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Lesson in a Tent

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Lesson in a tent
During the bad old days of no sex education, when the word sex referred to either being male or female, it was generally accepted we were totally ignorant of the facts of life. It wasn't strictly true and we knew oldr boys wanked and we were eager to learn how to do "it." Not that anybody evr admited it, and I suppose we were typical Brittish 12 year old boys.
Having just started our secondary education, we were soon making new friends. Paul was one of those new frinds and he often put up a tent in the field next to his house where we would go camping. However, most of the time was spent either watching telvision, playing football or wrestling. At that time it was customary for boys our age to wear short trousers until we were 14 and we were no different. Most of the boys had driffted home as it was getting dark althoug it was still early and four of us started to wrestle.
Normally the wrestling was innocent nough although there was always a bit of groping going on between the four of us which none of us seemed to mind in the least. Our wrestling session that night soon started taking on a bit more fun as we started trying to undress each other for bed. The first to be stripped had to sleep naked and eventually I endd up on the ground as bodies seemed to desend on me from nowhere all trying to grab an item of my clothing and tryin to remove it. As I tried to free myslf and keep my shorts and underpants on, I felt somebodys balls press on my stomach. paul smiled at me and gave me a kiss then pressd his balls harder into my stomach and I looked up to see Duncan standing astride my face trying to remove Paul's shirt. As I innocently looked up I couldn't help but see his young cock and balls dangling away in his shorts. My hands were soon freed from my shorts and I felt them being removed followed by my Y-fronts. As My shirt and vest had lready been removed I was totally naked now and the three of us turned our attntion on Duncan who was nakd from the waist up. As he wasn't waring any Y's, he was soon starkres as well.
We were all soon in the tent getting our breath back and opning bottles of coke. Talk soon turned to sex an various sx acts including wanking. Paul soon realised we all had blazing woodies and dared us all to show them as we were trying to cover up with various items of clothing carefully placed. This of course led to a game of dare and double dare. Obviously we all dared James to take of his underpants as the first dare and there we were all sitting in the tent with our stiff little bald cocks pointing straight at each other.
We knew we were doing somthing that adults would not appove of only made the situation all the more exciting, the tent also being just a stone's throw from Paul's house.
As Paul semd to be a littl more forward he was eventually dared to wank himself. Being 12 we soon discoveered we wre all total virgins when it came to sex and Paul was as naive as the rest of us on how to do it. We all agreed that we wished we had an older brother or sombody to show us how it was done.
However, there were always stories circulating the playground about various sx acts including anal and oral sex. Having been advntorous on one dare that Paul was unabl to carry out he was soon givn another one which was to lick each of our little cocks.
This proved to be most satisfying although it was just one quick lick. What was qually satisfying was looking right into his little arse as he gave James a lick. I knew then that I wanted to play with that beautifull little hairless arse that night. I wanted to kiss it, to feel it to fuck it.
As we had all enjoyed our little lick on our cocks we became more adventurous. Paul was by now pretty hot having lickd everybody and the pre-cum was oozing out of his bald 2 1/2 incher. I nearly chocked when I was dared to lick Paul's little bauty and for a moment I sat there frozen. I felt all weak and sweaty thinking what the others would think of my little arse as i bent over to take his cock. Also as I had enjoyed one little lick on my 3 incher then what was Paul going to think if I gave him a long lingering lick and took it all in my mouth?
I ffelt a slap on my back as I was asked if I was going to do it. I nodded that I was and moved over tenderly and placed my hands an Paul's pelvis and stroked it for a moment before taking his stiff little member in my hand while sticking my little white arse into Duncan's face. I gingerly licked my lips wondering what a cock in the mouth would feel and taste like as I slowly lowered my face in anticipation. Instinctively my other hand started feeling around Paul's hairless groin and arse. The smell of his sweat soon hit me as I took a final breath and slid my tounge under his cock and tasted pre-cum for the first time. It tasted slightly salty and was like nectar as I slid my tounge all the way down Paul's prick until I felt his balls. I closed my mouth and rolled his cock in my mouth and started sucking. Paul let out a pleasurable moan and i knew he was enjoying this. As I felt Paul's little bald cock in my mouth I coud hear james and Duncan voice their approval while Paul continued his moans of approval. Time seemed to disapear as I manipulated Paul's stiff 12 year old cock in my mouth and neiter Paul nor I were ready for what was about to happen next.
Paul became frightened as he reached his first climax and wanted m to stop, then he shouted for me to continue. It was a case of Stop! No Don't, keep going, that's great! No, Stop! I was a bit confused Then Paul screamed "Oh my gawwwd!" At this his legs stiffend and his head went back as he lifted his little bum of the ground then: "Ahh! Ahhhh! Ahhhhhhhh!" as he came in my mouth. His little cock was soon limp in my mouth and as I came to my senss and swallowed his cum he grabbed hold of my head and gave me a big kiss: "
Man that was Fucking brilliant! Just Fucking Brilliant Alistair!" As I sat down beside him I saw james naively rubbing his little cock as he askd Paul what it was like. My little dick was throbbing and the pre cum was oozing from it as Paul started telling them what it felt like. As he did Duncan was already pulling his foreskin back and forth. I couldn't hold out much longer and followed suit and soon my arse clenchd tight and I felt my heart pound away. Suddenly I thought I was needing a pee and likePaul felt in turmoil as I reach my first orgasm. As those first creamy white splodges of cum left my virgin cock, I felt a releas of energy. I'd seen the light for the first time and as my cock gave a final throb then went limp, I saw Duncan cum followed by James. We had discovered the joys of wanking for the first time.
The rest of that night is another story as they say and maybe I'll recount it for you.



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