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Lingerie Lovers

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To all those lovers out there who love sexy lingerie, boys AND girls.


This site is fantastic, thank you everybody involved in running it.

About seven years ago I met this guy called James, we became good friends, inevitably the conversations got around to sex, girls etc. One day whilst at his flat, we were talking about porn, he had just bought some American specialist magazines, all about high heels, stockings and lingerie. 'Let me see them,' I said, as I am also interested in that area of porn. James brought out a pile of magazines, and we spent the next hour or so looking at them. It was getting late and I was feeling very horny, so I left and went home, where I had a fantastic wank thinking about the evening.

Eventually after a couple of more evenings like that, James confessed that he liked to dress up in lingerie. James then showed me his collection of underwear. This was very exciting and I was getting hard. We both became embarrassed, James particularly, so I decided to leave. The next evening James phoned me and apologised for last night, I said 'That it was fine' and then blurted out that I also liked to dress up. There was a long silence, broken by James suggesting that perhaps we might dress together and share the experience. Again a long pause, until I eventually stammered 'yes, why not.'

So I gathered my collection of lingerie, and made my way to James's, feeling nervous excited and apprehensive. At James's flat we nervously said hello. I was ushered to his bedroom which was softly lit, with all his sexy underwear laid out on the bed. 'Why don't we wear each other's gear?' I suddenly heard myself say. 'Brilliant' said James. So we each selected the sexiest items, fortunately James is a similar build to me but a little taller. James gathered up his selection and went in the bathroom to prepare, leaving me to get dressed in the bedroom.

I removed my clothes, and pulled on a black and red basque, really tarty looking, it felt really good. Next black sheer nylon stockings, as I pulled these on and smoothed them over my legs, my cock began to stiffen. Next a matching little thong, I love these, just that little piece of cotton that goes tightly up your arse crack, with a little triangle of lace and nylon trying to hold in a growing hard on. I like to also wear three inch high open-toed shoes, just really make me feel sexy, I'm ready!!

Then James walks in looking a picture, garter belt bright red, red stockings with matching red thong and bra, my undies have never looked so great, he also had a pair of thigh high shiny boots. Outstandingly tarty!! We no longer felt nervous, just sexy and horny, judging how difficult it was for James to keep his large cock inside his panties.

We both looked at each other and began to rub our bulge's, saying to each other how great we looked. I then walked over and gently pulled out his cock, and slowly stroked it. I then knelt down so that my other hand could caress his stocking clad legs, running my hand up to his buttocks so that my finger could trace the line of cotton from his thong that ran up his arse crack, judging by his thrusting motion he really enjoyed it. In fact he stopped me as he was getting close to cumming.

He led me to the bed, where he released my throbbing prick, and stroked me, it was fantastic another man had not wanked me since I was a boy. Then James laid me down and wrapped both his legs around one of mine, whilst still stroking my cock he was rubbing his on my stockings, I really liked that our stocking clad legs entwined and the sensation of his hard cock. We both got very close to shooting our loads, the expectation of this playing a big part.

I now sat up with my legs spread apart, James sat facing me and put his legs either side of my hips, so that our cocks were nearly touching. We fondled each other, caressing our beloved lingerie, stroking our nylon clad legs. I could see James had a lot of pre-cum on the tip of his glistening, purple-headed cock. I seized and rubbed my forefinger and thumb over the end, feeling the slimyness of the pre-cum. James's breathing had become quicker, he was closing his eyes in ecstasy, I stopped, he grasped my cock again, and somehow gave me the most fantastic sensations, then, picking up a pair of nylon panties beside us, he wrapped them around my penis and stroked me some more, WOW!!!

I could not stand much of this, nearly exploding. I reached for his cock again and began rubbiing, he felt so hard, so gorgeous. James removed the panties from my cock, and continued to stroke me, it now became clear that neither of us could last any longer, our eyes met and there was pure sex and lust in them. I lowered my gaze just as he exploded with a massive jet of cum that shot into the air and landed on my shoulder, this was followed by several more, I lost count. After his first stream I also shot, with great force, onto his chest, followed by five to six jets of cream, I don't know how many I was ecstatic, lost in a world of orgasm.

We looked down at our spunked soiled undies. There were big blobs on my basque and all over my thong, James's stockings, thighs and his thong were really pasted with his juices. It was a joy to behold even now I still masturbate, re-living the experience. We laid there for some time before we cleaned ourselves up, both being so exhausted after such intense orgasm's. But soon we were caressing each other making our cocks swell and harden, and before long wanking each other, changing positions feeling our stockinged legs rubbing against each other's. I bent James over the bed and pushed my cock through his thighs, so that he could wank me and I could reach around and wank him.

We then stood up and faced each other, placed our cocks together as James wrapped his hand round both of our stiff pricks, whilst I caressed our balls. This soon brought us both off into an almost simultaneous ejaculation, spraying our semen onto our belly's and of course, our tiny thongs, which we still had on. Undie lovers to the end.

We had many more sessions like this, although we only ever masturbated each other as we were both heterosexual, and enjoyed looking and wanking over girls, and photo's of girls, in lingerie as much as each other.

I hope you have enjoyed my story, I have a date with my undies now, as I admire myself in the mirror and slowly bring myself to a fantastic orgasm, spraying cum all over me.



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