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Let's Teach About Masturbation

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Let's Teach About Masturbation
I just came across your site, and despite the no frills appearance had a read of a few of the stories.
I, too, have a website dedicated to masturbation, although this is primarily targeted at those who have not yet learned about what masturbation is. (http://www.homestead.com/beginningmasturbation/files/) The site explains what puberty is, how it affects the body and explains how to masturbate. However, this is not a porn site and I shall be adding this address to the Suggested Links page if that's OK by you - if not, drop me a line and I will remove it immediately.
Personally, as specified on my Beginning Masturbation site, I learned about masturbation at school where urgent whispers went around that one of the boys was going to have a wank in the toilets.
I was about 12, and didn't have the foggiest idea what this wanking was all about, but the secretive way the word was passed around got my interest & I joined all the other boys in the toilets.
Sure enough, there was the oldest boy in the class with the top part of his trousers undone and his penis standing to attention. I was really impressed at the size he was demonstrating and was surprised to feel stirrings in my own pants.
When all the boys were assembled, he began to slowly rub up and down the length of his long, yet narrow penis.
It was apparent that the other boys were also impressed, as most of them obviously had major erections of their own, and some had even eased the tension by releasing them from their flies.
One by one, each of the boys (including myself) had a go at rubbing him until he eventually took the job over himself, groaning that he was coming.
I watched in fascination as his semen squirted everywhere - even on to some of the other boys. This was something I had never known before.
That night as I lay in bed thinking over the events of the day, my erection returned & I was determined to try what I had seen my classmate do earlier that afternoon.
Copying his actions as I had remembered them I soon discovered a frantic rhythm that felt so good that I felt I would burst. Then, as I felt I was going to wet myself I came, shooting semen further than I ever have done since.
I still had my erection after this, so I did it again, and although I lost my erection the second time round, as soon as I could coax another one I was at it again, and again, until it became painful to the touch and the foreskin was raw.
The first time you masturbate is like the first time you have sex, and is an event you never forget. In these days of AIDS etc, I think that masturbation should not just get a 'side mention' in sex ed, but that it should be taught as a subject, covering such detail as how to masturbate, what preparations to make, different techniques to try, etc. and that it should be promoted as the healthy activity that it is.



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