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Linda's Wedding

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My cousin was a truly beautiful bride. We couldn't resist one little indulgence before her wedding.


I told you about my cousin Linda in my story called My Wonderful Cousin. We remained very close friends and sometimes lovers ever since the holiday at our grandparents' house.

We managed to go to the same college and even roomed together for much of the time. That was wonderful and made us, if anything, even closer. It was my first experience with living with a lover and it was truly wonderful.

We didn't limit each other from dating other people, but we did mainly date just guys during that time. There was only one exception to that unwritten rule when I had a little fling with one of my female T.A.s, but I eventually brought her home to share with Linda, so it wasn't really cheating.

We both had many offers of dates from guys and we both went out with them. We didn't share our guys with each other, but we did get to know each other's boyfriends as friends.

By my senior year (Linda was a junior), she had found a steady boyfriend that she was pretty serious about. She was spending more nights with him than with me and I could see the handwriting on the wall.

She came home one day with an engagement ring and an invitation to move in with her new fiancee. The timing wasn't bad since I was about to graduate and I was looking for jobs outside our college town. By the last month of the semester, she spent pretty much all of her time at his house except when she needed to come home for clothing or other things.

Happily, there were times that she still needed a 'girl fix' and I was very happy to help her there.

After I graduated and moved to a neighboring town to work, I began to date both guys and girls and she settled into life with her fiancee. We didn't see each other for some months until Christmas at our grandparents' house when we managed to spend some time shopping together and found a couple of opportunities to play.

It was during a quiet time after we had made each other cum when she asked me if I would be her Maid of Honor and her dresser for her wedding. Naturally, I was thrilled and we began to plan shopping trips with her mother to find her dress, bride's maid dresses, flowers, cakes and all the stuff that goes into a wedding.

When she went shopping for her lingerie, though, she only brought me along. We had a marvelous time together as she tried on different bras, panties, garterbelts, etc. We definitely played around, but nothing serious in the changing room.

Her plan became obvious to me on the day of her wedding. I was already in my bride's maid dress and met her at a room at the church where she was to get dressed. She started things off with a decidedly hot kiss and a very friendly grope up my dress to find me wearing a garterbelt and stockings and no panties as she asked me to. This wasn't any big deal since the dress was ankle length and I was in no danger of showing anything off to anybody that I didn't really want to see.

She spent some time kissing and fingering me until I was very wet then she took off her skirt and top and then her bra and panties. I tried to kiss her again and get a feel of her private parts, but she wouldn't let me. Instead, she made me get her new bridal lingerie and help her into it.

I got her into her bra and g-string, her garterbelt and helped smooth on her hose. Next, the elastic garter that her husband would throw to the guys. I helped her into her full bridal slip and then her dress. She had already had her hair and makeup done, so all we had to do was repair her lipstick from our kiss and she was so gorgeous!

She sat down on the couch that was there, spreading the skirts of her wedding dress around her. She smiled up at me and just said, 'Do me. Do me here and now before I go become a married woman.'

'You want me to defile the virgin bride before her husband can deflower her?', I joked.

She replied, 'You were defiling me most deliciously when we were still in high school. Why should we waste a great opportunity? Think what great memories this will make!'

I kneeled down and touched her ankles and slowly worked my head and hands under the skirt of her dress. I kissed her all the way up her legs to her thighs, above her stocking tops, and to her g-string panties. She was already very wet.

I decided that I simply had to fuck this blushing bride before her husband was able to. (OK, they were already living together, but this is my story and I'm sticking to it.) So, I rubbed her pussy and particularly her clit until she was even wetter and breathing heavier and then I pushed three of my fingers inside her and thumbed her clit as I kissed her all over her thighs and lower tummy.

It didn't take her long to have a delicious orgasm, leaving her wetness on the material of her slip. I took my fingers out of her and tasted her sweet love potion before we finally pulled ourselves together and went down the hall to get ready for the procession.

When I kissed the bride after the ceremony, she gave me the tip of her tongue for just a second and then winked at me!

I know this wasn't the wildest thing I've ever done, but it's such a lovely memory that I use it when I masturbate! Linda tells me that she does too!



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