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"Let's make a video!"

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My incredible wife and I were on vacation in Sante Fe recently, something about that place always makes her horny as hell. Maybe it’s the mountains, or the laid back atmosphere or the food, or even the massages. But she’s always relaxed and ready to go when we are there, and of course so am I.

We had rented one of those little southwest style cabins in the hills above town with a fantastic view. It was early in the morning and the sun was streaming in. I had just been for a run and was cooling off on the balcony with a large ice water and soaking up the scenic vista. She came out to join me with a cup of coffee and scooted one of the loungers around so it was facing mine and sat across from me, close enough so she could put her feet up on the end of my chair. She was wearing a loose, thin nightshirt that went about down to the middle of her thighs, and nothing else. I could almost see up between her crossed legs but not quite. Her brown hair was messed up from sleep and she looked a little groggy but sexy as she could be.

We started talking about our plans for the day and she scooted her butt down and a little closer and bent her legs at the knees. That gave me an unobstructed view up the backs of her thighs and to her shapely ass. I could look at my wife all day and especially when she’s scantily clad like this, I’m a very visual guy.

As we talked I stared openly at her and was really enjoying the way the sun was playing off of what little bit I could see of her neatly trimmed cunt. Of course she noticed and finally said, “Hey Boy, my eyes are up here” with a laugh. I replied “Yeah, but what I want is down there” and she laughed again.

She opened her legs just a bit to tease me and to give me a better view, but snapped them shut quickly. Then she lazily opened them fully and rested her parted knees on the wooden arms of her lounger. Her night shirt fell into her crotch and was barely covering her cunt. What a gorgeous sight, my sleepy wife laying spread eagle like the teasing sex kitten that she is at heart. My first impulse was to roll forward and bury my face in her sweet pussy but I restrained myself. I think she was hoping that I would do that too but I’ve learned over the last few years to take it slow and let her play her cards. “Take it easy” I told myself.

I think she knew that I was trying to stall so to test me she reached down and slowly pulled her night shirt up to expose her nearly bald pussy while she smiled and stared at me. What a tease. Then she reached around on the outside of each thigh and grasped her butt cheeks and pulled them apart. This tugged at her cunt lips and they opened slightly, exposing her soft, pink inner lips.

I leaned up a little just to get a better look and she told me to “sit back and enjoy the show.” I love it when she gets this way. I did as I was told and started to feel my cock pressing against my shorts. I said “Dare you to touch it” and she gave me a mock puzzled face and said “touch what?”. She just wanted to hear me say it. “Your cunt” I said. “Oh, it’s not a cunt yet, it’s just a pussy.” She replied, “but it will be a cunt soon.”

She slid one hand down and cupped herself. She loves a little pressure on her pussy before the vigorous stuff starts. She did this for a moment or two, watching my face the whole time as I stared openly. Then I noticed her looking at my phone which was on the little table next to me and almost jokingly said, “you should take some pictures”.

I grabbed the phone and said “Excellent idea, why don’t I do that?” and pointed the camera at her. She laughed and looked around off the deck and covered herself up. “I was just kidding!” “I wasn’t” I said, “I’d love to have some pictures of you naked!”

Then she relented and I was more than a little surprised. She would normally never give in to something like that. “As long as I can delete them later I guess it’s okay”. I told her “You have the right to review, edit and delete as you see necessary.” She opened her legs again and started tentatively cupping herself as I took a few great shots. I turned the phone around and showed them to her which really seemed to encourage her more than frighten her as I thought they would. “Oh, those really are kind of cool, aren’t they?” she replied. “Try some close ups and don’t show my face.” I was more than happy to oblige and scooted up between her legs to get some better shots. She slid a finger into her pussy lips and it was obvious that she was getting really wet. I told her to hold her finger there and got an incredible shot of her wet finger with the sun hitting it just right. I showed it to her and she really started to look flushed and more serious. She started rolling her engorged clit around with two fingers and moving her hips a little. This was really getting to her!

What she said next blew my mind totally. “Let’s make a video!” with a big smile on her face. I didn’t miss a beat and flipped the camera over to video mode and got in good and close and started shooting. She was now really into it and was even smearing some of her pussy juice around her clit which was popping in and out with her motions. There was even a little drop starting to run down to her asshole, which I could clearly see. “Go baby go” was all I could say.

This went on for about a minute or so and then I knew she was close to cumming. She laid her head back and to the right, which is what she always does when she’s close. She was arching her back and raising her hips and really rubbing fast back and forth across the top of her clit. She was not just hamming it up for the camera, I could tell she was loving every second of it.

Then she came hard, with sweet little “uhhh’s” and “ohhh’s”. Her whole body convulsed and she closed her legs tight around her hand as it started to subside. I got every detail on my phone cam, it was beautiful.

She finally recovered enough to talk and suddenly was worried that someone could see her, but there was nobody around on this side of the cabin. Just the beautiful morning sun and the two of us. We spent the next couple of hours fucking lovingly inside the cabin and holding each other. I told her that was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. So glad I held back when I wanted nothing more than to dive right in.



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