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Leg Fetish Girlfriend 3: Orgasm Marathon

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Maybe you've read my previous memories of my times back in late-60s London with my sex-obsessed 20-year-old girlfriend Annie-a student nurse with a strong exhibitionist streak, who knew the devastating effect on me of displaying the full expanse of her soft voluptuous thighs in the shortest of miniskirts, kinky over-the-knee leather boots, or the tiniest and tightest of short shorts. Our regular evenings of randy mutual masturbation, enhanced by her costume bonuses and our shared stimulation from the provocative poses adopted by the models in the soft-porn magazines that I bought for us, remain with me as the most exciting sexual experience of my life ... and she was always looking for some new way of turning herself-and me-on like never before.

One night, when I arrived at her little Bayswater flat, she seemed extra-excited: we embraced and kissed as usual, and she stroked my already-straining cock through my tight trousers as I pulled up her brief skirt over her hips and caressed her soft arse. 'I've got a really special surprise,' she whispered; 'This is going to make you so huge and hard! Wait a couple of minutes, I'll go and get ready-come into the living room when I call.' That sounded good! I sat impatiently in the kitchen, rubbing my raging erection and wondering what treats waited in store for me ...

After what seemed like an age, Annie called out 'I'm ready! Come and see this!' Pulling the living room door open, I was confronted with a sight that was almost overwhelming. Annie lay back on the couch dressed in her tiniest crotchless panties, her knees drawn up and her quivering thighs spread massively wide apart, her tight thighboots shining in the candle light, and her hands at her naked crotch ... a faint humming sound filled the room, and it took a few seconds for me to register that she had a glinting metal object pressed to her vagina lips. It was the first time I'd seen a sex toy in use, and my mouth was dry and my heart pounding as I watched Annie slowly working the tip of the vibrator over her jutting clit, then down between her lips from where juices flowed freely down over her arse and buttocks. Her breath came in short bursts, and her eyes shone greedily as she stimulated herself for my-and her-pleasure. 'I borrowed it from my girlfriend-I can't get enough of it,' she panted, 'and I've got a plan-let's see how many times we can come tonight-I've already had two huge orgasms tonight with it before you arrived, so you've got some catching up to do!'

What followed was a full-on orgy of masturbation: after stripping off in the bedroom, we knelt on the bed (Annie kept her boots on for me), and took it in turns to bring ourselves off. She willingly posed for me, squatting back on her heels with her thighs massively spread, while I slowly stroked my pulsing cock to a shattering climax that sent my boiling sperm spurting over her knees and thighs; Annie then inserted the vibrator deep inside herself until only the end was visible, and twisted it while simultaneously frigging her clit until her hips bucked and she screamed with lust ... Time and time again we climaxed, and she seemed literally insatiable. I counted five of my own orgasms, until sleep overtook me ... when I awoke several hours later, Annie was still hard at it, a porn mag before her opened to a centrefold photo of a girl in tight stockings kneeling with thighs wide astride, thrusting the silver vibrator (its humming now lower, the batteries almost exhausted) frantically in and out of her glistening cunt, her head thrown back in an abandon of lust, reaching for just one more shuddering cum, her ninth of the night.

We may not have broken any world records that night, but it was a night to remember for sure!



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