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Life-Long Joy

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Life-long Joy
I happened on the Solo net by reading about it in new book, "The Joy of Cybersex." What a joy to find Solo and the personals.
My earliest recollection of masturbation was when I was about 11-years-old. Three of my friends were around a camp fire and talking about things that young boys talk about. The subject of masturbation came up and one of the boys who was two years older than the rest of us told us about playing with yourself and what fun it was. I doubt that anyone of us had experienced it as yet. He undid his pants and showed us how it was done. We all gave it a try and a little later we jerked each other off. Having a friend j/o me off was a greater thrill than the ejaculation was. So for some 55+ years I have been an avid practitioner.
My best friend at that time, and one who participated in the j/o circle, had a widow mother who was a beautiful women. I thought she had the most sexy legs of anyone that I knew, especially her ankles. I have not really been attracted to ankles before, or since, but her legs and ankles were in my mind while I masturbated. That is the first I remember of having a picture in my mind while I did it.
Some time in my mid-teens, I obtained some photographs of some Mexican women. I guess they would be called "porno-pics." They were photos of just women in various revealing poses, no men involved. That became my next visual to j/o too. To this day I still can see them in my mind with a fondness. One young woman had a bit of body hair, just a slight bit on her legs and a bit more under her arms. To this day I am very aroused by a reasonably hairy armpit. When I find one in "girly" magazine, it is time for a good solo session.
Perhaps some time in late high school days, I became attracted to nice, full breasts. It was about that same time that I found it most exciting to j/o while driving down the highway. I guess part of the thrill was that someone driving by might see what I was doing. I remember once I was having a great j/o session in my front room. I was on the couch really enjoying it, when the door bell rang. I couldn't see who it was, but they could see through the window what I was doing. About this same time I found it very exciting to j/o while smoking, taking a very deep drag just as I was ejaculating.
I have continued to masturbate throughout my married life too. In fact, I am sure it has contributed to my successful marriage (48+ years now). My wife used to masturbate me quite a bit before we were married, but hardly not at all since we were married.
My frequency of masturbating has gone from at least once-per-day (sometimes three or four) to about once-per-week now. It is still just as exciting now as it ever has been. Sometimes all I need is picture in my mind, sometimes a photo in a "girly" magazine will do just fine, and other times it is something like the personals in Solo (so keep up the good writing!).
Best j/o everyone, from Ol' Grayface.



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