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Life of Masturbation

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'You ever fucked your fist?' Those were the words I heard my 14 year old cousin say while we were pulling weeds in the garden. My answer was no because I didn't know what he was talking about. He said for me to follow him and he would show me. He went inside the old out door toilet as I stood in the door and watched. He pulled his pants down and sat down on the seat and proceeded to jack his already hard dick. He told me to watch because in a minute he was going to cum, white cum would shoot out of his dick. I was totally fascinated by what I was seeing. In about a minute he mumbled something like, 'Oh fuck it feels good', and then the white stuff he mentioned shot out in several spurts. As he was wiping his dick off he told me that doing that felt better than anything I had ever felt.

I could hardly wait to try it. That night after I went to bed I waited until I thought my 15 year old sister was asleep. We were poor and lived in a small house so my sister and I had to share a bedroom. Our beds were on opposite sides of the room and our parents bedroom was across the hall. Not only were we poor but we lived in a poor area. I grew up in the deep South in the 1940's and 50's. The closest house to ours was almost a mile away.

Never-the-less, as soon as I thought my sister was asleep I started jacking my dick as my cousin had done. It was hard by the time I got in bed. In fact it stayed hard just about all the time at that point in my life. In less than two minutes I felt this feeling in my balls and like an explosion it went through my entire groin area. OMG what a feeling. I thought for a second my dick had flown off it felt so good. But the white cum that my cousin shot out didn't come out. I wondered if something was wrong with me, or did I not do it long enough. I started, as we called it back then, fucking my fist and pretty soon the feeling hit me again. I thought something may be wrong with me but I'm going to keep doing it because nothing ever came close to feeling that good before. I actually wore a blister on my dick that first night jacking it so much with my hand.

I didn't know at the time that my body was not mature enough to produce cum but I didn't care because it felt good. Needless to say I spent a lot of time jacking off the next few weeks. Eventually I mentioned it to my cousin and he told me to keep doing it because he didn't cum the fist few times he did it.

About two weeks after I had learned what I thought was the greatest thing on earth we went to visit my mom's brother. It was a long drive so we usually stayed two or three nights when we visited him. He and his wife had a son six months younger than me so I figured I would teach him about jacking off if he had not already learned about it. The first night there I told him about it and he was not the least bit interested. Plus, he said it was not right to touch yourself down there. Right or not, it felt too good not to touch myself.

The next day my cousin had to go somewhere with his dad so I was playing with his sister. She was six months older than me. I knew that girls were built different but that was about the extent of my sex education. My dick kept getting hard and I kept adjusting it in my pants and apparently she noticed. She asked me if I ever played with myself and I told her I did. She said she played with herself also. She proceeded to tell me that she rubbed herself down there every night, even though her parents told her she should never touch herself there. They had a building out back of their house that her and her brother used as a play house so I suggested that we go out there and play with ourselves. She was all for it.

I saw my first pussy that day and she got to look at her first dick. She showed me how she rubbed her pussy to make herself feel good and I jacked off for her. I explained to her that if I kept doing it that eventually cum would shoot out of my dick.

I would not have anything to do with my male cousin after he returned and continued to hang around his sister. He got mad so the next day he asked his dad if he could go with him on his job. His dad told him he should stay and play with me but when my cousin started crying to go his dad let him go. Great. Now it would be just me and his sister.

That day I suggested that we do each other. She could show me how to rub her pussy and I could show her how to jack me off. She had taken her panties off and I played with her pussy, sticking my finger inside her and rubbing her little button, as we called it, until she came. She didnt' shoot any cum out so I figured she must, like me, not be mature enough. She then started jacking my dick. I shot my first load of cum that day. The feeling was even better and she got cum all over herself.

By the time my family and I returned home I thought I knew everything about sex. One day I tried to see if my sister was interested in playing and she got mad and threatened to tell our parents if I ever mentioned it again. So much for having fun with her.

It was around that time that I first developed a love for sniffing panties. My aunt, my mom's younger sister, came to visit us. One day I saw a pair of her panties on top of her suitcase and I decided to inspect them. I could see the stain in the crotch and some hairs stuck in the dried stains. I don't know what possessed me to do it but I smelt the crotch of her panties. I was hooked.

I dated a few girls after I got in high school but was never serious about any of them. There was this one girl in our community that would let boys do anything they wanted with her so I learned a few more things about sex with her that I can't go into here.

I always had my eye on this one girl that I had known all my life. When she got old enough to date I started going out with her. She had had two older sisters who got pregnant before they married and she had seen the disappointment it caused her parents. She was determined not to get pregnant before she married so she would not have sex with me. But she was just as horny as I was so we started masturbating each other. On every date I would play with her pussy unitl it was soaking wet and rub her clit until she came two or three times. She would then jack me off. We started going steady and married when I was 20 and she was 18. We had sex on our first night together.

We are still married today and our love for each other continues to grow. Thankfully she shares my love for masturbation and panty sniffing. She doesn't sniff panties but she knows that I do and she encourages it. Throughout our marriage, masturbation has been a part of our sex life. Naturally we do other things but even in our prime we would masturbate together at least once a week.

Just last week I mentioned to my wife about how good one of her forty year old nieces looked. Her comment was, 'I'll bet you would love to smell her panties, wouldn't you? Help yourself.' Since her niece was spending a couple of nights with us I found a pair of her panties and brought them to bed that night. My wife jacked my dick while I sniffed and licked her niece's panties. When I got ready to cum my wife held the panties over the head of my dick and I shot a load of cum in the crotch. She is a loving and understanding woman.

I have been a big fan of Solo Touch ever since it started and just wanted to tell my story. It is my desire that someone will enjoy reading it but if not I had fun writing it. I think now that I am finished I will go and jack off.



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