had never owned a jock strap so being an average ninth grader (so far as height and weight go) I bought the small size jock that would fit my waist. The waist fit was just fine but my genitals were squeezed so tight I was really uncomfortable. So I took off the jock and went to the first gym wearing just my gym shorts. They were made of flimsy silk fabric and my penis bounced around when we did exercises. The gym teacher must have noticed too because at the end of class he told me I should buy a proper size athletic support 'for my protection'. I had to buy a large size jock for good crotch comfort. Trouble with that was the elastic was loose for my smaller waist. But my penis did not bounce around anymore during gym class.

I did not participate in extra-curricular sports during high school, too much work to be done back home. So I spend very little time in the changing room. During gym classes I got to see other guys genitals of course. What became apparent was the great variety of shapes and sizes, both circumcised and not. The message did get to me that I was 'well endowed'. At least a few guys said so. I noticed some guys had a penis that was longer or thicker than mine, in the soft state anyway. Some of them could have been semi-erect but how would I know? One time after showering, a classmate told me I was supposed to eat my eggs for breakfast, not keep them hanging between my legs. We laughed.

No one ever saw me with an erection in the changing room at school. I do not think I was perpetually horny like some of the guys I have heard about. But I did get erections in class sometimes and they were a real problem. I tried my best to conceal an erection. I could have worn my jock strap but that was not comfortable to keep on all day long. So I wore my usual underwear and baggy pants and hoped for the best. As soon as I felt an erection stirring I would adjust my penis through my pocket so it pointed down the side of my thigh. My underwear would sort of keep it in position (hopefully). I wore loose pants so the bulge would usually stay hidden. I have always produced a fair amount of 'pre-cum' when I get horny. A few times, I remember it seeped right through my pants, resulting in a wet spot.

During high school years, the internet reinforced my idea that my size was ordinary even if it was larger than some of the boys at school. Most guys on the porn sites have a penis like mine, or bigger. So I did not consider my genitals to be larger than the norm. But in college my roommate told me that porn producers hire only guys who have large genitals (and women who have huge breasts). He said he didn't think he could cut it for a porn film, given his dimensions but assured me I would. His 'morning wood' looked to be five and a half or six inches long. He claimed that was the 'normal' size and that mine was way beyond that. So I gradually got to realize that my genitals were disproportionate to my overall body size.

In second year I had my first sexual experience. It was a blind date. She was 30. I was 19 and very, very nervous. When she saw my erection she said 'Wow, that's nice.' At that same instant she took off her bra so I replied 'Wow, that's nice.' I was really clumsy but it was not her first time so she directed me. Overall making love was a nice experience but I was so self-conscious.

That same year I met Paula, my first real girlfriend. After a few dates we got into heavier making out, mainly mutual masturbation. But she would not have intercourse with me. She said she was a virgin and wanted to wait until marriage before having sexual intercourse. Shortly before we broke up she told me she was not a virgin at all but was afraid of my penis. She thought it would hurt it was too thick and too long. We never even tried to have intercourse so who knows?

I have been with Clare for the past two years. We do lots of sex, including intercourse. But just like my first experience, my penis is too long to enter all the way into her vagina. Both Clare and I do lots of solo sex on our own too. I still like to masturbate first thing in the morning, she seldom wakes up but when she does, she often lends me a helping hand, and I reciprocate. Gladly! When she is working evening shift, I always have a nice slow session at bedtime. Sometimes we each do ourselves in the livingroom. I avoid ejaculating when I masturbate alone because Clare likes me to do it when we have intercourse. I practice 'edging' big-time and almost never ejaculate unless we're having intercourse.

So I would say that I haven't found any advantage to having intercourse with a long penis. There's too much shaft to fit it all in, and some girls (like Paula) seem to be afraid of a larger penis. So as far as masturbating goes, I cannot think of any advantage either. I think each of us gets to learn how to use our fist and shaft to produce the best results. I know I certainly do. At 24 I masturbate usually twice a day although that depends on opportunity and how long Clare and I have spent doing other 'things'. If I'm alone, it's back to well established habits, morning and evening. I take as much time at it as I can spare.

One situation is really bothersome though. If I have to sit on a toilet, I always check how high the water level is in the bowl, especially at someone else's house. When I sit on the toilet for awhile, my penis tends to extend in length, sort of getting semi-hard. Depending on the water level, it can sometimes dip down into the water or touch the toilet bowl. Not a pleasant experience, especially in a public washroom.

I am content with the great pleasure my genitals give me (and my girlfriend). My penis works very well. But I really wonder why anyone would want a penis longer than five or six inches. Like what are you going to do with it? If you stop and think, how is it going to help you have better sex, either solo or with someone else? If anything, I think it's the longer one that is the problem. My eight and a half inch penis works fine (don't they all?) but I would rather have one that is shorter. Like maybe six inches hard and three inches soft. That way I would still have good length for solo stroking and it would not dip into the toilet water.



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