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Let Me Know If This Arouses You, Too

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This is a kind of 'copy cat' of Tom's great contribution 'Let Me KNow If This Arouses You'. He really wrote something great there, didn't he? After reading his story and the comments from others, I kind of wanted to write a similar piece; first of all because I love writing about masturbating, and secondly I realized from the comments that some ladies out there get nice honest pleasure from reading a sincere and thoughtful description. The idea of some of you girls Jilling off to my own masturbation description makes me hard, and I'm hoping to get a few comments like Tom received. I hope he doesn't mind me 'borrowing' his title.

Anyway, I've been masturbating since I was 11 (I'm near 60 now) when a friend showed me how when we were poolside at his house. Now I've done it a lot since then and ... well, I just love it and I'm good at it. I'm 6 ft tall and not as solid as I once was. I should weigh about 175 but now I weigh nearly 200, mostly solid, but I'm getting a beer gut. I'm greying and have a short grey beard, blue eyes and a nice smile, people tell me. I've been married, twice, and my forever wife masturbates a lot too. We hardly ever do it together, both of us like to have a little 'private time' to finish ourselves off when we need that just right way of cumming that only masturbating can do. More often as we get older we masturbate instead of fucking together, but we still love to have sex with each other. Mostly we jack off when the other person is out of the house. I suppose it wouldn't be too embarrassing to get caught by my wife, or for me to catch her, but we do try to respect each other's privacy. We've never masturbated together.

Now about MY penis ... I'm circumcised, medium thick (about 1/2 to 2/3 of cucumber width) and when flaccid it's about 3 1/2 to 4 inches. I've unzipped and I'm letting my penis protrude through my fly and lay on my jeans on my thigh so I can look at it. When I'm fully erect it's about 8 inches long from my balls to the tip. Normally my color is light tan-pink and the head is a bit pinker; but when I get aroused, the whole of my penis is pinker, the tip of it is very much more reddish and takes on a slick shiny look as it expands. Writing this has started to make it about half-hard and it's kind of achy and throbbing. I love to rub the underside of it when it's like this and feel it thicken and 'come to life'. It's starting to now. My bush is still dark brown hair and some of the hair grows on my balls and up in a little 'peak' behind my scrotum. I wonder why pubic hair is so much slower to become grey?

Like Tom, I have bluish veins like a roadmap all along it, with a couple of main highways heading up toward my tip (I've always called it my 'cock tip') and a bunch of little veins circling just behind it in a spidery kind of pattern. When my penis is flaccid and small, the veins are not puffy, but now that I'm getting erect tonight they are fatter and kind of puffy. There's a big vein on the underside that goes to my cock tip. I can pinch it and press it and it inflates into a fat, dark vein. It feels good to do that and to run my finger up and down the vein.

It always takes a couple of minutes to get erect. I like watching my dick as it begins to jerk and throb and start moving along my thigh until it rises and gets very straight, kind of pumping and jerking with my heartbeat. My penis curves slightly, less than a banana, but still a nice curve that when I stand up makes the tip point up somewhat. I'm cheating a little right now and doing a slow rub on the underside of my penis, just kind of tenderly caressing it and sort of like promising it that I'm going to treat it very nice, very soon. Oooo, writing that made it even harder.

My precum fluid is clear and kind of shiny, and usually starts to flow about now as my dick begins to get fully stiff. The hole in the tip of my cock is more like a slit in the very top of my penis. It's real sensitive, and it is always nice to play with it and put my finger over the slit and into it. My cock tip is a classic acorn/bell shape with two curvy-shaped areas on the underside, kind of like a 'spade' symbol on playing cards. The tip is a bit thicker and wider than my penis shaft. The fluid kind of oozes out and tends to flow in two directions, one kind of general coating that flows down over the upper side of my cock, and another stream that's drippy and runs down in a little 'valley' between the curvy-shaped areas and tends to slowly run down the underside of my shaft toward my balls. Yeah. it's beginning to flow now. I love to smear it over my tip with my thumb and finger and make it all slick and wet.

So I better not get right to masturbating or it'll be too quick. I love to make myself wait, tease my way into a masturbation session and then try to 'edge' as long as I can before I have to ejaculate and orgasm. Right now I just kind of let my right hand come down from the keyboard every few seconds and pet and rub my penis to encourage it to get really hard and stay hard. One of my favorite things to do is to slip a DVD into the computer and sit and watch sexy scenes as I begin to get ready to masturbate. Right now my favorite DVD is a compilation of 'mature' women, real women with real tits, who masturbate on camera. I think I'm really turned on most by the way they circle their fingers around over their clits, it's such a natural, sexy motion. Also I love the sound of their moans and their breathing. I love it when they play with their nipples, too. This always makes me very hard and want to hurry and cum. I really love watching naked women masturbate. (Duh!)

I've masturbated a lot of different ways, from using a vibrator all along my penis, to getting naked and humping a pillow (I love the extra feeling of something wide and thick I can squeeze with my thighs while I 'hump') to just laying on my back and stroking myself with my hand and some lube.

Lately though, I've been experimenting with my secondary erogenous zones. Don't laugh, but I've lately been making love to the 'secret woman' inside of me. Now that I'm pretty erect, I'll let my penis alone and bring a hand up under my shirt until I find my nipple. I was late in discovering how neat the feeling was to pinch and pull at them and rub them until they are little erect buttons. I must have been 45 or so before I found out how sensitive I could make them if I just was patient and kept playing with them when I began to have a masturbation session. So I play with them a lot all the time now. When I can't take time for a real heavy masturbation session, I can always make myself hard in my pants just by secretly tweaking or fondling them through my shirt. I can 'edge' the whole day away like that, but it makes be behave in a distracted way. I'm amazed now at how sensitive and responsive they've become.

Anyway, when I'm alone-like now-I like to just pull my shirt off and expose my secret woman's 'titties'. I get aroused just like I expect women do when they start getting naked the same way. I can give myself an erection easily and quickly just getting myself naked from the waist up and playing with my nipples, which are rather small and kind of pinkish orange. I really love to start this way, as my nipples send little pleasure/pain shock waves into my body as I touch them and play with them. (I'm really erect and hard now, and I have to be cautious about touching my penis much, or else I'll just want to 'go for it' and jack off hard using my thumb and my fingers).

So I 'love' myself, my 'secret woman' and play with her titties (sometimes too much and too hard and I'm sore the next day, but it's such delicious pain.)

Next, I kind of like to think of penetrating 'her', so I love to sit here at the computer, and slide my pants off, taking my underwear with 'em. I love being naked for this. I love to put a nice fluffy towel in the chair and scrub and squirm my naked ass back and forth as I tease my nipples. My ass has always been erogenous too. It feels so sexy and 'forbidden' to get totally naked and play with myself for an hour or so. I hardly ever last that long, but sometimes I can 'edge' for a couple of hours just finding new ways to touch myself and keep my penis interested but not boiling over. When I'm really needy I love to get naked and lay on the bed and rub myself all over, fantasizing and imagining all sorts of sexual scenarios. Sometimes I'll bring a vibrator, sometimes a tube of lube and coat up my penis and just close my hand over it and caress myself and tease myself and jack off right up to the edge as often as I can until I just have to cum.

But when I'm in my computer chair I like to use a few extra things I make available to help me. I take two clothes pins and spend a few minutes torturing my nipples. After trying out several I ended up with two that have really strong springs and I almost scream in pleasure as I open them up and fit them onto my nipples and then let them pinch. Oh god it's so nice and intense! The clothes pins just hang there squeezing and pinching my nipples so hard and so right. This frees up my hands yet still allows a wonderful, steady pressure on my 'titties'. I can go crazy putting them on and taking them off until the pleasure and the pleasure/pain is so intense I just leave them on and feel them constantly stimulating me. I can lean back and just close my eyes and moan as I feel them.

Back to penetrating 'her'. It took me a long time to learn to be free enough with my body to just test and probe and find the right erogenous places. I was so pleased to find how *wonderful* it was to get something to slide up into my anus. God was it a surprise! I so envy you ladies who get to have that wonderful penetration in your vaginas, since I imagine it's at least a thousand times better than what my ass provides me. But I love the feeling I get. I first used a kitchen spoon handle and it was so great that I soon went online and ordered a 'jelly' butt plug about 4 inches long. I keep it in the bathroom and always love the naked trip from the computer to there and back, with my nipples aching in pleasure from the clothes pins, my penis throbbing in anticipation. This butt plug isn't moulded like a penis, but just like a long thick probe with some nubs along it. I lube it up and put it in the seat of the chair. It has a very wide base and sits just right. By now my mouth is usually watering from the anticipation of the pleasure about to come.

Tonight, since I'm typing, I just pulled my pants down and am only touching my penis every now and then. Nothing up my butt, dammit.

I usually spend a good five or six minutes slowly slowly sitting down on the plug. I caress and softly run my hands all over my ass, and then spread my butt cheeks wide and fit the tip of the plug against my rectum. Oh god it is so good as I let it push its way into me! I sink slowly down onto it, letting my asshole accommodate to the forced intrusion. I just go crazy as it penetrates, sliding up and up into me until my whole ass is kind of shocky-tingly in pleasure, as if someone was fucking 'her'/me from behind. I love the way the bumps on the plug rasp and stretch my anus and pleasure me with extra sensations. At last my butt is touching the nubbly towel and I let myself go, smashing down on the butt plug and grinding it around inside as I wiggle and scrub my ass around on the chair seat.

By now if I'm not watching the DVD and kind of getting in time with the orgasms of the ladies masturbating, I can choose any fantasy I want: I can be the 'secret woman' and a man (me) is fucking me as I close my hands over my 'titties' and force the clothes pins to pinch harder while I mash my butt into the chair. I can pretend I have a vagina and I'm getting fucked so hard as I writhe and wiggle in the chair. It's such an intense feeling! I usually begin groaning and talking fantasy talk now, groaning 'Unnnnngggg!' as the 'penis' fucks into me. I talk to myself saying 'FUCK ME!' and 'FUCK MY PUSSY!' Sometimes I have homosexual fantasies and it's a gay guy fucking me with his cock and pinching my nipples. (I've used an old penis dildo my wife doesn't care for, I'll put it in my mouth and suck it off as I pretend I'm in some homo-erotic orgy of fucking and sucking.) Sometimes it's so good I just groan or yell out. Sometimes I'm just 'me' with a butt plug in me and clamps on my nipples. I love to repeat the words 'masturbate me, masturbate me, masturbate me!' over and over.

I try to do this for as long as I can, but eventually my penis is so hard and aching for relief that I have to get down to business and masturbate it. Sometimes I pretend it's the gay guy jacking me off from behind, sometimes I pretend that my penis is 'her' super-clit. But mostly I just begin to make love to myself with real seriousness. I begin my rubbing with just the tips of my fingers. I smear the slick precum over my penis and then wrap my hand around it and start massaging and jacking and rubbing. Often I squeeze a big shot of lube onto my penis tip and then have fun coating every inch of my penis until I just have to slide my hand up and down in the slippery goo. I never fail to grab up my scrotum and 'love it' and fondle it too, squeezing my balls and tugging on them until my whole crotch is just radioactive with fuck pleasure.

I try not to go faster and faster, and lots of times now that I'm older I can just masturbate a while, then concentrate on my nipples or my ass, or 'sucking cock', then jack some more, and stay 'high' and about to cum for close to an hour. I love this and try as hard as I can to do this as long as I can, (and as many times a week as I can! ) But eventually my penis is so ready and so pleasured by the way I play with myself that I just have to orgasm. I can tease me, rub me very lightly or squeeze me hard until I back off a bit. But in the end my penis just begins to send thrills all down my thighs and it aches so much and begins to feel so wonderful and sweet and ready that all I can do is jack and jack and jack until I feel my sperm explode inside past the base of my penis. Then I just hold on and feel the absolute pleasure and I start spurting. MY penis just becomes so alive and wonderful! Anyway I don't try to catch the sperm, just let it shoot out and go wherever. God it is soooo good! I usually shoot a couple of really big strings out, (it's so wild, such a great cum!) followed by about 3 or 4 pulses that spit out of the tip and then some more pulses that kind of just flow out of the slit and drip down my shaft. It's a nice shiny milky, pure color, white and clean. I let it drip down onto the towel. And I can't describe how great the sensation is of cumming with the butt plug in my ass, it's just way better.

I love to just sit here and pump and pulse until nothing is left. Then I just caress and gently squeeze my penis for as long as I can pleasure myself.

Once in awhile, if I'm really lucky, I can hold it and play with it until the combination of the sensations from my nipples, the penetration in my ass, and whatever I'm watching on the computer screen helps me to get hard all over again and I can do it all one more time. If this happens I can usually masturbate for a lot longer before I cum for the second time, but it's usually not quite as intense, but very pleasurable for the extra length of time I can masturbate and enjoy it. I usually sit there and 'cool down' for a long time as my penis gets soft.

Then it's fun to slowly slip the butt plug out of me, and feel that last extra surge of sexy pleasure as I unclip the clothes pins from my nipples.

Well, that's the way I've been doing myself lately, I hope it turns you on and gives you all some pleasure. Write a comment here if you liked it. Please tell us how YOU masturbate!

Actually my penis is really hard right now and my jeans are down around my ankles. I got to write this whole thing with only a few 'solo touches' and now I'm ready to just cum. I think I'll just kind of slowly rub myself until I squirt.

I'm thinking that maybe soon I want to go over to Whispering Lily and be contacted by some of you. It would be nice to write back and forth about masturbating or maybe chat and masturbate together. Who knows? Happy Jacking and Jilling!



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