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Like a Thousand and One Nights

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I have always had a pretty strong attraction to guys, but keep it to myself. The only thing I have ever done is what I am about to tell you. This year I started college and live in a dorm. I have a large room and a very straight roommate who is a hot and beautifully built dude (he is a latino, a boxer, and practices almost every single day, while I am kind of thin and not very athletic.) At first I craved very much to look at his body but he was kind of modest and I only get flashes now and then. His dick is gracefully long, and slender, with a beautifully shaped cut head. I thought it would be hopeless to expect anything to happen between us although I kept hoping.

Then I saw an opening and I seized it. He dates a lot but does not get much 'action'. He came back frustrated and horny after one date. After complaining about the girl leaving him with a hard dick and nothing to do with it. I fell asleep but he woke me up with his tossing and turning. He said he couldn't fall asleep, and as a kind of joke, as if it were a four-year-old talking to his mom, he said, 'Tell me a bedtime story'. That's when I got my idea. I told him a story. My story started out with him and myself driving over to the beach on a warm day, and it clouds over and starts to pour. It is a lonely road and we pass this car that has skidded off the road. In it are two hot chicks. We stop....' etc., you get the idea.

I went on and on and I got into exquisite details. Because I am more literate than he knew, I could conjure up sexual escapades and images that had never occurred to him. As I got more and more graphic he became intensely aroused, as I hoped he would. I knew I had him when after some ten minutes he began quietly moaning 'oh shit!'. He rolled down the cover, rubbing his crotch through his shorts. I started rubbing mine too while going on with the story. The lights were out but plenty of street light was coming in. Then the boxers couldn't retain his long dick any longer and it popped out through the fly. He fumbled quickly to get it back in, but his boxers just wouldn't hold it very well. That sight threw me over the edge, to where I couldn't, or didn't want to, control myself.

I was trembling and sweating and pulled my dick out through my own shorts. In a near-shout, I gasped 'fuck I'm cumming'. That's exactly what I did. I blasted all over everywhere, the sheet, the bedspread, my underpants, and some even landed on my head. As I did it he pulled his boxers down, and immediately, in about three jerks moaning all the time, he started to shoot. He shot, and he shot, and shot. I mean I don't know how a person could hold that much cum without exploding. Mine was plenty, but he did rope after rope, and when that slowed down and stopped, he pumped harder and thicker cum just poured and oozed out of his dick. Finally nothing was coming out.

We both lay there panting for a minute. I was the first to get up. I got us towels and threw him one. But he just lay there as I mopped myself up. I was wondering what he was thinking and what he would do next. But all he did was to start to snore! He slept like that, marinating in his cum all night. After that I couldn't sleep and jerked off for about another hour till I nodded off. I couldn't believe my good luck and how good it felt. This was the first time I shared ANY sexual activity with ANYONE.

The next morning we both woke up at the same time. I looked over and saw his eyes were open and looking at me. I was scared and shy. I didn't know what to do or say. He spoke first, and said, 'Tell me another story!' He wasn't kidding. I did, and this time we were both naked. We had another good time before getting out of bed, and he came a load again while I could just dribble out a little because I was drained. Since then I tell him a story almost every night when we go to bed. If we don't go to bed at the same time I often tell him one in the morning.

Just one more piece of information. One time about three weeks later, when he was really horny in the middle of the story, I asked him if he wanted me to come over there and do it for him. He said, 'Thanks man, but no. I like it this way.' So I have accepted that, even though I keep hoping for more. For now I am satisfied to just keep it at the level where it is, since I really enjoy it.



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