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Life of Sex Overview

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Solo Touch brought me out of the closet to know I was not alone in action and in fantasy. Still reading to get off.


ED is my condition now, though I can have orgasm and leaking--as I am doing now while writing this. I have my wife get me off; I do it myself in the shower; I do it after spending an hour or so reading SoloTouch, especially those stories about seven-inch members and ropes and ropes of cum. I have an erect penis of five inches. A usual vagina is 3-4 inches, enough to accommodate my small penis. And that is ok since I have never had intercourse with a woman not my wife.

My sex beginning was as I was lying under my friend while he slid his erect cock between my legs under my scrotum. He kept telling me it was fun. My small erection, no hair, was flattened to my stomach under his stomach. He kept sliding up and down, up and down "like with a girl." He said he was coming. He got up on his knees and shot his cum on me. I gagged when I saw it. I had no idea what was happening. It had not happened to me. He squeezed out gooey white stuff. Then he sat back looking at my dick. "Want to try it?" I was wet and got up. Not then.

We were friends for many years, having sleepovers and days together alone. We called our "trick" the "Cold Cream Trick." He would lube himself and then me between my legs. My turn. (I am now back then, getting a thrill writing this.) My little dick was hard. He was flat on his back. I lay down between his legs, and he moved me up and down. I slid into the warm spot between the legs of my friend. In and out, up and down. I began to get a warm feeling in my legs. "I need to pee." (This is what I read in SoloTouch: the first time really the guy has to pee.) Keep going, he told me. "Pee." I began to pee; I was coming. No ropes of come. I knelt up straight and saw ooze coming out of my dick. A long string of clear liquid hung down, and went on his dick. I was shivering with pleasure. Yes, shivering. I like it. And we kept it up until we were both raw. And that was my first real cum.

For many years and nights before and in high school we did this: on back porches, in his bed, in the attic, in the yard. We had masturbation together. He was bigger; I liked feeling his hard penis. Mine was always hard with him, both of us having straight cocks, cut, with nice soldier-helmet heads. (Mine still looks good when I get an injection or use my pump.)

At scout camp I was in the bunk house. The senior patrol leader was naked in bed, all of us watching him pull on his uncut dick, which seemed huge. He had dark black hair. He was coming, he told us, and he showed us the come that came, out from inside his foreskin. I touch his hard cock. The we all jumped into our beds and sleeping bags and played and came and came. I learned masturbation in Scout Camp. It was great.

I wacked off whenever I could, wherever I could, cumming and cumming, with shots of come on me, on the walls of the shower, into the toilet, mostly into the sink. I fucked the bathroom tile floor, my dick sliding and sliding until I came in a puddle under my stomach. Oh the cum-feeling, down my legs, in my feet, loving that warm pulsing--and it is pulsing--as the orgasm happens.

I was young, and able to get up on my shoulders, feet against the wall. Yes, I was able to suck myself, small as I was, and just get the head of my dick into my mouth. And I came on my lips and face. (I was able to do this still, when I was 25--and thin.)

Married, I still did myself. In the bath one evening, at age 31, married with two kids, I told my wife I wanted her to see me do myself. I lay back, with her by the side of the tub. A Catholic girl who never did her husband--or saw cumming happen. I was rock hard, and soaped myself, and got my fist around "George" and began, and pumped into my hand and came on my chest. From then on, she was able to play with me--always a fast-cummer--onto her chest, into her hand, onto my chest.

While engaged, we never had sex, but after kissing in the car, and good night, I had such blue-balls. And wacked off as soon as I was away from her house. In the tub I let the faucet water pour onto my hard dick until I shot cum into the air and on the shower walls. Wet dreams I prayed for. On the school bus I had hard-ons and rubbed myself to cumming--and had to clean up when I got into school, covering myself with my book bag.

I cum fast; I like to use the fist, the leg, the shower, the pillow, the vibrator, any way I see in porno films, trying the new that I could get the orgasm. I have even cum in the airplane toilet.

Here and now: old, no intercourse. But some hand work by my wife--and she even lets the cum go into her hand and rubs the old-man cum on my legs and chest--or I cum between her legs. Mutual masturbation, as I rub her clit and watch her come.

This is my story. I have cum in the spa, in the bed, in the shower, in a banana peel often, with a vacuum cleaner, on the floor, in the car--and I do love solo sex, the feel of my cumming, the shudder as I feel the "pee" coming out of my small little dick. I started my handwork with a friend. He taught me. I want to be a nudist; I want to have sex with another man; I wanted to have sex with my cousin, with my sister, and yes, with my good-looking mother. I was randy then, I am randy and horny now--even though I cannot get it up without help. But I do cum and masturbate. Thank you Solo Touch for making me feel like one of the readers in some experiences.



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